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Chapter 661: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (Three)

Walking straight to Bi Yuntian’s room, Jian Chen stopped right in front of the doors. The two maids standing guard there respectfully said, “We pay our respects to the fourth master!”“Fourth lady, the fourth master has returned.”

“What? Xiang’er is back?” The ecstatic voice of Bi Yuntian immediately zoomed out of her room. The sounds of shuffling footsteps could then be heard before the doors to her room opened up.

“You two may leave; there’s no need to remain guard here. Without my order, no one has permission to enter this room.” Jian Chen commanded the two maids before striding in.

“This maid hears and obeys.” The two maids bowed slightly before leaving the area.

“Xiang’er, you’ve finally returned! This time you simply must stay a little longer.” Bi Yuntian spoke in her common graceful speech. Today, she was wearing a white, satin robe that complemented the warm smile on her face as she greeted her child.

Even the normally stalwart Jian Chen softened in the face at the sight of his very own mother. “Mother, your child is an unfilial one to not spend time with you. How have you been these past few days, mother?”

“All is well. Your mother spends her days in peace here, but you, Xiang’er, you must be tired, running around all day.” Bi Yuntian spoke with concerned affection.

“Xiang’er, we’ve reports from two days ago that some mighty Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger launched an attack before being beaten by another. Is that true?”

Jian Chen nodded his head with a faint smile, “It’s correct. Mother, the Flame Mercenaries have grown far stronger than before. Thanks to your son, the Flame Mercenaries now have an additional two Saint Rulers overseeing it.”

“Is that right? Oh how excellent!” Bi Yuntian’s face lit up with glee. She had heard this information two days ago, but to have it actually confirmed by the mouth of Jian Chen himself made it no less astonishing to hear, even if it was for the second time.

“Xiang’er. Your mother has heard that you’ve made the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler. Is that true as well?” Bi Yuntian followed up her question with more questions. There was a slight tremor to her voice, as if she was eagerly expecting to hear confirmation from her son.

A pained smile greeted her this time. “Mother, your son is still a Heaven Saint Master, but I’ve the fighting prowess of a Saint Ruler. At the very most, the weakest Saint Rulers won’t be much of a threat to your son.”

This time, Bi Yuntian found it hard to reply at all. A Saint Ruler was in her eyes the same as standing at the very top of the continent. She had never expected her very own son to attain such a position, and as a parent, this was an undoubtedly major achievement that she was proud to know about.

This was all a mother could ever ask for!

Jian Chen was silent as well for a moment. “Mother.” He began, “I came back this time with extremely important information I wanted you to confirm.”

His words brought Bi Yuntian back to reality and helped her calm herself back to normal, “Xiang’er, say whatever it is you wish to say.”

“Mother, your son wishes to ask about the Bi family. Would you happen to know some information about the patriarch?” Jian Chen asked.

At the very mention of the Bi family, the expression on Bi Yuntian’s face slipped just slightly. The previously excited look slowly melted away from her face, growing slightly somber. “Xiang’er, the great catastrophe that befell the Bi family happened to your mother when I was very young, so the matters of the Bi family are rather limited to me. I’ve only seen the patriarch’s likeness from a statue.

“Mother, would you happen to know the name of the patriarch then?” Jian Chen urged.

“Not only was our patriarch the progenitor of our clan, he was also the only Saint Ruler. With his existence, the Bi family became known as a great family that existed for a millenia. His name was held in such high regards that everyone knew it; that was only natural! The patriarch’s name—he was Bi Hai!” Bi Yuntian bitterly replied.

“Bi Hai; it really is Bi Hai! That’s his name!” Jian Chen muttered just slightly to himself. In his mind, images of the blue-robed figure that fought Jiede Tai began to resurface.

Noticing the meaning behind Jian Chen’s words, Bi Yuntian grew suspicious. “Xiang’er, could it be that you’ve heard Bi Hai’s name elsewhere?”

He nodded, but no words found their way through his mouth. Instead, he pulled out a brush and some paper from his s.p.a.ce Ring. He then began to paint a swift picture of Bi Hai’s likeness from what he could remember of the battle. The figure in the painting was the blue-robed Bi Hai, and it was so realistic that one would almost think that there was no difference between this painting and the real person.

Presenting the finished painting to Bi Yuntian, Jian Chen asked, “Mother, do you recognize this person?”

Bi Yuntian shook her head however. The person in this painting was unfamiliar to her, “I don’t. Your mother has never seen this person before.”

“Mother, didn’t you say that you’ve seen a statue of the patriarch before? Please look carefully, does this person look the same as our patriarch?” Jian Chen urged.

“Xiang’er, your mother has seen a statue of the patriarch before, but he was a middle-aged man at that time in appearance. This elderly man in the painting holds no resemblance to him.”

The paper fell from Jian Chen’s hand as he bowed his head to think.

His previous and current actions allowed Bi Yuntian to connect the dots. Sternly, she looked to him, “Xiang’er, tell your mother, was the person you saw possibly the patriarch of our Bi family?”

Deciding not to hide it this time, Jian Chen nodded his head, “Mother, your child has indeed met a man named Bi Hai, but I’ve yet to determine whether he really is the patriarch of the Bi family. I need time to verify that fact.”

“Xiang’er, then what are you waiting for? Hurry! Hurry and confirm his ident.i.ty! No matter what methods you use, you must find out whether or not he is our patriarch. Don’t forget that we both have the blood of the Bi family in our veins! As long as we can find our patriarch, there is a hope that we cannot let pa.s.s by!” Bi Yuntian exclaimed in a hurry to emphasis her statement.

Determined, Jian Chen replied, “Understood. Mother, your son will be leaving to verify who he is. Since there’s no time to waste, your son will be leaving at once.” With that, Jian Chen turned about and left the room without hesitation.

This time, Bi Yuntian didn’t move to hold him back. “Xiang’er, go fast and return soon!”

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