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A smile remained on Ming Dong’s face, “Come then. I, Ming Dong, will accept your strike, so go all out without reserve!”

“Yahoo!” Tie Ta roared as he began to build up power in one of his fists to strike at Ming Dong. The first fist had already given him a decent understanding of just how large of a gap there was between he and Ming Dong. So this next fist would contain his entire strength without holding back.

As soon as Tie Ta’s fist lashed out, the sound of m.u.f.fled thunder appeared again. Just from the sight alone, one could tell that this punch was far stronger than the previous one with thunder breaking out continuously.

The amazement in Jian Chen’s eyes had grown even more noticeable as he observed Tie Ta. This ordinary-looking punch from Tie Ta seemed as if it carried some sort of secret. A secret capable of making the sounds of thunder follow his fist while only being a Great Saint Master.

Ming Dong could sense the abnormality of Tie Ta’s supposedly normal punch as well. His fists began to gather even more of the wind element into a thin layer of cyan light around his palms. With lightning fast speed he protected his body by blocking Tie Ta’s dreadful punch.


Another m.u.f.fled sound similar to a clap of thunder could be heard with a force that seemed to penetrate even the human body. It allowed both Jian Chen and Ming Dong to feel their hearts forcibly skipping a beat.

This time, Ming Dong was unable to maintain his mountain-like position like before. His body began to shake violently as his feet slid back several steps, leaving an impression each time he staggered back.

The backlash Tie Ta had received was equally strong. His feet involuntarily staggered back several meters before finally stopping. However, when he saw that Ming Dong remained unharmed, he couldn’t help but feel more admiration for him. With a low voice, he said, “Brother Ming Dong, you’re really amazing! Even with my full strength, I accomplished nothing against you.”

But Ming Dong couldn’t feel the same happiness at all. Gently shaking his arm to get rid of the numbness, he looked strangely at Tie Ta before asking seriously,” Tie Ta, you didn’t use a battle skill or anything when you punched me, correct?”

Jian Chen looked seriously at Tie Ta as well. Those two strikes had been unusual; not only did they release a strange sound after striking, but at the moment of impact between the two hands, there was a resultant explosion that had been enough to shock the internal organs of both partic.i.p.ants.

“Battle skill? Not at all; I’ve never learned one before. Both of my fists just now were just from my own strength.” Tie Ta smiled.

“Tie Ta, when you punch, do you feel anything out of the ordinary?” Jian Chen seriously questioned.

“No? Everything seems normal, Changyang Xiangtian, why do you ask?” Tie Ta was utterly confused on why Jian Chen had been so questioning.

Seeing the vacant look on Tie Ta’s face, Jian Chen gave up asking more. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get any answers even if he did, but the fists Tie Ta revealed just now left a huge question in his mind. Jian Chen didn’t know just how a punch from Tie Ta could have such a strange sound that could also affect even his internal organs.

“Jian Chen, this is probably because of the golden blood in Tie Ta. That golden blood he has in him is really too strange, but it’s all the more proof that Tie Ta is not an ordinary person.” Ming Dong spoke.

Thinking to himself, Jian Chen found there was Ming Dong a point to his words and gave up questioning it any longer. “Let’s go back then.”

“Okay, we’ll head back then. But you two have to keep this secret of mine between us three.” Tie Ta pleaded with the two.

“Don’t worry, we won’t say a word.” Jian Chen promised.

Afterward, the three men began to walk back to the village. As soon as they arrived, they could see several dozen figures disputing with the weapon-wielding villagers.

Upon seeing the dozen distinctly dressed figures, Tie Ta’s eyes seemed as if they would spit fire with anger. Howling, he cried, “Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds came again? It seems like the lesson I taught them last time wasn’t enough!” With that, Tie Ta began to dash off toward the group.

“Tie Ta has returned, he’s returned…”

“Bro giant has come back! Come quickly and beat these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds up…”

“Kid, you’ve returned! Quickly throw these guys out…”

As soon as they saw Tie Ta return, every single villager looked as if a heavy weight had been lifted from their shoulders. They knew just how strong Tie Ta was, and as long as he was here, then those men would have no leg to stand on.

When the distinctly dressed figures saw Tie Ta approach, their faces were startled and frightened because of him. However, as if a sudden thought had occurred to them, a confident smile appeared on their faces.

Tie Ta quickly came to a stop in front of the villagers with a furious scowl aimed at the ten newcomers. “You annoying guys came back again? Did you not get beat up enough by me?”

“Tie Ta, you’re too savage. We are men from the Xiao family. Our young master has already become a disciple of the Blackwind Sect, and the personal disciple of the sectmaster himself. With his ill.u.s.trious standing, you are nothing more than a blade of gra.s.s to him. How could you compete with us? If you continue to be so unbridled like this, then you’ll be causing trouble for the entire village.” One of the youths spoke.

“As if I gave a sh*t who you are. Blackwind Sect? I’m not afraid of them. Don’t think that you’ll be able to leave with her in hand. If you don’t leave now in fact, I’ll make sure to use my fists to drive you out.” With that, Tie Ta’s knuckles began to crack in anger because of the group in front of him.

“Tie Ta, you can’t even tell good from bad. The fact that our young master has taken favor to someone from your village should be a blessing, but you don’t even cherish that fact. Don’t you know just how many blue-blooded daughters would love to marry our young master within the Gesun Kingdom?” A blue-robed youngster spoke in a serious manner. If not for the fact that he had eaten his fair share of losses to Tie Ta, he wouldn’t have bothered to waste so much time trying to squabble with him.

At that moment, Jian Chen and Ming Dong caught up. Looking casually over to the group of well-dressed individuals, he asked, “Tie Ta, what’s going on?”

Furiously, Tie Ta explained, “The Xiao family saw that sister Qiu Yue was quite pretty, and want to kidnap her to wed her to the young master of the Xiao family. They’ve tried multiple times already, but I’ve managed to beat them back each time. However, it’s always been a short interval between each attempt, how annoying!”

The dozen men from the Xiao family could see that Jian Chen and Ming Dong were by no means ordinary figures due to their robes and presence. While they were aware that the two could be from an influential family, the men did not see the two as a serious threat at all. With the young master becoming a disciple of the sectmaster of the Blackwind Sect, their family position within the kingdom would rise with the tide, making them a family that few would offend.

“Who are you two? This is a matter between them and the Xiao family. Be sensitive and get lost. To offend our Xiao family is to offend the Blackwind Gate; a result that neither of you two would be able to afford.” A thirty year old young man pointed a finger at the two with a domineering presence and an unbridled voice.

“Do you want to die!?”

Jian Chen’s and Ming Dong’s face darkened for a moment before Ming Dong cried out. An azure light streaked past as he instantly flew toward the one that spoke, and slapped him across the face with his palm.

“Pa!” A clear resounding slapping sound could be heard before the young man was sent flying by Ming Dong’s slap. Ruthlessly tumbling to the ground three meters away, he staggered back up with a face that was dripping with blood.

Spitting out several b.l.o.o.d.y pieces of his teeth, the young man venomously glared at Ming Dong. As he opened his mouth to speak, the pain from the slap he received was far too much for him to withstand, forcing him to wince and close his mouth.

“What tool are you to think you can speak to us like that?” Ming Dong glared in disdain at the youth.

Ming Dong’s powerful slap subdued everyone there. Regardless whether they were the men from the Xiao family or the people from the village. None of them could speak due to shock.

The villagers all knew just how strong the Xiao family was in their hearts. With Ming Dong harming one of them by slapping them in the face, they were all worried about what the Xiao family would do in retaliation. The men from the Xiao family were astonished that Ming Dong would do such a thing however.

“We… we… we’re from the Xiao family. The young master of our Xiao family is the disciple of the Blackwind Sect’s sectmaster. Do you really wish to offend our Xiao family and taste the consequence!?” One of the youths cried out with fear and shock at Ming Dong.

“I’ve never heard of the Xiao family or whatever it is. If your entire group wishes to live, then hurry up and get lost. Never come back to this place, otherwise even if I forgive you, my brother will not do the same.” Ming Dong icily smiled.

The men from the Xiao family were furious, but they could not speak even a word. Ming Dong’s action of hurting one of their comrades had sent fear into their hearts. They knew that this youth was far stronger than Tie Ta and far more vicious as well. He wasn’t willing to hold back in his strength at all.

“We’re leaving!” The men from the Xiao family didn’t feel like staying here any longer and left the village with the injured member held high.

Seeing their retreating figures, one of the elders let out a concerned murmur, “We’ve definitely angered them this time. The Xiao family is extremely strong; if they decide to take revenge, then our village will be in trouble.”

“Uncle, you needn’t worry. If the Xiao family truly does dare come back, I will make sure to help you settle the problem.” Jian Chen smiled with a look of disdain for the Xiao family in his eyes.

Although he had never heard of the Xiao family, he had indeed heard of the Blackwind Sect. They were one of the powers of the Gesun Kingdom, but they were far inferior to the Hua Yun Sect. To feel so empowered by having their young master accepted as a disciple was a clear indicator of their actual strength.

“My two lords, thank you for resolving my problem, Qiu Yue cannot thank you two enough.” At that moment, a delicate voice could be heard from behind them.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong turned around by instinct only to see a rather pretty young woman who looked to be around eighteen years old. Her pretty face contained a slight tenderness.

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