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“Sire, could it be that you are after my two Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores as well?” Jian Chen’s voice loudly echoed through the plains.

“Heh, while a Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core is truly precious, I have no interest in it. Wu Yun, I desire your battle skill; give it to me, and I won’t trouble you anymore.” The elder called back to him from behind, his voice was loud and clear.

In just the time it took to take two deep breaths, the elderly man, who was 5 kilometers behind Jian Chen, was now 4 kilometers behind him.

Seeing the elder’s terrifyingly fast speed, Jian Chen’s face grew serious as he threw away his hesitation. He leapt off of his mount and began to run. Although this would use his Saint Force even faster, riding a magical beast was much slower than running. If he were to continue to ride the magical beast, then this elder would catch up to him eventually.

Jian Chen continued to run at full speed despite feeling the intense burn of the wound on his back from earlier. As his heart twinged in pain, his muscles also throbbed, causing his face to grow even paler. On his forehead, droplets of sweat began to form.

If it were just a simple slash on his back, Jian Chen wouldn’t feel so anguished. However now that his body was moving so violently, the wound on his back was constantly being forced to tear and stretch, causing wave after wave of pain to test his nerves.

Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel the pain from his back wounds as he ran forward as fast as possible. Although he hadn’t fought with this elder yet, he had a feeling that this man would be unprecedentedly dangerous.

The elder behind him was undoubtedly strong beyond belief.

Seeing Jian Chen run even faster, the elder chasing him couldn’t help but sneer, “Wu Yun, you are only wasting your energy, you cannot escape me.” With that, the elder began to speed up as well and flew closer to Jian Chen.

Four kilometers….

Three kilometers….

Two kilometers….

The elder was unbelievably fast. In a short moment, he had shortened the distance from five kilometers to a single kilometer. Even with Jian Chen going as fast as he could, this was not enough to throw off the elder.

With so much Saint Force being used to aid his escape, he was already at a critically low level. Finally, the elder was less than 500 meters away from him; in the end, Jian Chen could only stop and turn around to confront the elder.

Seeing Jian Chen stop, the elder slowed down his pace as well, before stopping 20 meters away. His face still had a kind smile, but his eyes were full of a curious yet surprised color as he looked at Jian Chen.

“Ah, Wu Yun probably isn’t your real name, but that is of no importance to me. However, being able to kill 30 Great Saint Masters with only the strength of a Peak Saint Master really astonished me.” The elder’s face had a small smile on it.

Hearing the elder’s kind voice, Jian Chen’s brows furrowed. The sound of his voice was vaguely familiar, but he had no idea where he had heard it from.

Then, a moment of realization flashed within Jian Chen’s mind as he suddenly recalled a person. He said in a low voice, “Elder, if my guess is correct, you are from the Harido clan in Loess City.” Jian Chen had a deep impression of the Harido clan, as they were one of the top 10 clans that had appeared within the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. The Harido clan was the clan that had purchased the first Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast body without being contested for it. In the end, the Harido clan had only spent 10,000 purple coins for a single magical beast body.

From that moment, Jian Chen knew clearly that the Harido clan had a terrifying amount of power. At the very least, even the clans far away from the Harido clan were afraid of the hegemon that was the Harido clan.

The elder nodded his head, “That’s correct, this old man is a part of the Harido clan. Wu Yun, I only desire the battle skill you have; the two Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores, I care not for.”

Seeing Jian Chen’s eyes flash, the elder snorted and continued, “Wu Yun, you should hand over the battle skill. This old man won’t be as easy to deal with as those Great Saint Masters. Against an Earth Saint Master, you have no hope of escaping from me with your Peak Saint Master strength.”

“Earth Saint Master!” Hearing this, Jian Chen gasped. Although he had guessed the elder’s strength to be at the Earth Saint Master earlier, that had only been a guess. Now that the elder personally verified it, he could now state this to be a fact. This elder in front of him was truly an Earth Saint Master.

Sucking in another breath, Jian Chen quickly calmed himself, “Senior, if I don’t have a battle skill, would you believe me?”

The elder’s smile suddenly froze as his eyes grew cold and a small amount of killing intent leaked out, “Wu Yun, my patience has a limit. I don’t have long to squabble with you, so hurry up and hand over the battle skill. Otherwise, I will force it out of you.” With this, the elder’s voice paused momentarily as a small sneer took control of his facial features, “If you really don’t have a battle skill on you, that makes no difference to me, you will come back with me to the Harido clan and write it down for me. You will also write about how you can control your Saint Weapon to fly in midair.”

Hearing the elder, Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat. There was no margin of leeway here; unless he handed over a battle skill, this Earth Saint Master elder would not let him leave this area. As it was now, only a fight to the death would be the best way of escaping this place with his life.

Jian Chen’s heart knew that even if this elder wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t dare try to do so before obtaining the battle skill. This made Jian Chen feel truly helpless; he didn’t have a battle skill at all; the others had only mistaken his Law of Ziqing to be a battle skill.

Having reached a decision, Jian Chen didn’t hesitate any longer. His legs abruptly pushed off the ground, quickly sending his body flying backwards.

Recognizing Jian Chen’s actions, the elder had a face of disdain on it as he too, simultaneously flew toward Jian Chen’s direction, with both of his hands stretching out toward Jian Chen’s neck.

The Light Wind Sword instantly appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. Against this Earth Saint Master, Jian Chen couldn’t hold back. He would have to use his hidden trump card–the Spirit Sword.

The Light Wind Sword became a silver flash of lightning. An ear piercing shriek split through the air as it pierced towards the Earth Saint Master.

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