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Chapter 682 - The Yan Family Lord

After hearing what the white-robed old man had said, a sliver of interest flashed across the middle-aged man’s eyes. However, he quickly concealed it and said helplessly, “Jin Tian, Jin Feng, this time, I can only apologise. Jian Chen actually has the great elder of Mercenary City supporting him from behind and even the two ancient clans aren’t his opponents, let alone my small Yan Family. Please forgive me for being incapable of action.”

The middle-aged man was the Yan Family lord, and also the only Saint Ruler of the Yan Family. His strength had already reached the peak of the Fourth Heavenly Layer, and was stronger than either one of the Saint Rulers from the Hongfu Clan.

“In-law, regarding Jian Chen, you do not need to worry at all. Although I don’t know what relationship Jian Chen has with Huang Tianba, but other than offending Jian Chen because of the tungsten alloy mine, we have no other animosity. I believe that just by this, it is not enough for Jian Chen to antagonise my Hongfu Clan enmity. As long as the two of us personally visit him and apologise some time, it should be able to clear off any enmity created a few days ago, transforming our hostility into friendship. What really makes my Hongfu Clan worried is Huang Tianba. The hatred between the Huang Family and my Hongfu Clan was formed by people of the previous generation. Although we two groups have not had any large-scale clashes in the recent years, we still have constant small conflicts in secret. Both sides have suffered losses, so as a result, the hatred between us has become very deep, which cannot be resolved peacefully at all. This time, if in-law helps me wipe out the Huang Family, I will gift my Dragon Slaying Sword to you.” The Saint Ruler of the Hongfu Clan, Jin Tian, said. As soon as he finished speaking, a metre-long sword with a width of two fingers appeared in his hand. The entire sword was covered in a layer of hazy, glimmering light, and a blurry image of the sword could be vaguely seen through the layer. The entire sword was veined, and if it was looked at closely, the veins actually hegemonic, flying black dragon.

The Yan Family lord’s interest was indeed piqued. He hesitated for a while, but still declined in the end. He said, “Perhaps the matter is not as easy as you have thought. According to my investigations, a girl from the Huang Family was originally engaged to the Huanggu Clan, but afterwards, it was because of the appearance of Jian Chen that the Huang Family personally cancelled it. As a result, I feel that Jian Chen and the Huang Family’s relationship is more complicated than you have imagined. My Yan Family definitely cannot intervene in this. There is the great elder of Mercenary City supporting Jian Chen from behind, and he seems to also have some connections with the ancient Tianmu Clan. Also, considering how terrifying his talent is, he is someone my Yan Family cannot afford to offend.”

“In-law…” The two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu Clan became worried. Just as Jin Feng attempted to persuade him, he was cut off by the Yan Family lord.

“Jin Tian, Jin Feng, you should stop persuading me anymore. I know very well as to how much my Yan Family can do. The relationship between Jian Chen and the Huang Family is complicated, and they may even have treated you as a common enemy. My Yan Family definitely cannot intervene. Today, I have come personally to visit because I have something very important to tell the two of you. The engagement between our two families is cancelled. From today onwards, our two families will go their separate way. Matters regarding your Hongfu Clan have nothing to do with my Yan Family anymore.” The Yan Family Lord said.

The expressions of the two Hongfu Clan Saint Rulers simultaneously became extremely ugly. They did not that that not only did they fail to pull the Yan Family in to face an enemy, they had instead cut off their relationship with the Yan Family. This was extremely unfavorable for the Hongfu Clan. 

“Yan Zhengnan, you came today to cancel the engagement?” Jin Tian’s expression was unpleasant.

The Yan Family lord sighed. He had an expression of helplessness and said quietly, “I wish you can understand, my Yan Family still needs to survive.”

“Jin Tian, Jin Feng, why don’t the two of you come out quickly. Today, the enmity between my Huang Family and your Hongfu Clan will reach an utter conclusion.” Suddenly, a loud and clear voice pierced through various obstacles to clearly resound in the room. The sound wave was so strong that it had caused the entire secret room to slightly tremble.

“It’s Huang Tianba that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s voice. He actually came knocking on our door personally.” The expression of the two Saint Rulers became extremely unpleasant. The Hongfu Clan and the Huang Family had been locked in a stalemate for countless years, and during that time, neither of them dared to allow any large-scale conflicts to erupt. This was because the strength of the two groups were very similar, and once they began fighting, no one had confidence in absolute victory. However today, Huang Tianba actually showed up on his own accord. Even without thinking, they knew he definitely brought foreign aid and was extremely confident.

“Looks like my visit today really was untimely.” The Yan Family lord said with some remorse, before immediately leaving the secret room.

Outside the Hongfu Clan manor, the originally-peaceful manor immediately became bustling with noise after Huang Tianba’s loud declaration. Over a thousand Hongfu Clan members gathered outside, with each one raising their head to look at the three people who floated high up in the air. They all talked about it, and many of them were filled with terror.

“They’re people of the Huang Family. They’ve come for revenge.”

“The people of the Huang Family have actually come, and called out the names of the two grand elders. They must be powerful Saint Rulers.

“Quick, go report it to clan lord…”

“The ancestor of the Huang Family has come himself. What use is there reporting it to the clan lord? Hurry up and get the two grand elders.”

“Hurry up and give the orders, make the entire clan take guard. The Huang Family wants to battle with our Hongfu Clan. They definitely brought a lot of people.”

The comments made by the members of the Hongfu Clan mixed with the commands several higher-ranking people, which caused the entire manor to fall into a hubub. The groups of people in the manor moved about, with all the powerful members heading off in all directions, to prevent the invasion of a large number of troops.

Closely afterwards, three people flew out from the back of the Hongfu Clan manor. Their speed was extremely quick, so with only a flash, they had traversed several kilometers and appeared high up in the sky, opposite of Jian Chen, Nubis and Huang Tianba.

The three people were the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu Clan and the Yan Family lord. However, when the two Saint Rulers from the Hongfu Clan saw Jian Chen and the gold-clothed Nubis standing by Huang Tianba, their expressions because extremely ugly.

“Looks like my guess is correct. Jian Chen and the Huang Family’s relationship really isn’t simple, and has basically reached a level where they hold treat the Hongfu Clan as a common enemy.” The Yan Family mumbled inwardly. The simultaneous arrival of Jian Chen and Nubis with Huang Tianba had his guess.

Huang Tianba swept his gaze coldly across the people before him, and said with a cold smile, “Jin Tian, Jin Feng, you were right a few days ago. The grievances between our two families has gone on for too long, and it is about time to resolve it.” Huang Tianba’s gaze landed on the Yan Family lord, “Yan Family lord, do you plan on fighting alongside with the Hongfu Clan?”

Hearing what was said, the Yan Family lord’s expression changed slightly. He hurriedly moved away from the two Saint Rulers from the Hongfu Clan, and smiled apologetically, “Today, I purposely came to dissolve the engagement with the Hongfu Clan, and do not want to battle alongside with the Hongfu Clan. Huang Tianba, you must not misunderstand this. From today onwards, matters of the Hongfu Clan no longer have anything to do with my Yan Family.” The Yan Family lord already knew that the Hongfu Clan was beyond salvation, so he put it harshly, directly severing his connection to the Hongfu Clan.

“Brother Jian Chen, a few days ago, I have offended you very much. I am aware of my mistake, and wish that brother Jian Chen can be the bigger person, and forgive the stupid things I have done in my ignorance. I will definitely bring generous gifts and personally visit to apologise in the future.” The Yan Family lord’s tone was euphemistic and extremely sincere, completely forgoing his ident.i.ty as the lord of a family. This was because in his heart, if he could erase Jian Chen’s discontent for the Yan Family, he could even give up his position as the family lord. Afterall, Jian Chen was someone he definitely could not offend.

Seeing how sincere the Yan Family lord was, Jian Chen did not act pettily and said straightforwardly, “As long as the Yan Family lord does not interfere with the matters today, as well as guarantee that you will not treat us with hostility in the future, the small matters from a few days ago can be wiped off the slate.”

Hearing what Jian Chen had said, the Yan Family lord became overjoyed at the unexpected, good outcome. He laughed aloud, “Good, for brother Jian Chen to be so frank, I feel admiration. I’m definitely making you a friend of mine. Brother Jian Chen, my Yan Family is situated on Mount Xuxi several tens of thousand kilometers away. If there is anything in the future that our Yan Family can help with, feel free to ask. As long as my Yan Family has the power, we will definitely not shy away from it, and help you with all of our ability.

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