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Chapter 2071: Protected by the World (One)

The sword Qi shone resplendently like a bolt of lightning at night, illuminating the entire sky. It shot out with the violence of Chaotic Force and the sharpness of the Laws of the Sword, arriving before the late G.o.dking in a single instance.

It was fast, simply too fast. The sword Qi from Jian Chen's supreme quality saint artifact was so powerful that it was far beyond the level of early G.o.dking. In fact, it was enough to threaten the lives of late G.o.dkings.

The eyes of the late G.o.dking that this attack targeted narrowed. He became extremely grim at that moment. Not only was the sword Qi astonishingly fast, but it had also locked onto his presence as well, making it impossible for him to dodge. He could only take it on forcefully.

At that critical moment, the G.o.dking suddenly bellowed out, and the power of the Laws of Fire condensed. Flames surged around him as he became surrounded by a flaming ring, which then turned into a huge fire dragon that soared in the air, giving off great power as it struck out.

Immediately, the sky was dyed red. It mingled with the white light from Jian Chen's sword Qi, dyeing the surroundings with bright colors. The temperature in the surroundings rapidly rose as the sand and stone on the ground melted into lava.


The fire dragon and the sword Qi collided, producing a deafening sound. Both of the attacks dispersed in the air, and Jian Chen's sword Qi was directly engulfed by fire.

If it were a battle of only laws, Jian Chen would naturally be on the losing side. After all, he had only reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit recently, which was equivalent to early G.o.dking. Even if the Laws of the Sword was known as a law that possessed the greatest offensive power, it was still unable to make up for the difference and match the Laws of Fire from a late G.o.dking.

However, his sword Qi did not only contain the power of the Laws of the Sword. There was Chaotic Force as well.

After the sword Qi collapsed, the Chaotic Force within it continued onwards like an arrow. It did not slow down at all. It directly pa.s.sed through the sky of fire and pierced through the forehead of the late G.o.dking as a black streak of light with lightning speed, wiping out his soul.

All the other G.o.dkings gathered in the surroundings became extremely shocked when they witnessed this. Afterwards, their gazes towards Jian Chen underwent an overwhelming change.

At that moment, no one dared to underestimate Jian Chen anymore after he displayed his astonishing strength. Many people looked at him in deep angst, and they even showed some fear.

An early G.o.dking had actually slain a late G.o.dking so easily. Everyone was both surprised by and feared this battle prowess.

Killing a late G.o.dking was already something commonplace to Jian Chen. He did not even glance at the dead G.o.dking again. Instead, he looked at the sword in his hand. Although it was not perfect, it was enough for him for now.

“My strength has indeed increased significantly with a supreme quality saint artifact. It'll be even easier for me to deal with those regular late G.o.dkings,” Jian Chen murmured in some delight. Although he had killed late G.o.dkings before, only he knew that killing them was definitely not as easy as right now.

The anger of the young man who had lost both his right hand and supreme quality saint artifact to Jian Chen completely fizzled out. He did not dare to show any of his anger at all. Forcefully enduring the pain from his arm, he said in fear, “Since you sir has taken a favor for the sword, then it'll be yours.” The young man also felt quite fortunate inside. He knew that if it were not for the fact that Jian Chen took a liking towards his supreme quality saint artifact, he probably would have ended up the same as the other person.

On the other side, Kai Ya's battle ended very quickly as well. She had also fought mercilessly, striking out decisively and viciously. Neither of the two late G.o.dkings who attacked her was alive anymore, having both been slain.

Kai Ya did not possess a powerful energy or body like Jian Chen, but her usage of laws had reached a level of perfection already. It was the same laws, yet in her hands, they were able to demonstrate extremely shocking might. Just that alone made her strength equal to Jian Chen's.

In the blink of an eye, three of the four G.o.dkings had died. The supreme strength Kai Ya and Jian Chen had displayed prevented the surrounding G.o.dkings from acting recklessly. However, they did not leave either, remaining where they were uneasily.

Heavily injured and extremely weak, Zi Yun's eyes were wide open as she watched on in disbelief. Her shock had already peaked.

“Let's kill all these people. They all wanted to kill us.” At this moment, Kai Ya appeared before Jian Chen. She looked around coldly and emotionlessly said these words as she gave off a faint, cold presence. There was a sense of pride that could not be offended within the coldness as well.

Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya deeply as a sliver of worry flashed through his eyes. After Kai Ya had become a G.o.dking, she had changed just too drastically. He struggled to see the Kai Ya from the Tian Yuan Continent on her anymore.

“Although they wanted to kill us, they did not move against us in the end. Kai Ya, it's better if we don't kill them all,” Jian Chen said to Kai Ya. Just when he wanted to persuade them to leave, his face suddenly changed slightly, and he looked into the distance. He became stern, “There are a lot of G.o.dkings heading our way. We can't stay here. Kai Ya, take Zi Yun, and I'll take Xiao Man. Let's leave here as soon as possible.”

Kai Ya did not move. She looked at Jian Chen and asked, “They're total strangers. Why do you want to save them?”

Jian Chen was surprised and said, “That's not important right now. Let's talk after we take them to safety.”

“In a world where the strong prey on the weak, only those who are suitable will survive. The situation they're in happens constantly throughout the world. There must be a reason why you're saving them,” Kai Ya said seriously. She stood there with no intention of saving them.

“Back on the spatial battleship, I saw Xiao Ling's shadow on Xiao Man. Is that enough of a reason?” Jian Chen responded.

Kai Ya nodded slightly and did not keep speaking. She turned around and arrived beside Zi Yun, picking her up and leaving. Suddenly, she became startled when she saw Xiao Man. Then she looked at the world around her. She seemed confused.

This was because she felt a strange feeling that Xiao Man seemed to be connected with the world of the Neptunean Divine Palace at that moment.

Jian Chen arrived before Xiao Man with a flash. Just when he reached for Xiao Man, he was suddenly plunged into utter darkness. Not only was he unable to see through it with his vision as a G.o.dking, but even the senses of his soul was affected.

“Laws of Darkness!” Jian Chen's eyes turned cold. He knew that the G.o.dkings around would not let him leave so easily.

At the same time, an intense feeling of danger sprang up in Jian Chen's heart. He experienced an intense piercing pain on his forehead.

A three inch long black spike was hidden in the darkness. It had basically become a part of the s.p.a.ce there, stabbing towards Jian Chen's forehead with lightning speed.

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