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Chapter 1940: The Heavenly Yin Body and Innate Body of Ways

"The problem won't be solved even if you keep worrying like this. Why don't you calm down instead and use this time to cultivate properly so that you can increase your strength as much as possible? After all, even if you return to the southern region with your current strength, you won't be of much help. Once a slightly more powerful G.o.dking targets the people beside you, you'll be completely useless," said fairy Hao Yue in concern.

Even though she was a Primordial realm expert, she did not act haughty before Jian Chen at all.

"Don't you have the G.o.dking level plant cores and monster cores on you? I can refine away the poison in there. If you absorb the energy from them, they should be able to increase your strength by quite a lot."

Naturally, Jian Chen did not hesitate at all. He immediately took out the G.o.dking level plant cores and monster cores from his s.p.a.ce Ring, pa.s.sing them all to fairy Hao Yue.

"These two s.p.a.ce Rings came from that little wh.o.r.e. Now that she's a hostage, these items belong to you," fairy Hao Yue pa.s.sed two s.p.a.ce Rings to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen glanced past the two s.p.a.ce Ring. In the end, he only took one of them and said, "This one belonged to the G.o.dking I killed, so it's my spoils from that battle. Yaxi Lian's s.p.a.ce Ring should go to you. You should be in greater need of wealth to recover your cultivation."

Fairy Hao Yue smiled, "The plane where the Moon G.o.d Hall is located is extremely distant from the Cloud Plane. I basically have to cross most of the Saints' World to get there. It's impossible to cover all the divine crystals I need for this journey with the measly wealth of a G.o.dking, so you should keep this s.p.a.ce Ring instead. A G.o.dking's wealth is nothing to me."

"Moreover, do you really think that I've come to the Xuandao Empire to play? I've come here only because of sister Tian Shuang's request. I am helping her deal with one of their enemies. Once the matter has been completed, they will give me enough five-colored divine crystals." Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen deeply after reaching there before saying, "So I'll be leaving the Cloud Plane soon."

"The enemy should be very powerful, right? Seeing how even the Xuandao Empire can't deal with them," Jian Chen asked.

Fairy Hao Yue did not give him a direct answer, "Peak Infinite Primes aren't really weak. Even though there's more than one Primordial realm expert in the Xuandao Empire, dealing with an enemy like that will result in great losses or even unendurable prices."

Afterwards, fairy Hao Yue stood up and made her way out. She said at the same time, "I'll go refine the poison in the cores. You shouldn't spend every day in the imperial palace. This is the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire. It's extremely busy and many items that are rare in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian are extremely common here. Go out and have a look. You might benefit unknowingly."

Right when she left the hall, fairy Hao Yue seemed to think of something. She stopped and turned around to speak in a playful tone, "Oh right, do you remember those two princesses from last time? Their const.i.tutions are extremely special. One of them possesses the rare Heavenly Yin Body, while the other possesses the Innate Body of Ways. If they successfully mature, their futures will be unlimited. If you can cultivate with them, you'll also benefit greatly, where your cultivation will skyrocket. Why don't you think about it?"

"If you agree, I can be the matchmaker and request the emperor to engage them to you."

Jian Chen smiled bitterly, "Fairy Hao Yue, you can't mess around with this. I don't have any of those intentions towards those two princesses at all. Even though their const.i.tutions are special, I don't necessarily have to rely on them to reach the peak of my cultivation path."

Fairy Hao Yue blinked and smiled, "Think over it carefully. No ordinary people can tell their const.i.tution. Even my sister Tian Shuang hasn't sensed it. If you go for it now, there'll be a very large chance of success. I can persuade the emperor."

"If you keep tarrying and a Chaotic Prime discovers how special those two sisters are, you'll be out of luck."

With that, fairy Hao Yue disappeared outside the hall.

Jian Chen was left speechless in the luxurious hall. He casually rummaged through Yaxi Lian and the G.o.dking from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds' s.p.a.ce Rings, and his eyes immediately lit up. After hesitating slightly, he left the imperial palace with the two s.p.a.ce Rings.

Fairy Hao Yue was right. If he continued to worry like this, it was useless as long as the northern region remained sealed. He could use this time to do something useful instead.

"As my strength increases, the Startling Rainbow sword is slowly becoming not enough. If I can find a supreme quality saint artifact that suits me, it would be time to switch over. Also, the Tian Yuan clan should soon gain even more OverG.o.ds, so I should prepare some high quality saint artifacts beforehand."

"Supreme quality saint artifacts are basically non-existent in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, and high quality saint artifacts are extremely rare, so there's not much room for choice. The imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire should have much more high quality saint artifacts, so I can buy some beforehand and leave them in the clan. There should also be supreme quality saint artifacts for sale."

With that in mind, Jian Chen left the imperial palace. He strolled through the imperial capital all by himself.

He held a map in his hand that recorded all the stores in the city. There were clear explanations beside each store, clearly indicating what kind of items they sell, which organisation they belonged to, and so on.

Naturally, Jian Chen knew that the imperial capital was holding a martial compet.i.tion, but he had no interest in that. Holding the map he had obtained from an old man who he did not know in the imperial palace, he made up his mind about a place and quickly hurried over there.

Jian Chen searched through several stores on that day. He spent extremely extravagantly, buying over a dozen high quality saint artifacts and three supreme quality saint artifacts. He had spent an astronomical amount of divine crystals.

In just that day, Jian Chen had spent more divine crystals than he had managed to obtain himself during his entire time in the Saints' World.

After all, these were s.p.a.ce Rings two G.o.dkings had owned. It was impossible for OverG.o.ds to rival the wealth of G.o.dkings. In particular, Yaxi Lian's s.p.a.ce Ring contained so much wealth that it left Jian Chen tongue-tied.

Buying all the saint artifacts had only cost him the wealth from the OverG.o.ds he had slain on the battlefield and the wealth from the G.o.dking of the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds who had ambushed him.

Jian Chen had yet to touch anything in Yaxi Lian's s.p.a.ce Ring.

In reality, the wealth in Yaxi Lian's s.p.a.ce Ring was over ten times more than all the divine crystals he had spent today. Just the supreme grade divine crystals had reached over a hundred blocks.

In his eyes, Yaxi Lian had already become no different from a dead person. Killing her would only take a single thought from him.

Her s.p.a.ce Ring had naturally become the spoils of the battle as well. As a result, Jian Chen felt that it was his right to use these s.p.a.ce Rings. He did not find it inappropriate in the slightest.

Next, Jian Chen went to the pill stores after buying the saint artifacts. He purchased a large number of pills that were suitable for all levels of cultivation. He had even bought out all the Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills from all the stores in the nearby streets.

Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills were extremely rare in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. They were so expensive that almost no one could afford them. However, in the imperial capital, they were common items. They could be found everywhere, and they were sold for an extremely cheap price.

Moreover, Jian Chen spent over a dozen supreme quality divine crystals to purchase two G.o.dking level formations, one for attack and one for defence. He wanted to use them to protect the Tian Yuan clan.

Even though they only possessed the might of early G.o.dkings, they would be extremely powerful formations in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Moreover, he had bought them in the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire. If it were the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian instead, he probably could not purchase any of them no matter how many divine crystals he had.

Jian Chen's great spendings naturally attracted the attention of quite a few people. However, this was the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire, so all the people who were able to come here were far more knowledgeable and experienced than the people of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. As a result, they were only surprised by the number of Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills Jian Chen had bought. They did not pay any attention to the divine crystals on him.

After all, many experts from various large organisations had gathered in the imperial capital due to the martial compet.i.tion. Some of them would not seem special at all, but they would actually be hidden experts.

Naturally, a few people who could not see through Jian Chen's cultivation believed that he was someone like that.

However, pills with heavy side-effects like the Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pill never had high sales volumes in the imperial capital. Very few people would consume them. Yet, someone had suddenly decided to splurge out on them, buying out all of them in the pill stores across several streets. Naturally, this matter confused and intrigued many people.

As a result, the news that someone was buying G.o.d Origin Pills in large quant.i.ties silently spread. Naturally, the pill stores that Jian Chen visited were utterly delighted, as believed they had made huge profits.

The pill stores that Jian Chen did not visit all became green with envy. They had even sent people to go find the mysterious person who bought so many Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills.

"Someone has actually purchased so many Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. The side-effects of the pills are so great that many people can't even ingest a single one. Isn't this person just insane by buying so many all at once? Sister Xing'er, do you think this person is crazy? Surely he's not thinking of increasing his cultivation by ingesting so many Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills, right?" On a busy street in the imperial capital, the two princesses, Xing'er and Lan'er, strolled around. Several guards in simple attires stood beside them.

Xing'er's beautiful eyes also widened when she heard Lan'er's words, and she said, "Sister Lan'er, I heard that some magical beasts with powerful bodies can ignore the side-effects of the Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. Do you think the person who bought all the pills is a magical beast in human form? Hahaha, even if he's a magical beast, there's no need to buy so many of these pills. It's literally only something that someone who is dumb but has a lot of wealth can do. I think this person is definitely a huge idiot."

"Haha, I love making fun of these dumb idiots. I often tease father's mount until I drive it insane. It's hilarious when I think of it. I really do want to see what kind of magical beast he is, having bought so many Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. If it's appropriate, taming him into a mount isn't a bad idea."

Lan'er immediately became furious after that, "Hmph, only if you hadn't said that, sister Xing'er. As soon as you mention a tough body, I think of that horrible person. He also has a tough body, where our full-powered attacks failed to harm him at all."

"Oh my G.o.d. Sister Lan'er, why did you have to bring that up? Why did you have to mention that person for no good reason? I'm fuming too when I think of him," Xing'er ground her teeth as she showed much resentment.

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