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Chapter 256: Heavenly Flower Sect

Watching the Xia clan drive off into the distance, the middle aged man shouted out to his men, “Let’s go into the city!”

The twenty men all strode on in past the guards. None of the city guards dared to stop them, as judging from the magical beasts, they knew these men were strong. So without any further obstructions, the group entered the city.

The man sitting on top of the Cla.s.s 3 Magical Beast led the group into the streets. Looking around him, he then turned to look at the group behind him, “Disciple Zhang!”

“Teacher!” Immediately, one of the men riding on a magical beast came up to where the middle aged man was and spoke up, “Teacher, what is needed of me?”

“Disciple Zhang, go and take a few people to see what happened to the Xia clan.” The man sitting on the Cla.s.s 3 Magical Beast spoke with a serious expression.

“Yes, teacher!” Without question, the disciple immediately called over a few men and rode off to find out some information.

“Let us wait a moment for disciple Zhang to return.” The man had his mount stop by the side of a street and spoke to the rest of his group.

“We follow teacher’s command!” The rest of the uniformed men spoke out.

Afterward, the dozen men and magical beasts all waited by the side of the street patiently. On the street, many pa.s.sersby turned their heads to look at their group with curiosity.

Quickly, the group of men who had rode off to find information came back. The one called disciple Zhang came up to the middle aged man and spoke out, “Teacher, we’ve came across some information! Less than an hour ago, the Xia clan arrived at Wake City and immediately rushed toward the Kai clan’s compound, but they soon left afterward.”

The middle aged man’s eyebrows furrowed together as he muttered, “Kai clan…so this is just what I expected.”

“Teacher, should we go to the Kai clan?” Disciple Zhang asked. Although he looked like a rough man in stature, he was very meticulous in his thoughts.

The middle aged man shook his head as he looked at the rest of the group, “Let’s go and find an inn to take residence in for now.”

“Teacher, are we really not going to the Kai clan then?” A voice called out in confusion from behind.

“The situation is quite different. Let’s first find an inn for now.” With this, the middle aged man rode away on his magical beast mount.

In a grand looking room with its doors closed shut, another middle aged man and two others around similar ages were all gathered together. One of them wore a blue uniform with his hair almost covering his face. Another was a heavily rugged man with a shaved head with his naked arms being revealed from his uniform.

“Teacher, what purpose have you called us here for?” The blue uniformed man asked.

“This Kai clan is quite complicated if even Liu Zheng was killed by them. It would appear the mission given to us by the sect leader will be quite difficult to accomplish.”

“Teacher, on the road, I heard plenty of information regarding this Jian Chen. Rumors say that he, alongside two fire attributed Earth Saint Masters, killed three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts . If he was able to fight with a Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast, then his strength is surely not weak. It seems to me that Liu Zheng from the Xia clan was most likely killed by Jian Chen. Within Wake City, only he would be able to kill a man of his strength.” The bald man said.

The one being called teacher nodded his head, “This mission given to us is quite difficult. Liu Zheng from the Xia clan isn’t too far away in terms of strength compared to me, so I didn’t think that he would die here. It appears that we will need to pay a visit to this mysterious expert named Jian Chen.”

“There’s no time to waste, teacher, we should go now!” One of the men quickly proposed.


Immediately, the three men exited the inn and rode on their expensive looking magical beast down the street toward the Kai clan.

Arriving at the doors to the Kai clan, the three men dismounted from their horse and immediately walked up to the guard standing there. Cupping his hands, one of the men spoke out respectfully, “Fellow brother, we are from the Tianhua Sect with an important matter to discuss with your clan leader. Would it be possible for us to enter?” The man didn’t dare sound arrogant, so his voice was very amicable sounding.

“That’s fine. Please wait here while I go notify the leader.” The guard didn’t hesitate at all before leaving to report back to the leader.

The three middle aged men waited patiently with calm expressions.

Within the Kai clan courtyards, Jian Chen, Kai Er, and the five Great Saint Masters were all currently discussing among themselves on what the next step should be to deal with the Xia clan. Although they weren’t sure if the Xia clan was willing to go to war over the man’s death, they still had to make sure preparations were in place so they wouldn’t be caught unprepared.

At this moment, a guard swiftly entered and spoke up, “My lord, there are three men from the Tianhua Sect that wish to meet with the clan leader.”

“What, the Tianhua Sect?!” Hearing this, Kai Er was startled. Immediately he turned to the guard and asked him, “Were there truly only three men?”

“Yes my lord, there were only three men.” The guard replied respectfully.

Seeing Kai Er’s reaction, Jian Chen narrowed his eyes and asked, “Kai Er, who are the Tianhua Sect and just how strong are they?”

“Captain, the Tianhua Sect is a sect located two thousand kilometers away from Wake City on a mountain. I’m not too sure of their exact strength, but they are not any weaker than the Xia clan, in fact, they are actually far stronger.” Kai Er said seriously.

Jian Chen could begin to feel a sharp headache coming as he muttered, “The temptation of Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores is truly great. I didn’t think that an even more powerful faction than the Xia clan would appear straight afterward.”

“Captain, this Tianhua Sect clearly wants the Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core. It’s up to you to decide, do we handle this matter the same way we dealt with the Xia clan?” Mo Tian asked.

Jian Chen shook his head slowly, “Let’s see first before we act. Although I’m not afraid of them, I have to do my best to avoid the trouble that offending a powerful group would bring to our brothers.”

Soon after, Jian Chen brought Duo Kang and the rest of the Great Saint Masters to the front gates. From a distance, Jian Chen could see the three uniformed middle aged men standing there. One of them was a Peak Great Saint Master and the other two were Middle Great Saint Masters.

“This one is called Jian Chen, what matters might the Tianhua Sect have?” Jian Chen cupped his hands respectfully.

When the three men looked at Jian Chen, each one of them were extremely surprised. Immediately, the person up front cupped his hands together, “So you are sire Jian Chen. Sure enough, the rumors saying that you are quite the handsome youth are true. Us three are from the Tianhua Sect. I am Qing Yun, and these two are my disciples.”

“Qing Shan!”

“Qing Mu!”

The two men standing right next to him cupped their hands together.

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