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Chapter 674: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm

“Did I find the wrong thing? The shortcut Situ Qing was talking surely isn’t this scroll.” Jian Chen stared vacantly at the scroll in his hands. Muttering to himself, Jian Chen thought of something at once and placed the scroll down to continue to rifle through the s.p.a.ce Ring.

Not too long after, three more scrolls came out from the s.p.a.ce Ring. These three scrolls were made from ordinary beast fur; material so common that it could not at all be considered precious.

But Jian Chen didn’t neglect the existence of these four scrolls for that reason. Opening up each and every one of these scrolls, Jian Chen laid them side to side to one another, but the effect had only left him in disappointment. While there were marking to be seen, it was all the writings of Situ Qing and his writings of several rather unimportant things. Other than that, there was nothing else on anything important such as breaking through to become a Saint Ruler, and certainly nothing that could help Jian Chen.

Rather disappointed, Jian Chen placed the three scrolls down onto the bed and continued to look into the s.p.a.ce Ring with renewed vigor. But no matter how many times he looked through the s.p.a.ce Ring, he couldn’t find a fifth scroll.

“What in the world is that scroll that can help one become a Saint Ruler? Why can’t I find it? Is it because it isn’t in Situ Qing’s s.p.a.ce Ring?” Jian Chen thought.

“Impossible. Such a precious item can’t possibly be put elsewhere. According to logic, it has to be on his person!” Jian Chen thought in contrast to his previous thoughts. Taking the scrolls he found earlier, he placed them out again for another look. In the end, all he could see was a blank canvas, other than that, there was nothing else of unordinary stature.

Looking at the blank scrolls again and again, Jian Chen was trying his best to try and find whatever secrets there was to it.

Just at that moment, the minds.p.a.ce within Jian Chen’s head shook violently as the fragments of the mysteries of the world he first absorbed in the holy ground of Mercenary City began to hop violently as if drawn to some sort of mysterious source.

Unable to stop himself from closing his eyes, Jian Chen felt his spirit suddenly bring these fragments into the material world from his body. “Forgot about me?” It seemed to ask from the chaotic s.p.a.ce in front of him. Just barely, Jian Chen could feel his spirit reach an extremely vague connection with the blank scrolls in front of him. It almost felt as if these scrolls were harmonizing with his spirit to become one with his body.

At the same time, the blank white scrolls in Jian Chen’s hand began to glow a faint golden light. Suddenly detaching itself from Jian Chen’s hand and floating in midair, it began to turn. Golden runes began to float into the air as well before forming some sort of strange and mysterious runic formation. As soon as these runes materialized, the entire s.p.a.ce around it began to twist and distort at its touch as if it were being attracted by the surrounding s.p.a.ce.


A strange energy suddenly materialized into the place before converging in the middle of the room to float there.

This blank white canvas now had a strange power to it. It was awakened by the fragments of the mysteries of the world from Jian Chen’s mind. And these fragments were seemingly undergoing some sort of strange evolution.

Shutting his eyes tight, Jian Chen felt the connection between his spirit and the scroll grow even stronger, and the evolved mysteries of the world from the scroll began to grow extremely distinct to his senses.

Completely letting go of his body, Jian Chen forgot himself for a brief moment as he entered a state of enlightenment. In this one moment, he could feel his spirit harmonizing with the world itself. The two were completely indistinguishable from one another, and every aspect of the world and its mysteries began to appear in his mind in a vague manner rather than clear.

From another room Bi Hai was taking residence in, the cultivating Bi Hai suddenly found his eyelids opening up. There was a flicker to his body before he disappeared from the bed to reappear outside his room. Both of his lively-bright eyes were now looking off into the direction where Jian Chen was.

“My grandson is comprehending the mysteries of the world, he’s about to breakthrough!” He muttered to himself with an ecstatic glee. As a Saint Ruler, he was deeply in tune with the mysteries of the world and its energy. And with the distance he was away from Jian Chen, he could tell that it was him that was undergoing this period of enlightenment.

Bi Hai stared at the direction of Jian Chen’s room for a moment longer before the smile on his face quickly receded from it. “But it seems he’s still lacking the control. My grand son hasn’t yet grasped the deepest concepts of controlling the energy of the world. That is a step hard for any Heaven Saint Master wishing to become a Saint Ruler.”

The faint golden light that was illuminating off the scroll next to Jian Chen’s head continued to evolve the mysteries of the world. And in Jian Chen’s mind, he was slowly being fed this evolved form to experience a new strange world.

With the help of this scroll, Jian Chen was growing a deeper and deeper level of comprehension of the mysteries of the world. These mysteries were becoming more and more clear to Jian Chen, and he could feel himself growing one step closer to becoming a Saint Ruler.

Under this process of understanding the mysteries of the world, Jian Chen felt himself lost to the pa.s.sage of time. He had no idea just how much time was going past, but soon came a point where Jian Chen felt so close to becoming a Saint Ruler that he was practically touching it. But it was at this one moment that he felt this small membrane of a gap become a mountain gate that was extremely difficult to climb. No matter how much he tried, he could not step past this gate.

These scrolls could only evolve a small portion of the mysteries of the world. For the Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, they’d be able to take a shortcut to become a Saint Ruler, but it would not help them make the breakthrough completely. One would still have to depend on their own understanding of the world to continue on.

And Jian Chen had a very lacking basis of the understandings of the world. As a Heaven Saint Master, he was lacking in complete comprehension of the energy of the world and how to harness it. Thus, even when he absorbed the fragments of the mysteries of the world, he was unable to take the opportunity to become a Saint Ruler. These fragments of the mysteries of the world were not enough for a recently broken through Heaven Saint Master to become a Saint Ruler.

Slowly, the golden light that was emanating from the scroll started to grow dim. And the light golden runic words that came from the mysteries of the world too started to fade without the a.s.sistance of the white scrolls. And so, Jian Chen began to feel himself slowly being pulled away from this state of comprehension.

Sensing the change, Jian Chen felt extremely unwilling in his heart. He was just lacking this one final step! If he could do it, he’d be able to go from a Heaven Saint Master to a Saint Ruler. This was the realm that he was constantly yearning for!

“Am I really going to fail just like that?” Jian Chen howled to himself in extreme unwillingness to stop right there.

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