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Chapter 230: Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast

The invitation of Wake City’s lord was something that Jian Chen couldn’t reject. Plus, he still had something important that the lord Yun Li could help with.

“Commander Duo Li, please wait for me to finish up my affairs here before we go.” Jian Chen cupped his hands in return. Right now, he hadn’t tidied up the positions and tasks for the members, and if he didn’t take care of this, then many people would be disatisfied which was something Jian Chen wanted to avoid.

“That’s fine. Since I’ve said what I needed to say, I will be leaving first then.” Commander Duo Li looked at Jian Chen for a moment before looking at the men behind him. Then, without any further words, he left the Mercenary Union.

After Commander Duo Li left, Jian Chen too left the Mercenary Union with the group behind him. Since the Mercenary Union often had many people entering the building at once, it wasn’t strange to see twenty or thirty men at the same time. So when Jian Chen left with his group of forty, it hadn’t attracted any attention.

“Kai Er!” As they walked, Jian Chen suddenly called out his name.

“Here, captain. What is your command?” The sixty year old Kai Er hurriedly responded. After seeing Jian Chen’s strength, he didn’t dare belittle him.

After ten years when Kai Er was first a small time mercenary to the man he was now, he had experienced many things so he knew that if one had the patronage of a strong supporter, they would be stronger than a man without one. Plus, if this supporter was strong enough, then he would become stronger as well so that no one would dare to offend him.

While Jian Chen was around twenty years old, he had somehow managed to make it to such a high level of strength. Based on this fact alone, Kai Er had naturally a.s.sumed that Jian Chen had a strong patron supporting him. Even if he had no patron and was simply a genius of cultivation, Kai Er would be willing enough to follow him for that method. Even the other elders and masters of the Weiss clan had come to a similar conclusion. So these two elders had readily agreed to follow Jian Chen because if he continued to walk this path of success, then sooner or later they would stand at the top of the continent as well.

This moment was also precisely their chance to reach the top in the future. If they waited until Jian Chen’s name stood at the top of the continent, it would be impossible for them to do so by then, even if they wanted to.

“Why don’t you take everyone to the Kai clan to reside there for a moment while I go to the lord’s mansion. We’ll take care of the matters then.” Jian Chen said.

“Yes, captain!” Kai Er answered respectfully.

“Weiss, you return to your clan as well. In the future, you and Kai Er should focus on your merchanting business and work together so that you can control all of Wake City’s business.”

“En, don’t worry captain. Our Kai and Dohre clan may have been weaker than the Tianxiong clan even if we join together. But now that the Zhou clan and Tianxiong clan are destroyed, their political power is all but gone. We can seize this chance and fight for the power they left behind and slowly gain control of all of Wake City. However, in this time period, we will need to have a good amount of martial power as well since many of the powers in Wake City aren’t easily bullied. In the case they all join forces, then our Kai and Dohre clans will not be enough to be their opponents.” Weiss said.

Jian Chen nodded his head in approval before saying, “Let’s not worry about this too much. Right now Wake City is on the verge of being invaded by magical beasts, when it’s over let us talk about it then.”

After giving some instructions to the Flame Mercenaries members, Jian Chen immediately left for the city lord’s mansion.

After Jian Chen had reached the city lord’s mansion, the guards at the gates blocked his path before asking politely, “Are you sire Jian Chen?”

“Correct, that is me!” Jian Chen eyed the guard calmly.

“Sire Jian Chen, please wait one moment, I’ll go notify the lord.” Immediately after confirming Jian Chen’s ident.i.ty, the guard ran into the mansion.

Seeing the man disappear into the mansion, Jian Chen wasn’t impatient at all. Instead, he began to wait by the doors. Not after long, the expensively dressed Yun Li suddenly came walking out from within.

“Ah, brother Jian Chen, why are you standing outside the gates? Ai, how inconsiderate of my guard, please, come in and sit down. Yun Li had a cordial smile on his face as he approached Jian Chen.

Smiling in return, Jian Chen followed Yun Li into the guest room where they began to talk.

Within the peaceful room, Yun Li and Jian Chen were about to sit down when Jian Chen asked, “What might the city lord want to talk about with me?”

“Ai!” Yun Li suddenly sighed as the smile disappeared from his face and took on an extremely solemn expression.

“Brother Jian Chen, after your appearance, our Wake City has lost quite a large amount of strength. Right now with the impending magical beast invasion, the pressure is quite more than before.” Yun Li had a bitter look on his face as if he was worried.

Jian Chen smiled after listening to Yun Li, “Lord, if you would answer this question, was there ever any appearances of any Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts in the past waves?”

Yun Li’s face grew even more serious as he thought about Jian Chen’s question. “Yes, the Magical Beast waves seem to occur every dozen to twenty years. And according to the past records, from the foundation of Wake City, there has been over twenty waves. Furthermore, there have been five recorded incidences with a Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast. With each of these occasions, our Wake City had major losses and paid a heavy price to kill them. With the final occurrence, we had managed to contact a King City where they dispatched an Earth Saint Master to come and deal with it. So that time, there wasn’t much damage to our Wake City.”

“Oh, when you say it like that, the odds of a Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast attacking isn’t very high.” Jian Chen muttered with a confident smile.”Lord Yun Li, you needn’t worry. I, Jian Chen, will use my entire strength to protect Wake City from the magical beast wave. As long as there aren’t any Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts, there won’t be any problems. Even though we have lost Tianxiong Lie and three other Great Saint master experts, this one will be able to fully make up for it without being inferior in anyway.”

“Haha, with these words from you, brother Jian Chen, then I will definitely be at ease. I believe that Jian Chen isn’t one who speaks before he acts.” Yun Li’s tightly knit eyebrows slowly loosened as he listened to Jian Chen. Although he had never seen Jian Chen’s strength for himself, he was still painfully aware of how strong he was if he could singlehandedly destroy the Zhou clan and Tianxiong clan.

“My lord, something major has happened!”

Suddenly the cries of a panicked person could be heard from outside the room. Shortly afterward, the closed doors to the room had been thrown open as a heavily b.l.o.o.d.y soldier suddenly came running in.

“My lord, something terrible has happened! The small squadron we sent into the Magical Beast Forest on a scouting mission suddenly came across a Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast! Everyone aside from me was killed by the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast!” The soldier shouted with a labored breath as he tried to convey his words coherently.

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