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Chapter 613: Death of a Saint Ruler (Three)

Jian Chen could only laugh when the two Saint Rulers spoke. How could they know about the new relationship between Little Spirit and him? With Little Spirit giving her guarantee, Jian Chen could fight within Mercenary City without regard of the rules and the violations. He was after all aware of the connection between Little Spirit and the man known as Mo Tianyun. More accurately, the man known as the founder of Mercenary City. With such a peculiar ident.i.ty as that, Little Spirit was without a doubt a very important ent.i.ty of the city itself. It was unknown however whether or not Little Spirit had a status that was even larger than Tian Jian.

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen flickered towards the two Saint Rulers to stab at the forehead of the nearest Saint Ruler without mercy.

Startled, the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan had taken a step back. He didn’t think that Jian Chen would indeed start to fight in Mercenary City. Instead of fighting back, the man had merely stepped away from the attack with a smile. “Jian Chen, you really do fear nothing if you are willing to fight in Mercenary City. Your death is inevitable now; no one can save you anymore.”

There had been no response from Jian Chen. Instead, his entire figure blurred away into thin air as he charged once more after the Saint Ruler. There had been no need to hold back against a Saint Ruler, so the Origin energy of the azure and violet sword spirits had been utilized to the best of his efforts. Glowing with a bright azure and violet light, it seemed to light up the entire area as if it were a lantern at night.

The Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan didn’t dare fight back while he was in Mercenary City. He knew the consequences of those who did, and so he had merely dodged Jian Chen’s strikes instead of retaliating. Only his body could be seen flickering back and forth between places as he dodged each strike without difficulty. Even though Jian Chen was trying his best, it had been completely ineffective against a Saint Ruler.

A Saint  Ruler was on a completely different level from a Heaven Saint Master. They were ent.i.ties that understood the supreme mysteries of the world to some degree and could control the fabric of s.p.a.ce to a minor extent. By borrowing the power of s.p.a.ce, they could stand completely still like a wooden stake impaled in the ground and still remain unhurt by a Heaven Saint Master.

In front of a Saint Ruler, all else were ants. To intimidate a Saint Ruler would require another Saint Ruler.

But even though Jian Chen couldn’t injure the Saint Ruler, he wasn’t discouraged by the fact. He could fight without fear or needing to hold back unlike the other two. Chasing after the Saint Ruler relentlessly, he had managed to ‘force’ the Saint Ruler into dodging. This had served as a cathartic form of delight to him on a personal level. As of right now, he wanted nothing more but to let loose to the heavens and let loose the frustrations that had been acc.u.mulating in him.

Leaping up into the air, Jian Chen wielded the sparkling Origin energy like a sword to stab at the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan.

Once more, the Saint Ruler had flickered away, leaving behind only a mirror image at his previous spot and reappearing several hundred meters away on top of a nearby roof.

The Origin energy that Jian Chen had shot out impacted against the ground, resulting in a tremendous explosion that rocked the entire area and caused several of the nearby buildings to tremble slightly. But from where the Origin energy had struck the ground, there had been no signs of damage even despite all the power that had been contained in the blow.

The sudden explosion had been carried farther away however, resulting in people everywhere being surprised by the sound. One by one, they had ‘revealed’ a shocked look. It had been unknown just how often they were able to hear the sounds of a battle take place in Mercenary City, but not a single one of them had thought that there would be yet another person that would try to do so.

“There’s someone fighting over there! Who’s the suicidal idiot? To fight in Mercenary City, does he not know the prohibition and the punishment that’ll take place after it?”

“The guy has to be strong based on the sound of that explosion. I bet it’s a Heaven Saint Master at the very least.”

“Let’s hurry on over to watch! Let’s see just how that offender’s going to die&h.e.l.lip;.”

“Aye, let’s hurry on over to see what punishment will befall him. I’ve heard before that to try and fight in this city would lead to a painful experience, but I didn’t think that it would actually be death that’ll befall the offender&h.e.l.lip;”

Plenty of people began to talk to one another on the streets as they ran from every direction to converge onto the area where Jian Chen and the two Saint Rulers were. Every single one of them had wanted to see the man who would be struck by the punishment of Mercenary City before he died.

In the blink of an eye, the previously spa.r.s.e strip of street Jian Chen was on had became a cacophony of sounds. Merchants and mercenaries alike had abandoned whatever they were doing to fly over to the area as soon as possible, whether it was on foot or on magical beast.

With the commotion being spread farther and farther away, more and more people began to converge into the area to watch the spectacle. On one hand, they wanted to watch a good fight, and on the other hand, they were curious to see just what punishment would befall the offender. Everyone had heard of how the punishment would be severe, but the details of it had never been fully divulged.

Soon enough, the fight between Jian Chen and the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan had drawn practically everyone within the surrounding area. Some of the spectators had even been people with major influence and groups behind them.

“That’s Jian Chen! Ai, how could he be so foolhardy? Doesn’t he know about the prohibition on fighting that Mercenary City has? Even if he’s a Heaven Saint Master, he’ll suffer the punishment from the barrier without fail.” An elder wearing red robes sighed. It was the man from the Vulcan Shrine.

The man with the fan from the Dayong clan had sighed as well as if he was feeling regret. “Jian Chen’s death is inevitable. It’s truly a shame. It’s hard to come across a genius like this, but he decided to be so foolish as to start a fight in Mercenary City. Even if the grand elders of Mercenary City were to try and intervene, Jian Chen’s fate would still not be changed.

“I didn’t think that it’d be the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen, of all people to be the one to start fighting. Ai, how lamentable. He was a genius with no parallel. But now he will fall today here in Mercenary City. Does he not know that Mercenary City has prohibited fighting? In the case that there is a violation of the rules, then even a Saint Ruler would not be spared from the following consequences.”

“This Jian Chen is really too reckless. Ai, his unlimited potential will be stopped here today. He could have been a Saint Ruler in the future if it weren’t for this act today.”

Recognizing Jian Chen as the offender, plenty of people had shook their heads with pity. The prohibition on fighting had been a rule that was set in stone since countless of years ago. In the history of those who broke this prohibition, each one of them had been penalized severely. Even Saint Rulers had fallen to this rule while the weaker ones would quite often not even have their bones left behind to bury. So everyone thought that the Heaven Saint Master, Jian Chen, would fall as well, even if he was the King of Mercenaries.

As of right now, Jian Chen was pursuing the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan without reprieve. The Origin energy in his hand shot forth continuously from his right hand, but it had never been able to land a clean hit onto the Saint Ruler. Each time, the man had dodged the strikes with ease, allowing the ray of Origin energy to fly off unimpeded into the buildings to the side of the streets with a loud explosion.

While the streets of the city were protected by a mysterious power to such an extent that the Origin energy couldn’t even leave a dent in them, the buildings were not covered by such a power. The very moment the bursts of Origin energy had crushed the buildings like it was tofu and reduced it to sc.r.a.ps of metal.

Watching Jian Chen continue to try and pursue him, the Saint Ruler laughed coldly, “Jian Chen, prepare to die.” Then borrowing the power of s.p.a.ce, he warped over to another spot a hundred meters away to dodge Jian Chen’s strike.

“You from the Shi family, are you willing to fight against me? A mighty Saint Ruler is being forced back by an insignificant Heaven Saint Master. Don’t you think that’s a bit an insult to your grand rank?” Jian Chen jeered. It was not a very easy opportunity to find a time to fight a Saint Ruler like this. Because of the tremendous difference in strength, there was simply no compet.i.tion between the two, and that had weighed heavily on Jian Chen.

With a thought, the energy of the world began to rotate the wind elements around his body. With lightning quick speed, he flew towards the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan and extended his arms out. Three bursts of Sword Qi flew out from his hand and arced through the air with the spectrum of a rainbow.

“Boom!” As soon as the three bursts of Sword Qi zoomed towards the Saint Ruler, the man had dodged it easily once again to the side, allowing the Sword Qi to cause a nearby restaurant to tremble from the blast. Several wooden splinters could even be seen flying off.

“Get out of the way or get hurt in their fight!”

Someone from the crowd had cried out a warning so that the other people in it could be warned to run as far as they could away from the scene of the carnage in fear. Although they were all strong in their own right, but they didn’t dare act out in even a defensive manner to protect themselves in fear of being struck down by the punishment of the city. Since they couldn’t use their own power to defend, they could only try to get away so as to not be mixed up in what Jian Chen was doing.

Patriarch Shi had not been angry at Jian Chen’s response. Instead, he laughed coldly, “Jian Chen, your words mean nothing to me. The commotion you’ve caused in Mercenary City has already incurred severe consequences upon yourself. You will die today, and I won’t be dragged down to the underworld with you.”

Clenching his teeth tightly, Jian Chen spoke no more and chased down the other Saint Ruler. Despite the fact he couldn’t hit him, he was determined to have him ‘forced’ into something.

“Strange, he’s fought long enough already, and several restaurants were destroyed by him by now. Why hasn’t the city punished him yet? This isn’t what the legends say about the city at all.” An elder spoke curiously from within the crowd.

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