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Chapter 679 - Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan (One)

“Yes. If we have three Saint Rulers join us, our power will increase a lot. We just don’t know what relationship Jian Chen exactly has with the two, and whether he can pull them towards our Qinhuang Kingdom. Perhaps they are unwilling to interfere in this matter.”

Listening to the conversation between the four Imperial Protectors, the king hesitated slightly. He then spoke carefully, “Four Imperial Protectors, I have heard that Jian Chen has connections with the higher levels of authority in Mercenary City. Perhaps we should speak with Jian Chen, and see if we can borrow his connection with them to get Mercenary City to help us. As soon as they stand to our side, I believe the problem that we are about to face will cease to exist, and those above us will also view us with a new light.”

The four Imperial Protectors shook their head simultaneously and turned down the king’s suggestion without any second thought. One of the Imperial Protectors said, “I don't really understand Mercenary City. The connection that Jian Chen has with the authority of Mercenary City is just a rumor and does not seem to be true. Also, even if Jian Chen really does have a connection with them, Mercenary City will definitely not help us.”

“Yes. In the eyes of normal mercenaries, perhaps it is just a city, just a place where mercenaries gather. However, in reality, Mercenary City plays a role of guarding the Tian Yuan Continent that not many people know of. They definitely won’t intervene in any battles on the Tian Yuan Continent, much less help anyone rise in power. They will only formally intervene if a large-scale battle erupts on the continent, so our idea of requesting help from them definitely won’t work. It’s all the same, whether Jian Chen has any connections at all with Mercenary City.” An Imperial Protector said.

“Junior understands, and thanks the Imperial Protectors’ teachings.” The king said with great respect and his hand clasped. 

“Enough. Our conversation about Jian Chen will stop here for now. After you go back, immediately order people to send a message to Jian Chen, and ask him to come visit the Qinhuang Empire some time. We can talk about this with him at that time.” An Imperial Protector said.

“Yes, as soon as Junior goes back, Junior will order people to contact Imperial Protector Jian Chen. Junior will first excuse himself.” The king slowly withdrew.

“Sigh, who would have thought that Jian Chen has already become a Saint Ruler. If he continues with his unbelievable speed, perhaps he’ll only need a few centuries to reaching an even higher realm at most, becoming a Saint King. “After the king had left, an Imperial Protector could not help but give off a sigh of surprise again.

“His talent really is unprecedented. Jian Chen’s future accomplishments will be so great that even we will not be able to imagine it. Perhaps, he will directly catch up to the unrivalled Mo Tianyun. I even suspect Jian Chen might be a reincarnation of Mo Tianyun.

“If he matures successfully, he will definitely become a venerated Saint Emperor. It’s already been such a long time since the Tian Yuan Continent has produced a Saint Emperor. It’s about time for one to appear.”

“If Jian Chen becomes a Saint Emperor, our Qinhuang Kingdom will also be benefited greatly. We can directly become an existence equal to the Three Great Empires, or even surpa.s.s the Three Great Empires.”

“We four need to properly foster our relationship with Jian Chen. If we don’t start now, perhaps it will be too late...”


In the imperial city of Qinhuang Kingdom, in an inn less than ten kilometers away from the imperial palace, a burly middle-aged man currently laid on a bed with his chest bare and eyes tightly closed.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man snapped open his eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, two rays of visible light shot out from his eyes. They pierced two finger-sized holes in the wooden ceiling.

The middle-aged man sat up without any prior warning and could not help but reveal a smile on his fierce-looking face. However, the smile was sinister.

“Jian Chen, I finally know where you’ve gone. So it turns out you’ve been hiding in a place called Gesun Kingdom, which was why it’s been so difficult to find news about you.” The middle-aged man’s slowly blurred, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the tightly-shut room.

Somewhere else in the imperial city, the bare-chested, middle-aged man walked into a rather large store. He threw a bag full of glittering purple coins onto the counter and said expressionlessly, “Immediately give me the most detailed map of Tian Yuan Continent. Remember, I want the largest, the most detailed map.”

Seeing so many purple coins, the shopkeeper’s eyes became green with greed. He hurriedly collected the bag full of purple coins and said, “Okay, okay. Customer, please wait. I will go and get the best map for you right now.” Before he had even finished speaking, the shopkeeper turned to leave. Very quickly, he returned with a scroll as long as a man, and said with an enchanting smile, “Customer, this is our store’s largest, clearest and most detailed map. It records the geography of half of the Tian Yuan Continent.

The man opened the long scroll as soon as he received it. The scroll was very large, and when completely unravelled, it was five metres long. On it were mountains and rivers, all very detailed.

The man scanned across the map swiftly and forcefully with his gaze. After a while, he revealed a cold smile, before collecting the map and leaving.


After several hours of travel, Jian Chen and Bi Hai finally returned to the Flame Mercenaries. Just when they approached the royal palace, Jubis, Jiede Tai, Huang Tianba and the other three sensed them, and were already floating high up in the air to welcome them.

“Hahahaha, Jian Chen, so the activity a few days ago was indeed caused by you. Who would have thought that after a few days of not seeing each other, you’ve already become a Saint Ruler. Back then when you were still a Heaven Saint Master, it was already very hard for me to suppress you. Now that you’ve broken through, perhaps even I, the great Nubis, cannot be your opponent.” Nubis found out that Jian Chen had already become a Saint Ruler with a glance, and immediately became happy for Jian Chen. 

Jiede Tai, who stood beside Nubis, looked at Jian Chen with a complicated expression. He was very shocked. Although he had already predicted that Jian Chen had already become a Saint Ruler, he still felt great shock when he really thought about it.

He was someone who knew very well that only a few years ago, Jian Chen was still a weak Earth Saint Master. Only so much time had pa.s.sed from then, and Jian Chen had actually overcome the difficulties along the way from an Earth Saint Master, breaking through to a Saint Ruler with devastating speed. It was just too unbelievable.

“Hahaha, who would have thought that little brother Jian Chen has indeed become a Saint Ruler. Congratulations! I believe not too long in the future, little brother Jian Chen will become a Saint Emperor that even I can only dream of.” Huang Tianba laughed aloud. He was extremely happy.

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