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Chapter 654: Precursor to Arrival

The sudden appearance of Tian Jian shocked every single Saint Ruler in attendance. Every single faction could hardly keep their own emotions in check as they gaped at Tian Jian in absolute shock.

Opening a s.p.a.ce Gate into the world itself was a feat only a Saint King could do!

This white-robed middle-aged man was clearly an existence even more paramount than that of a Saint Ruler!

Jin Tian and Jin Feng of the Hongfu clan were both aghast as they looked at Tian Jian. Looking at the still bowing figure of Huang Tianba, the both of them looked rather unsure of what to do, yet their faces were still as dark as before. Their arch-enemy Huang Tianba clearly knew this powerful ent.i.ty, meaning that this was an extremely bad omen for the Hongfu clan.

“How unexpected to see that there’s a Saint King standing behind Jian Chen as well.” Jiede Tai thought to himself with fear. A Saint King could turn their noses up to even an ancient family. In the case that an ancient family had one of those, they would practically fear nothing.

Bi Hai and Situ Qing finally regained their ability to move as well. The two of them could only cease their pursuit of Jian Chen and look at Tian Jian in fear. Situ Qing in particular looked to be frightened to death.

Tian Jian stood in the middle of the sky with naught an extraordinary presence to be seen from his person, but his figure felt as if it was one with the world. If one wasn’t paying too much attention to him, he would have most likely been ignored.

Giving a cursory look around the place, Tian Jian’s eyes hovered momentarily on Jian Chen before curiously glancing to the ground beneath him. At last, a baffled look appeared on his face, “So there was a deposit of tungsten alloy here!”

The battle Jian Chen had been fighting in had originally started over the city, but as time pa.s.sed, the battle had moved farther and farther away to the mountains where no one was. As it just so happened, these mountains were right next to the tungsten alloy.

“Senior, the tungsten alloy was originally found by this junior, but so many people came out of nowhere to try and lay claim to it. This junior lacks the strength to fight them all, so I wish to ask senior to help settle this matter fairly.” Jian Chen cupped his hands as he pleaded to Tian Jian. Even he knew that if he wanted to keep the entire deposit, he’d have to ask Tian Jian for help. There was no other way.

Staring at the dozen Saint Rulers gathered before him, Tian Jian waved his hand, “You may leave from whenceforth you came.”

He didn’t say it explicitly, but everyone knew that he was clearly helping Jian Chen protect the tungsten alloy. These Saint Rulers didn’t dare say anything. With their strength, they had no power to offend a Saint King. Even the two ancient families wouldn’t dare to.

“Senior, we are from the Tianmu clan. We traveled thousands and thousands of kilometers in hopes of being able to win some tungsten alloy. How could we leave with just a word like that?” Jun Mohao cupped his hands. Despite talking to a Saint King, he wasn’t intimidated. It wasn’t as if the Tianmu clan didn’t have one, so they could afford some elbow room.

“Sire, we of the Aoyun clan won’t back down so easily. Whatever it takes, we the Aoyun clan will take some of it somehow.” One of the two elders from the Aoyun clan spoke.

“Senior, if you stand behind Jian Chen, our strengths are all the same then. We should all take a step back and split this deposit threeways. Our Aoyun clan, the Tianmu clan, and you will each take a part.” The elder from the Aoyun clan suggested.

Tian Jian’s eyebrows crinkled together, “I don’t wish to repeat myself a second time.” This time, there was an icier hint to his voice.

With Tian Jian helping him now, the blockage in Jian Chen’s throat started to calm down a bit. Having him help out was such a huge relief. He would be able to resolve the problem with the two ancient families.

“Senior, this is far too much.” The elder from the Aoyun clan remarked. The jade stone appeared in his hand again, and in the next second, he crushed it.

“What a surprise to see that Jian Chen would have such powerful support. Even the two of us wouldn’t be enough, let us go report to the patriarch.” w.a.n.g Yanhong whispered.

“That seems like the only option left.” Jun Mohao nodded his head. A jade stone appeared in his hand as well, and along with the Aoyun clan’s elder, he crushed it to notify the individual from their clan.

Saint Kings could tear apart the s.p.a.ce to travel inexplicably long distances at a moment’s notice. As soon as the jade stones were crushed, two s.p.a.ce Gates immediately materialized in the sky near each other.

Even before they could step through the s.p.a.ce Gates, a tremendous aura could be felt. Like a terrifying beast from the ancient past, their auras were extremely intimidating and froze the atmosphere. Even the air itself seemed to stop its turbulent spread and the dozen Saint Rulers felt as if the breath in their throats suddenly refused to go down. The comparatively weaker two Saint Rulers from the Hongfu clan and Jiede Tai were especially affected by this pressure, so their faces were extremely pale. Even Jian Chen himself felt his body unable to move as if the world had been turned into a prison where he was denied any movement.

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