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Chapter 684 - Punch

Feeling how he was about to be hit by the invisible arrow, Jin Tian did not run any further. He immediately stopped and the Saint Force within him surged violently like a wild river, flowing into his Ruler Armament. It caused the sword-shaped Ruler Armament in his hand to glow with dazzling light, even causing the scorching sun in the sky to seem dim. The great, vast energy caused the world to tremble, and the surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to almost shatter in attempt to contain the powerful energy.

“Ha!” Jin Tian suddenly yelled aloud and the Ruler Armament in his hand turned into a ray of silver light. It flashed like lightning as he swung it, cutting open a three meter long, black crack in the s.p.a.ce in front of him.

Bang! The Ruler Armament and the invisible arrow formed from World Force rammed into each other, and a sound greater than before erupted forth. The violent energy aftershocks flooded the area, causing the s.p.a.ce within a radius of several hundred meters to become heavily distorted.

After the strike, Jin Tian’s complexion immediately began to pale somewhat. A quiet, m.u.f.fled grunt came out through his throat with difficulty as he flew backwards uncontrollably. Jin Tian already received some internal injuries.

Although he and Huang Tianba both had Ruler Armaments, it was not enough to bridge the huge gap between their power. The arrow shot out by Huang Tianba was also created from World Force, a power that could not be compared to Saint Force. As a result, just from the first time they had clashed, Jin Tian already received a few light injuries.

Jin Tian shot through the sky like a shooting star, flying backwards for a whole several kilometers before slowly stabilizing himself. He looked at Huang Tianba who was currently chasing behind him with an ugly expression. The light in his eyes flickered, and he muttered inwardly, “The two of us definitely are not opponents to Huang Tianba and the other two. If we continue, there is only death. Whatever, there’s always hope when there’s life. Staying alive is most important. As long as I am still alive, even if the Hongfu Clan falls, I can just rebuild it in the future.” Jin Tian already lost all intention to battle and thoughts of retreat bloomed.

However, just when Jin Tian made up his mind to flee with all his strength without any more regardless for other things, the s.p.a.ce before him began to fluctuate. He only saw that Jian Chen, who had also used Spatial Force, had already caught up, with a fist directly heading towards his head.

Jian Chen’s punch was extremely ordinary. It did not contain the presence of any force, and seemed just like a powerless fist. However, it was exactly such an ordinary-looking punch that had caused Jin Tian to become solemn, unwilling to underestimate it even in the slightest. This was because he could clearly feel that the surrounding s.p.a.ce in which Jian Chen’s fist had pa.s.sed through seemed to be squeezed by a great power.

Jin Tian did not dare to be careless. Saint Force coalesced in his hand like a great surging river and he swung it at Jian Chen. He did not hold back at all with the strike, directly using his full power.

When the punches met each other, a m.u.f.fled sound erupted, similar to m.u.f.fled thunder. The violent energy aftershock exploded where their fists had met, rushing wildly in all directions. It seemed to even be able to create a gust of violent wind in a land beyond the nine heavens.

Crack! The bones of Jin Tian’s entire left arm became fractured, and his arm drooped down powerlessly.

“This… how is this possible? Just what is this force, actually so strong?” Jin Tian stared at Jian Chen out of shock, and his face was engulfed by disbelief. He could clearly feel that in Jian Chen’s fist, there was actually an extremely strong and unknown, mysterious power hidden. The power was far stronger than the Saint Force he used. The moment the two came in contact, the Saint Force that covered his entire left arm was scattered by the mysterious but powerful power.

Jian Chen curled the corner of his lips into a cold smile and said, “For someone who is about to die, there is no harm in telling you. At least it can let you die with content. This type of power is called Chaotic Force!”

“Chaotic Force?” Jin Tian mumbled quietly. His face was shrouded with doubt. It was very obvious that he had never heard of Chaotic Force.

However, Jian Chen did not give him any time to react. Chaotic Force surged into every corner of his body, which caused the insane defence of Chaotic Force to be raised to the limit. Afterwards, he swung at Jin Tian again.

Jin Tian returned to his senses very quickly, immediately retreating abruptly. The Ruler Armament in his right hand radiated brightly, becoming similar to the scorching sun radiating its dazzling light into the world. Afterwards, he chopped at Jian Chen’s punch like lightning.

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