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Chapter 3041: Emerging From Sorrow

Yun Wufeng had hid his cultivation. He did not give off any ripples of energy, so he seemed like a regular old man. Unless one’s cultivation had reached a certain level, it would be impossible for them to think that a Chaotic Prime was actually seated here!

Even among peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane, a figure like him would be a great elder of great status and authority.

Jian Chen gulped away at the flask of alcohol as he staggered up the steps, swaying about. He made his way straight to Yun Wufeng’s table.

Jian Chen arrived on the other side and placed the flask of alcohol heavily on the table, leading to a great thud. The entire inn shook gently.

The flask was not large, but it seemed to weigh tonnes!

Gazing at the uninvited, unfamiliar man who was as drunk as he could be, Yun Wufeng immediately frowned. He became impatient as he said sternly, “Sir, there’s someone here. You’ve come to the wrong place.”

“Senior Yun, it’s me,” Jian Chen said. His voice was just as stern, except it was a little more hoa.r.s.e.

Yun Wufeng’s face changed. The familiar voice immediately allowed him to recognise who it was. His gaze rested on Jian Chen, on the unfamiliar face, and he could not help but shake his head. Even until now, he had yet to confirm what Jian Chen’s true appearance was.

“Why have you come?” Yun Wufeng asked. He stared straight at the miserable Jian Chen with some concern and doubt.

He had only met Jian Chen recently, but they had once fought alongside one another, so he deeply understood that he definitely was not someone who could be simply pushed around. When it came to killing people, he never showed any weakness or mercy, and his methods were unfathomable and endless. Even the first great elder of the Moon G.o.d Hall, Yue Wuguang, had suffered heavily at his hand, dying in the very end.

As a result, Yun Wufeng had attached the label of “vicious” to Jian Chen a long time ago.

But now, someone as cold-blooded and decisive as him was actually so overwhelmed by sorrow, which left Yun Wufeng extremely surprised.

“I- I m- might have lost someone close to me forever.” Jian Chen’s voice was rather slurred. After saying that, he grabbed the flask and drank away violently. After a hearty drink, he smashed the flask onto the table heavily again and grabbed a piece of meat from the table without holding back at all, stuffing his face.

With a thought, Yun Wufeng immediately emitted an invisible power that protected the table. The table was only an ordinary object. It could not withstand too great of a force.

“The person close to you is in danger?” Yun Wufeng asked in concern. He was filled with questions. Not only was this mysterious figure right before him powerful, but he had connections with the Heavenly Crane clan too.

Apart from that, he was even on speaking grounds with the Empyrean Demon Cult that all the peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane feared.

Given his status and background, he was completely capable of doing whatever he pleased on the Ice Pole Plane in Yun Wufeng’s eyes. What danger could he not resolve with ease?

Jian Chen shook his head. He was in low spirits, and his eyes were dull. He said softly, “In the clan I was born in, I had two elder brothers and an elder sister. In the past, when I was very young, I faced a very long period of neglect because I was tested to possess no apt.i.tude for cultivation. During that time, my status in the clan was so low that even servants could hara.s.s me. Even my father pretended I did not exist.”

“Back then, the only person who still showed me warmth in the entire clan apart from my mother was my elder sister.”

“My elder sister left me with memories of great happiness during my childhood. The experience has basically been engraved in my heart. It’s left a mark that can never, ever be erased.”

Finding Yun Wufeng, it was as if Jian Chen had finally found someone he could talk to, as well as someone he could finally pour out his woes to under the extreme pressure. He released all of the pent-up emotions within him through talking, gradually stating his pains.

Yun Wufeng said nothing. He was only a listener, listening quietly to Jian Chen’s words. His sombre eyes shone with curiosity.

In his eyes, Jian Chen had always been extremely mysterious. Even his true ident.i.ty had been a secret. This was the first time he had heard about some of Jian Chen’s past.

“My elder sister has always been very nice to me, since young and well into adulthood. In order to let me become stronger, she was willing to impact her own cultivation, just to share extremely precious resources with me.”

“Only afterwards did I learn that my elder sister was actually the reincarnation of an extremely powerful figure. Now, the memories belonging to the figure are about to return. Once my sister recovers her memories of her past life, she’ll become a different person through and through.”

“And because of certain reasons, I might end up opposing my elder sister. We might even clash on sight.”

As soon as he said that, Jian Chen felt like his heart was being torn apart. He shuddered violently.

That was the last thing he wished to see!

However, he also understood the principle that there were many things in the world beyond his control.

“Sigh, compared to me, you’re actually very fortunate. At the very least, that relative of yours is still alive. She still exists in this world. No matter how your relationship ends up in the future, at least she’s still around. As for me, I’m completely alone in the world now. I no longer have anyone that I cared for before.” Yun Wufeng let out a long sigh. In that moment, he seemed to become even older. “Originally, I still had little Yue’er. Little Yue’er is not connected to me by blood, but I’ve begun treating her as my own granddaughter a long time ago.”

“But now, little Yue’er is no longer around. I don’t even know about little Yue’er’s fate.”

“Little Yue’er is probably no longer around anymore.”

Yun Wufeng’s eyes were hollow, also filled with undisguised sorrow.

Just like that, two people who were both stricken by sorrow over the loss of close ones began a long conversation in the inn. They told each other about the matter that brought them grief as if they were trying to vent their feelings in this way.

Jian Chen stayed in the inn for seven whole days. During that time, who knew how much alcohol he had drunk. The alcohol splattered on his clothes, leaving him stinking a long time ago. If it were not for the invisible barrier of energy that blocked out all voices and the smell as well, his reeking odour of alcohol probably would have spread across the entire inn already.

Seven days later, Jian Chen seemed to finally think it through. He gradually emerged from his sorrow of losing someone close to him. He said, “Actually, you’re right, senior Yun. I may lose my elder sister forever, but at the very least, she’s still alive, and she’s doing well.”

“It doesn’t matter how my elder sister treats me in the future either, or whether she still recognises me or not. None of that is important. As long as I have my elder sister in my heart, that’s enough.”

“Sister, no matter how you end up in the future, you’ll always be my sister. That’s something that can never, ever be changed.”

Jian Chen stood up. All of his dejection vanished. He finished off the remaining liquid in the flask and let out a great laugh before tossing the flask out of the window casually. Then he vanished silently.

“Ay! Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is throwing things around? It’s. .h.i.t my head! Are you sick of living- Hmm? T- this flask is actually a supreme quality saint artifact! Hahaha, this flask is mine!”

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