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Chapter 630: The Transformation of Little Fatty (One)

“What!? You’re only twenty-three!?” The patriarch exclaimed. While he knew that Jian Chen was young, he didn’t think that Jian Chen would be that young.

A Saint Ruler by the age of twenty-three was an unprecedented situation for the history of the continent. Before Jian Chen, not a single person had become a Saint Ruler by that age. Talent like this was like a beacon of light to all else; he was a man who stood beyond all else with no equal even in the future.

The patriarch’s mind furiously raced as he tried to think. When he remembered how Jian Chen had been able to fight him and the deceased patriarch Shi without fear of receiving punishment, he immediately let out a startled cry, “Are you perhaps the reincarnation of the continent’s strongest, Mo Tianyun?” As far as the patriarch knew, only Mo Tianyun, the strongest person throughout the history of the continent, possessed talent as terrifying as Jian Chen’s. Even though concise history had only been formulated after his existence.

Now it was Jian Chen’s turn to look astonished. He had no idea that the patriarch would actually make the a.s.sumption that he was the reincarnation of the continent’s strongest person, Mo Tianyun, after finding out his true age.

“So have you considered it? Submit to me, work for me, and I shall wipe away the debt of the Jiede clan. The potential benefits your clan may receive in the future are unlimited. If this isn’t ideal, there is only one other way to continue this discussion.” Jian Chen evaded the question with a smile.

Still unsure, the patriarch continued to float in the air with a conflicted expression on his face. He was clearly trying to make a decision. He knew that he would be degraded to the position of that of a slave if he submitted to Jian Chen. No longer would he be able to move as he pleased.

A high and mighty Saint Ruler of the previous generation working like an ox while the next generation worked as the rider. Such a decision was unbelievably difficult to make no matter how resplendent the next generation’s genius was.

For a good while, the patriarch hesitated. In the end, he decided he had no other choice but to compromise with Jian Chen for the sake of his clan’s survival. It was with a grieved expression that he said, “Jian Chen, you win. My Jiede clan will formally submit to you.” Even as he spoke, the patriarch looked as if he had aged years and years in an instant, like his life was being sucked out of him.

A victorious smile appeared on Jian Chen’s face as he rejoiced within his heart. He knew that from today on, he would have a Saint Ruler at his beck and call. Not only was that plentiful source of strength, it also served as a deterrence.

“You swear on your blood?” Jian Chen smiled.

The patriarch bit his lips hard enough to draw blood and spat it out. Quickly, he drew a mysterious but grotesque pattern with his blood in the air before it flew to Jian Chen.

This blood oath was something that the patriarch had created using the three energies of his body and life. The owner of the blood oath was equivalent to the owner of his very life. Now that he had given the blood oath to Jian Chen, it also meant that his life was in Jian Chen’s hands.

“I hope that you will be a man of your words and won’t renege on it.” The patriarch grimly spoke.

Taking the floating blood seal in front of him, Jian Chen placed it in between his eyebrows. He allowed it to disappear into his head and into his minds.p.a.ce.

The sword spirits slowly surrounded the blood seal, that the patriarch created, in his minds.p.a.ce. From how they surrounded it, it seemed as if the sword spirits were treating the blood oath as if it were a prisoner.

“Master, don’t worry about this!” Jian Chen heard Ziying say to him.

Sighing in relief, Jian Chen watched the blood oath disappear into the sea of Chaotic Force. His minds.p.a.ce was a dangerous place to allow things in. If he wasn’t careful, the patriarch’s blood oath could do something to him.

After he accepted the blood oath, Jian Chen felt as if there was some sort of subtle connection between him and the patriarch. It allowed him to sense which direction the patriarch was and where the patriarch was in the general area. Jian Chen was also able feel that if he destroyed the blood oath, the patriarch of the Jiede clan would die on the spot.

Knowing that he had the capability of controlling the life of a Saint Ruler filled with joy. This was undoubtedly a great windfall.

“Ah, since we are family now, how might I call you?” Jian Chen smiled at the patriarch. The earlier killing intent he had been releasing was nowhere to be seen.

“Jiede Tai!” The patriarch emotionlessly stated.

Unperturbed by the patriarch’s att.i.tude, Jian Chen continued to smile, “Then I’ll be calling you that from now on. You may leave now to handle your clan. Meet me in Mercenary City half a month from now and we’ll leave together.”

Jiede Tai nodded his head without a word, but his heart was undoubtedly feeling very gloomy.

Jian Chen gave Jiede Tai several tasks to do. He then left the area after changing his clothes. Thirty kilometers away he found the hiding w.a.n.g Yufeng, who was behind a giant stone. Jian Chen then flew away with him in tow.


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