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Just as Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin finished spreading out their Saint Force to protect the city walls, there was a strong ripple of energy that diffused over the walls from the impact of the four Heaven Saint Master’s battle skills. Combined with the fact that it had not been all that far away, the barrier put up by the two began to sway, causing the two to find it difficult to maintain.

Although they were both Heaven Saint Masters of a high level, the energy required to protect the walls was far too much for them to handle. If Jian Chen had been fighting the four any closer than they were now, even Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin would not be able to protect the city walls.

With the five men fighting in midair, not a single of the five were able to defend against the energy shockwave. Each one of them continued to fly back due to the blast, but the blast itself was not of any extreme danger to them. Since each one of them were flying in midair without any support, it was hard to maintain stable footing.

The four Heaven Saint Masters flew back with some blood coming out from their mouths. With pale faces and heavy wounds, each one of them looked down at their Saint Weapons only to see the jagged parts of their blades from where Jian Chen’s Origin energy had struck.

“What power does he possess for it to be this terrifying?’

“Be careful, no matter what you cannot allow your Saint Weapon to come in contact with his own weapon.”

The Heaven Saint Masters continued to call out in warning to each other while trying to hold back their fear.

Jian Chen’s eyes had already transformed to glow azure and violet in color. His left eye flashed with violet while his right eye shined with azure. This sight made him look like a phantom who did not have the eyes of a regular human.

Unexpectedly, all of the b.l.o.o.d.y bolts and pieces of rubble on the ground began to levitate with a strange power. Floating up, they began to glow azure and violet in color. Like moths to a flame, they instantly shot toward the Hidden Dragon Kingdom’s Heaven Saint Masters like bolts of lightning.

Still completely intoxicated with the damaged parts of their Saint Weapons, the Heaven Saint Masters hadn’t even realized what was happening underneath them. Caught off guard, their bodies were riddled with holes, causing them to cough out copious amounts of blood.

Upon being inflicted with such pain, each one of the four Heaven Saint Masters let out a cry of shock and looked down only to be aghast at the things coming at them.

“Blast it all, what’s all this?” One of them couldn’t help but curse out loud. Without any hesitation, he flew into the air and began to rotate the Saint Force around his body as a way to protect his body from the flying objects down below.

When the bolts and shattered pieces of stone made contact with the protective covering, it only managed to shake for a moment before the covering began to crack. At this stage, the Saint Force only managed to slow down the advances of the bolts and stones.

“Earth Armor!” The earth attributed elder roared as he began to collect all of the earth element within the world around his body to form a st.u.r.dy armor. Since it was made from the st.u.r.diest earth element, its defensive properties were extremely strong and could withstand the attacks coming at him.

Jian Chen’s left hand spread out open in the air, causing three thick bolts to hover besides him for a moment. The azure and violet Sword Qi began to envelop the three even more before spiralling toward the earth armor elder with a faster speed than before.

The elder’s ears began to twitch as he discovered the source and hastily moved to protect himself from the three bolts with his Saint Weapon.

Ding ding ding!

Three clear sounds could be heard as the elder knocked away the three crossbolts. However, the ferocity of the crossbolts was strong enough to cause the elder’s body to waver and fly back. At the same time, Jian Chen’s right hand had formed the Origin energy once more. With a flash of light, it quickly flew toward the elder’s head right in between his eyebrows.

At such a close distance, the elder was unable to dodge. Without any other choice, he could only use his own Saint Weapon to try and block the attack.

Both sides collided against each other as the elder’s Saint Weapon earned a new jagged chip and he lost another mouthful of blood. With this, his fighting strength was greatly hampered.

Taking advantage of this, Jian Chen struck out once more with the Origin energy straight through the elder’s head, extinguishing his soul straight away.

Jian Chen’s left hand was like lightning as it took the elder’s s.p.a.ce Ring from his hand. Then turning back to the other three, he slashed out at them once more. By now, his Origin energy served to replace the blade of the Light Wind Sword.


Another Heaven Saint Master had his head separated from his shoulders. He tumbled through the air but was suddenly enveloped in a bubble of air and flew away from the area.

“Fifth Form of the Heavy Sword — Void Splitter!”

“Third Secret of Water Control — Water to Ice Creation!”

The remaining two Heaven Saint Masters used their battle skills once more in hopes of killing Jian Chen so that the beheaded Heaven Saint Master could escape and recuperate later.

Jian Chen let out a sneer in disdain before flashing his Origin energy sword. Blocking the two attacks, he let another bolt shoot straight at the escaping Heaven Saint Master. With a shot through the s.p.a.ce between the eyebrows, the man had his soul destroyed, causing him to die completely.


Another squall of energy exploded outward as the Origin energy smashed against the two other battle skills. Engulfing the three men, the Saint Force continued to spread further away.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed once more as he continued to control several bolts, shooting them toward the remaining two Heaven Saint Masters. At the same time, Jian Chen began to glow with an azure light as the wind element surrounded his body. Flying straight out of the energy shockwave, he flew toward the two Heaven Saint Masters and cut off their heads while they were distracted with the bolts. In the next moment, he destroyed their spirits with a stab through their heads.

The five Heaven Saint Masters of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom had been completely annihilated.

Back over at the Gesun Kingdom’s city. Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin and Tian Xing had been utterly amazed. Each one looked at the levitating Jian Chen without a word to be said.

After a while, Tian Xing had let out a sigh as he muttered, “The Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom is truly strong. I never would have imagined that within such a short amount of time, five of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom would be killed. With such a strength like this, then even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would pose no challenge to him.”

At this, Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin let out a sigh as well; neither of the two could believe just how strong Jian Chen was. They were fully aware of the circ.u.mstance behind him and that he wasn’t as old as everyone thought he was. He was truly a young man that couldn’t even possibly be thought to be older than thirty.

“I never imagined that the Imperial Protector’s strength would exceed our antic.i.p.ations that much. His talent is truly something to be feared.” Cao Keqin spoke with a tremble to his voice.

Dongyi Junbai let out a sigh as well as he spoke in a quiet voice to Cao Keqin to hear. “The Imperial Protector was able to become a Heaven Saint Master at such a young age; that alone was enough to amaze us. But I never antic.i.p.ated that he would be able to kill five Heaven Saint Masters so quickly. Perhaps in some amount of time, the Imperial Protector will become a true Saint Ruler; who knows what method he uses to cultivate?” At the mention of Saint Ruler, Dongyi Junbai had an envious look on his face.

Jian Chen continued to float in the midnight air; waving his hand, several s.p.a.ce Rings began to float up to him before he took them into his hand. Collecting them, Jian Chen began to stretch out his omnipresence before locating the commander in charge of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom’s army.

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