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Chapter 2070: Taking a Saint Artifact

“Who said we came for the legacy?” Jian Chen's expression was strange as he stared at Zi Yun with an odd smile. He said without caring too much, “A Chaotic Prime's legacy is indeed enough for many G.o.dkings to go insane and shed blood over, but it's pretty much useless to me.”

Indeed. Jian Chen cultivated the Chaotic Body, and he had made quite impressive progress with it, so he could no longer switch to another cultivation method. As a result, even a Grand Prime's legacy would struggle to interest him, let alone a Chaotic Prime's legacy.

Perhaps, a Chaotic Prime's legacy was not even as great as some five-colored divine crystals to him now.

When the G.o.dkings heard Jian Chen's words, the light in their eyes immediately flickered. Their gazes towards Jian Chen became surprised and doubtful as they tried to make certain connections to certain things. Various thoughts crossed their minds.

An early G.o.dking was not even interested in a Chaotic Prime's legacy. What could that mean?

It meant that he either possessed a great background or his cultivation method was so extraordinary that he could ignore a Chaotic Prime's legacy. Of course, it was possible that he was just lying.

The G.o.dkings could not help but carefully study Jian Chen after they heard his words, but they sneered very soon. The believed that Jian Chen was just lying in front of them, trying to pose as a disciple from a large sect or organisation so that he could strike fear into their hearts or even take away the legacy before them.

However, all disciples of large sects or organisations would have many guards around them. Jian Chen and Kai Ya clearly did not possess that, so the G.o.dkings ruled out that possibility very soon.

A sliver of surprise flashed through Zi Yun's eyes as well as she looked at Jian Chen with some shock. However, she became gloomy once again and said to the G.o.dkings around her, “I can give you my legacy. and I am willing to leave with you. I only have one condition and that is for you to not touch a single hair on my younger sister.” Afterwards, Zi Yun looked at Jian Chen and basically pleaded, “Savior, I, Zi Yun, beg you to leave here with my younger sister. If I somehow manage to survive, I am willing to do anything for you.”

“Hmph.” A person among the G.o.dking snorted coldly after what Zi Yun had said, “We can leave your sister alone, but don't you think that those two can leave here with your sister because they won't have that opportunity anymore.” With that, four G.o.dkings struck out at the same time. They swung out with their swords. and multi-colored, resplendent sword Qi shot towards Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

They had already reached an agreement to not let Jian Chen and Kai Ya leave, or once they leaked this information, it would cause great trouble for them. They might even lose the Chaotic Prime's legacy as a result.

Zi Yun closed her eyes painfully in response to the attacks of the four G.o.dkings. Originally, she saw a sliver of hope for Xiao Man to survive with Jian Chen's appearance, hoping that he could leave with her. After all, she did trust Jian Chen more than the G.o.dkings before her.

However, now that the four late G.o.dkings all tried to kill Jian Chen and Kai Ya, Zi Yun became filled with despair. She did not believe that two early G.o.dkings could withstand the attacks of four late G.o.dkings.

“Protect your sister. She won't be able to endure the shockwaves from battles between G.o.dkings,” at this moment, Jian Chen's voice rang out in Zi Yun's head. It was calm and composed, completely unfl.u.s.tered.

Jian Chen's calmness was clearly completely different from what Zi Yun was imagining. She subconsciously opened her eyes and just happened to see something shocking. Her eyes widened dramatically.

A golden strand of sword Qi shot out from Jian Chen's hand, shining with resplendent light that illuminated the dark world golden. It collided with a strand of sword Qi condensed from the power of the Laws of Fire, and with a great rumble, the golden sword Qi shattered the sword Qi composed of the Laws of Fire, reducing it into a fiery explosion in the air.

The golden sword Qi did not slow down at all, piercing through the darkness as a golden streak and punching through the body of a late G.o.dking before disappearing into the horizon.

“Argh!” The G.o.dking who sent out the fire-red sword Qi cried out miserably as he stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. His heart churned.

Only when he truly faced the golden sword Qi did he understand its terror. With his cultivation as a late G.o.dking, he was actually unable to endure it at all. He felt a fatal threat.

“T- this isn't the strength an early G.o.dking should possess,” the G.o.dking cried out inside as he rapidly retreated.

At the same time, Jian Chen punched out with Chaotic Force and dispersed the other strand of sword Qi as well. Then he lunged forward, arriving before the other G.o.dking who had attacked him in a single step. Chaotic Force filled his left hand as he gripped the supreme quality saint artifact sword tightly. The sharp edge was unable to cut through his hand.

The G.o.dking was a young man in green clothes with an ordinary appearance. When he saw Jian Chen grab his sword without suffering injuries, his eyes immediately narrowed as he showed a sliver of shock. Immediately, he wanted to draw back his hand, but he discovered that Jian Chen's hand was like a powerful clamp, locking the sword in place tightly. He could not break free.

“After looking for so long and seeing so many supreme quality saint artifact swords, I've finally found one that satisfies me somewhat. I'm taking your sword,” Jian Chen said with some delight as he gripped the young man's supreme quality saint artifact. He used his right hand like a blade, and with a sudden swing, he slashed it towards the young man's hand.

The young man's face was shocked. and a high quality saint artifact armor appeared, completely covering his right hand. At the same time, he swung his left hand with all the strength he could muster towards Jian Chen's chop in an attempt to stop him.

Bang! With a heavy thud, the young man felt like Jian Chen's hand was as tough as a G.o.d artifact, where it was completely unstoppable. Not only did his left hand completely fail to stop Jian Chen, but his hand had even almost shattered from the force.

Crack! Jian Chen's chop fell and landed on the young man's hand with unbelievable weight. The armor that protected his hand directly shattered from Jian Chen's strike and his entire hand was ripped off.

The young man grunted in pain as he stared at his right arm that spurted with blood. He was utterly shocked inside. Was this person really an early G.o.dking? He had such a tough body and such impossible battle prowess.

Jian Chen studied the supreme quality saint artifact in his hand and murmured, “Although it's not fantastic, I'll have to make do. I'll change it when I find one that's even more suitable.” As he said that, Jian Chen poured his Chaotic Force into the sword and removed the imprint the young man had left in the sword effortlessly.

The sword had already become bound to the young man's soul, so when the imprint was destroyed, the young man became heavily injured. He vomited blood before staring at Jian Chen in utter fear.

Jian Chen's presence underwent an overwhelming change as he clutched the sword. An extremely sharp sword Qi radiated from him, plunging right into the sky. It seemed to form an illusionary sword stabbed into the ground as if he was a G.o.d of the sword.

The G.o.dkings in the surroundings who had not taken part yet all stared at Jian Chen, and their faces changed drastically. At that moment, they felt like Jian Chen was an ancient beast that had awakened from its slumber. He had become even more terrifying.

Jian Chen hovered in the air with his sword as his hair fluttered without any wind. He stared coldly at the young man and said, “I'll spare you because of this sword.” With that, Jian Chen's sword suddenly shone with a resplendent glow as bright as the sun as he swung the sword towards the other G.o.dking that had attacked him.  

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