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Chapter 3065: A Dramatic Turn of Events

For a moment, all of these great elders and ancestors from across the Saints’ World just stood there blankly. Their faces constantly changed, rather lost as for what to do.

Ming Xie had already returned to Ming Dong’s side, without any expression on his face. He did not stow his armour away, such that the glistening armour pressured all of these experts mentally.

To a certain degree, the armour represented the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng!

Ming Dong sat lazily in the chair, waving his folding fan around as he said in a leisurely manner, “Yan’er, keep an eye on the time. Tell me how much more time there is until the four hours end. I’d like to see just how they leave the Tian Yuan clan without a single person remaining after those four hours.”

“Yes, brother Dong!” Yun Xiaoyan smiled faintly.

In response, the experts’ faces all became extremely ugly. In particular, the old man who had tossed out the divine hall and issued the threats had already become sheet-white.

“N- ninth majesty, t- this is a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding. I- i- it’s just a small joke we’re making with the ninth majesty, so please don’t take it to heart.” A Chaotic Prime great elder forced out a smile. The organisation behind him was very powerful, and the several dozen organisations that constructed the Hundred Saint City were already showing signs of forming an alliance. The group was so powerful that they could sweep away all enemies in the Saints’ World.

However, they still had to look at who they were going up against.

If they offended the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, let alone them, even the so-called colossal organisations behind them would not be let off easily.

After hearing that, Ming Dong immediately raised an eyebrow. His gaze became slightly sharper too. “You destroyed all the formations of our Tian Yuan clan and caused such great damage to the Dong’an province for the sake of a joke?”

“Just how many people across the Dong’an province were injured because of this? Was it only a joke too?”

Ming Dong’s gaze became sharper and sharper, clearly angered.

“No, they did much more than that. They even destroyed all the teleportation formations across the southern region and sealed up the entire place to prevent anyone from leaving,” Xu Ran walked out. She scanned past the experts coldly and said emotionlessly.

The faces of many of the experts present had already darkened. All of them felt rather frantic.

“No, no, no. That’s not the case. It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. You can’t take this seriously, ninth majesty.”

“Ninth majesty, you’ve really misunderstood. We actually destroyed the formations for a reason, as they’re simply a little weak, completely unworthy of your ident.i.ty as the ninth majesty. That’s why we made the decision ourselves to destroy them. We’re planning on setting up more powerful formations.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s it. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. We want to set up even stronger formations for the Tian Yuan clan, but we didn’t want to alarm you, which was why we acted alone without informing you, ninth majesty. We just never expected that we’d accidentally lose control over our power and cause such a great disturbance, such that we still disturbed you in the end.”

“We told everyone to get in the divine hall because of the powerful storms of energy that would be created when setting up the formations. The divine hall can protect the people of the Tian Yuan clan from any collateral damage.”

“Oh, really?” Ming Dong tapped the folding fan in his hand rhythmically and stared at these people with a slight smile. “And why did you destroy all the teleportation formations across the southern region?”

“We wanted to set up higher level, tougher teleportation formations for the southern region.” A great elder laughed dryly.

“Oh, I see.” Ming Dong scanned past them slowly and said leisurely, “So it turns out that such a great group of you travelled all the distance here just to do something good for our Tian Yuan clan, like setting up protective formations and constructing new teleportation formations. I couldn’t tell, but you sure are quite dedicated towards the development of our Tian yuan clan.”

“Helping the ninth majesty is our greatest honour!” The experts were not embarra.s.sed at all.

All of the people from the Tian Yuan clan gathered in the surroundings gazed at this in stupefaction. Their faces were filled with astoundment and surprise.

These experts had basically launched an expedition given their numbers, rushing over aggressively and destroying the protective formations of the Tian Yuan clan right from the get-go. They were as hostile as they could be.

Originally, many of them believed they were probably done for today. A good number of them were even prepared to forfeit their lives, but no one had thought that such a dramatic turn of events would occur after the vice clan leader Ming Dong appeared. After all, he was someone who only existed in the legends and virtually never showed himself.

Just a moment earlier, these experts had been overbearing as if they controlled their very fate, yet in the next moment, they had become so docile that they were like Ming Dong’s grandsons. The colossal disparity was well beyond what many of them could take in.

The Tian Yuan clan had developed far too quickly throughout the years. Even though they had followed Jian Chen’s orders and avoided any further expansion, it did not affect the joining of new people.

These people who joined the Tian Yuan clan afterwards obviously did not recognise Ming Dong.

“Alright, then let’s take a look. Let’s see whether your teleportation formations and other formations will satisfy me or not.”

With that, many of the experts became covered in cold sweat. Right before them was the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. No one had any idea just what could impress him, nor did they know what level of formations they needed to employ to satisfy the ninth majesty.

Despite their pain, many of them could not help but give their guarantee reluctantly. “Don’t worry, ninth majesty. We’ll definitely leave you satisfied. We’ll definitely leave you satisfied. We won’t ever disappoint you.”

At this moment, these experts from peak organisations dared not eye Jian Chen anymore, whether it was the Jade Pill sect that had been utterly humiliated by the fifth hall master or the clans that had suffered tremendous losses in the Darkstar World. All of them completely gave up on Jian Chen.

In the headquarters of the Myriad Bone Guild, everything that happened at the Heavenly Crane clan and the Tian Yuan clan reached the guild leader and the Heartless Child as quickly as possible. After learning that their plan to target Jian Chen had completely fallen into shambles, the Heartless Child immediately became livid. He flew into a rage at the top of the bone tower, struggling to maintain his composure.

Even the guild leader said nothing. Only when the Heartless Child gradually calmed down did he say slowly, “Now, there is only a single way to save our Myriad Bone Guild and fend off the Wind Venerable.”

“And that is to go into the chaotic s.p.a.ce and find that item. Only if we obtain that item will our Myriad Bone Guild find the confidence to stand up to the Wind Venerable.”

The Heartless Child sucked in a deep breath and looked at the guild leader. He said in complete doubt, “Elder brother, just what is that item? Just what is it that makes you so confident?”

“I only know that it is a brush, a brush that contains terrifying power.”

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