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Chapter 685: Acquiring the Ruler Armament

“Brother Jian Chen, be careful of the Ruler Armament in his hands. You mustn’t take it head-on.” Huang Tianba’s warning flashed through Jian Chen’s mind. However, facing the Ruler Armament that was currently rushing at him, Jian Chen did not intend to dodge in the slightest. Only a sliver of madness flashed through his eyes while a great amount of Chaotic Force poured out of his chaotic neidan, coalescing in his right fist. He directly swung the fist at the incoming Ruler Armament.

This time, Jian Chen wanted to forcefully fend off the powerful Ruler Armament with his own flesh. This was because he was extremely confident in the defence of his Chaotic Body. Also, even with Jin Tian’s strength in the Third Heavenly Layer paired with the Ruler Armament, it was still around the Fourth Heavenly Layer, similar to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger’s Situ Qing. It was definitely not as strong as the Fifth Heavenly Layer, so even though such an attack could injure Jian Chen, it definitely could not heavily injure him.

“Jian Chen, you’re looking to die yourself!” Seeing how Jian Chen actually wanted to use his body to forcefully blocked the Ruler Armament, Jin Tian’s mouth curled into a sneer. This was because the power of the Ruler Armament was so strong that even someone in the Sixth Heavenly Layer would not dare to receive it head-on, let alone Jian Chen whose strength was far from that.

Bang! Jian Chen’s punch collided firmly with the edge of the Ruler Armament and actually gave off a sound of metal striking rock. Jian Chen’s fist did not even seem like a body part, but some type of extremely tough metal.

The fist and Ruler Armament separated as soon as they collided, actually rebounding from the great energy. As for the two people, they also shot backwards from the strong rebound energy, finally stablizing themselves after travelling over a hundred meters.

All that could be seen was the a horrifying injury on Jian Chen’s right fist. It was bone-deep, and had travelled half way through his fingers. Fresh blood dyed his entire hand red.

Over a hundred meters away, Jin Tian stared at Jian Chen’s hand with his eyes full of surprise. He exclaimed in disbelief, “This… how is this possible! What… what… just what is your hand made of?! The body of humans can never be this strong! I had even used a Ruler Armament, and it didn’t even chop off your arm! This, this is impossible.”

Looking at Jin Tian in shock, Jian Chen could not help my reveal a sneer. He glanced at his b.l.o.o.d.y hand and with a slight thought, the Chaotic Force spewed out from the chaotic neidan in his dantian. Afterwards, it quickly flowed into his right hand.

At that moment, the destructive Chaotic Force seemed to turn into an extremely regenerative life force, actually healing the injury on Jian Chen’s hand with a speed that had even exceeded Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body possessed very great regeneration abilities, but after using Chaotic Force for a period of time, Jian Chen had already discovered that it had other, wondrous uses. If Chaotic Force was gathered around an injury, it would make the injury regenerate even faster.

The injury on Jian Chen’s right hand actually healed at a visible rate. Whether it was his skin or his finger bones that were almost broken, they all completely healed. The fresh blood on his hand even seemed to come alive, slowly withdrawing itself into the wound on the hand.

Jin Tian’s eyes had already become the size of bells, staring directly at Jian Chen’s palm. He had lived so long, yet this was the first time he had ever seen such an unimaginable sight.

After a few breaths, Jian Chen’s right hand completely recovered and seemed no different from usual. There were not even any marks left by the blood.

“This… this… this is impossible… this is impossible, this is definitely impossible.” Shock erupted in Jin Tian’s heart as he mumbled at a loss. Even though he was a Saint Ruler, he was still deeply astonished by the extremely weird sight he had just seen.

Just when Jin Tian was at a loss, a small ripple in s.p.a.ce suddenly appeared in front of him. An arrow completely composed of the energy of the world had already arrived before him without any sign, directly piercing through Jin Tian’s chest.

Tzk! A finger sized hole appeared on Jin Tian’s chest and quickly expanded. In the blink of an eye, it had expanded to the size of a fist, pa.s.sing through his chest. Bright red blood immediately spurted out of Jin Tian’s body like a geyser, quickly dyeing his clothes red.

A grunt of pain echoed from Jin Tian’s mouth and his complexion immediately began to pale. He also swayed mid-air, almost falling out of the sky. Being hit by an arrow completely formed from World Force definitely was not good. Just a single arrow actually caused a proper Saint Ruler to be heavily injured.

A light of interest flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He knew that this was a good chance to kill Jin Tian. With a flash, he utilised Spatial Force to traverse the hundred metres to arrive in front of Jin Tian. Using his just-recovered right hand, he filled it with a tremendous surge of Chaotic Force and swung it at Jin Tian’s head.

Jin Tian was heavily injured, so all his powers had been greatly decreased. Jian Chen’s fist seemed to fuse with the s.p.a.ce, firmly landing it on Jin Tian’s head like a lightning bolt.

Bang! With a m.u.f.fled sound, Jin Tian’s head had been struck, which caused his entire body to fly backwards faraway. His skull was broken, and blood sprayed into the air like a lovely flower blooming mid-air.

Jian Chen knew that without wiping out the soul of a powerful Saint Ruler, it was impossible to kill one, even if their heads had caved in. He did not hesitate in the slightest, and with a flash, he chased Jin Tian who was knocked flying like a lightning bolt through the use of Spatial Force. He threw another violent punch towards Jin Tian’s head.

Smack! This time, Jin Tian’s entire head fell apart from Jian Chen’s punch, with white brains mixed with blood flying in all directions. With that, Jin Tian had lost his ability to fly, falling out of the sky.

Seeing how Jin Tin’s head fall apart, Jian Chen finally let out a breath. It really was not simple to kill a Saint Ruler. If Jin Tian had not been heavily injured by the arrow from Huang Tianba, Jian Chen would not have been able to kill a powerful Saint Ruler so easily.

Jian Chen’s gaze landed on the Ruler Armament that was still tightly grasped by Jin Tian’s corpse. He grabbed at it, and the sword-shaped Ruler Armament immediately left Jin Tian’s hand, flying to him.

Grasping the thin sword that was around the same size as the Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen immediately felt like he had returned to the days of travelling only with a sword. With a sword in hand, there is only me.

Jian Chen could not help but reveal a happy smile. He had finally found a suitable weapon, which had made him unable to suppress his excitement.

Just at this moment, Jian Chen was slightly startled. He looked away from the Ruler Armament he had just obtained and stared downwards with interest. He only saw that from the broken skull, a white ball of feeble light suddenly drifted out. As soon as the ball of light had appeared, it began to flee into the distance like a bolt of lighting.


Just when the ball of light had travelled several hundred meters, a silver arrow chased up to it from behind, directly piercing through it.

“Ah!” A desolate cry resounded from the ball of light and the light began to disperse shortly afterwards. After a while, it had completely disappeared.

“Brother Jian Chen, Saint Rulers have already refined their origin soul. Only by wiping out the origin soul can you truly kill a powerful Saint Ruler. That ball of light earlier was Jin Tian’s origin soul.” Huang Tianba said to Jian Chen with a smile as he hurried over from behind at his own pace.

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