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Chapter 673: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm(One)

“You two may leave.” Jian Chen spoke plainly to the two maids there.

“Yes, fourth master!’ The two maids bowed respectfully to him before making a gentle retreat from the room.

Jian Chen looked to his wheelchair bound brother. At the moment, Changyang Hu was wearing a simple blue-colored robe. Since he was limbless, the sleeves to the robe clung helplessly to the side of his body and wheelchair. Compared to the him before, there weren’t any major changes, but Jian Chen could sense that in Changyang Hu’s eyes, there was a hint of color to them rather than the dulled despair that one would normally expect from someone of his situation.

From Changyang Hu’s gaze alone, Jian Chen could tell that he was already accepting of the fact that he was limbless and was ready to move on from that fact. It was something that made Jian Chen feel rather comforted by.

“Eldest brother, you’ve suffered greatly; how have you fared these past few days!” Jian Chen arrived by Changyang Hu’s side and spoke in concern to his brother.

Changyang Hu was excited however. Smiling, he looked back at Jian Chen, “Hahaha, fourth brother, there’s no need to worry about your big brother! Even though I’ve lost my limbs and became a cripple, I’ve felt rather calm these past few days! I’ve thought a lot recently, and you know. I came to realize something. The previously calm life I felt to be boring isn’t so bad. I’m tired of the days of fighting and killing, a life like this has grown on me.”

Just based on Changyang Hu’s facial expressions, Jian Chen could tell that Changyang Hu was being honest. He couldn’t sense a single lie or fabrication from Changyang Hu’s lips, meaning that his eldest brother truly did feel this way.

“Big brother, you can rest a.s.sured now. Your four limbs will come back soon. Wait until your fourth brother becomes a Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master. That’ll be the day you recover completely.” Jian Chen pledged.

“Hahaha, fourth brother, your big brother will wait for that day then. I might be accustomed to this type of lifestyle, but not having limbs can be rather inconvenient. I always need someone to help me, so if I can recover my limbs, that’ll be for the better.” Changyang Hu laughed. Compared to before, the Changyang Hu of today was in great spirits. The contrast between the two was so great that it felt as if they were completely different persons. To him, recovering his four limbs wasn’t so that he could return to the life of cultivation, traveling, or fighting. He wanted those limbs back merely so that he could live his life in convenience.

In the time since Jian Chen last saw him, Changyang Hu had lost all of his heroic ambitions!

Realizing the great transformation his brother underwent, Jian Chen wasn’t quite sure if he could call this situation a good or bad thing. And for a moment, it caused Jian Chen quite a small amount of concern.

But then something suddenly caught Changyang Hu’s attention. Staring strangely at Jian Chen, he spoke, “Fourth brother, would you verify the news your big brother heard recently? I heard that you brokethrough to go from a Heaven Saint Master to become a Saint Ruler. Is that true?”

Smiling, Jian Chen replied, “Big brother, what you heard is a half-truth and a half-lie.”

“Half-truth and a half-lie?” Changyang Hu asked suspiciously.

“Big brother, I am still but a Heaven Saint Master and not yet a Saint Ruler. But because of some other factors, my battle strength is comparable to some of the weaker Saint Rulers. That’s why some people have mistaken that I’ve become a Saint Ruler.”

“Oh, I see now! But fourth brother, you’ve achieved so much at your age. As a big brother, I can only feel pride at your achievements. With your talent, fourth brother, your big brother has no doubts that you’ll become a genuine Saint Ruler in no time at all.” Changyang Hu laughed. His personality was a lot calmer than before, but knowing that his fourth brother had the strength of a Saint Ruler was enough to bring forth a tremendous wave of excitement to him. And yet, it was far harder to see his excitement compared to the other doyens in the clan.

His heart was practically as immovable as a boulder!

“Big brother, let me bring you on a stroll around the manor. You must have felt bored staying in this room all day.” Jian Chen suggested before pushing the wheelchair out from the pavilion.

“Fourth brother, why not take a stroll around the courtyard? There’s no need to go beyond that. Your big brother doesn’t really like staying in places with other people. It’s rather noisy, and your big brother enjoys the quiet places now. It’s the only way I can feel at peace.”


For the entire day, Jian Chen spent the time with Changyang Hu before finally leaving. During that time, he spoke plenty with his brother, and from his brother did Jian Chen learn several things. Because of the great transformation his eldest brother had, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel at times that his brother had seemingly seen enlightenment and broke free from the secular world. As it were, Changyang Hu felt rather unselfish for anything and desired nothing. Even an important matter like the return of his limbs weren’t anything that bore major impact on his future life or mood. It almost felt as if having limbs or not bore no difference at all to Changyang Hu.

That night, Jian Chen went to the room Bi Hai was in for a small chat before then returning to his own room to rest.

His room was magnificently decorated with great furniture and decorations. Sitting at the center of his bed, Jian Chen held a s.p.a.ce Ring in his hand. It was the s.p.a.ce Ring Situ Qing left behind with all of his possessions in it.

“Situ Qing was an extremely wealthy person I see. Several dozen purple cards to his wealth? There has to be more to this I’m sure. I wonder just how many purple coins there are in total though.” Jian Chen sighed to himself after looking at the contents of the s.p.a.ce Ring.

Situ Qing was a Saint Ruler that lived for over a thousand years after all. As a hermit Saint Ruler, the items he ama.s.sed over the years surely had to be precious. It was definitely not something a Heaven Saint Master could compare in wealth; and every precious item in the s.p.a.ce Ring had at times confused even Jian Chen on what they were.

Taking out a thick book from the s.p.a.ce Ring, Jian Chen looked at the cover of the book to read out the calligraphic words “Secrets to the Dragon and Tiger”

Seeing the words on this book, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. Flipping through the pages, Jian Chen’s smile grew wider and wider with each page read. “So this was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. This has to be the resting skill that Situ Qing hid away on him.”

Studying the Heaven Tier Battle Skill for a moment, Jian Chen thought to himself, “Now that the Changyang Manor has become powerful with everyone within distance knowing of it, we should have the strength to protect these Heaven Tier Battle Skills. I can place these books here at home and wait for a day to let father cultivate them then.”

In a flash, the treasures that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger once held was quickly redistributed and recla.s.sified by Jian Chen as treasures for the Changyang clan.

Putting aside the book, Jian Chen took a second look at the contents of the s.p.a.ce Ring. Half a moment later, a circular scroll came tumbling out from the s.p.a.ce Ring.

“The shortcut to becoming a Saint Ruler, could this possibly be it!” Jian Chen’s eyes blazed with excitement as he stared at the scroll in his hand. The item that Jian Chen desired most from Situ Qing’s s.p.a.ce Ring was the acclaimed shortcut that would help him breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler.

Immediately untying the rope that held the scroll tight, Jian Chen unfurled the scroll in front of him. It wasn’t that big in size and was only a meter in length. The parchment was soft, and it felt more like fur rather than paper to the touch.

But when Jian Chen’s eyes fell upon the scroll, he couldn’t help but rub his eye in stupefied shock.

The reason for that was because of the fact that both sides to this scroll was completely white.

Not a single character could be seen on it, nor a splotch of ink.

It was completely white paper.

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