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Chapter 1921: Battle Between G.o.dkings

The talisman was simply too powerful, having exceeded OverG.o.d and reached G.o.dking. It was equivalent to a strike from a G.o.dking, which was quite terrifying to OverG.o.ds.

Even though Jian Chen's Chaotic Body had reached the eleventh layer, he would still become heavily injured from such a great attack if he was caught off guard.

The golden sword Qi collided with Sheng Luo's black hole at the same time. The two of them were actually equally matched, and they dispersed together.

However, in the next moment, a shockwave from the talisman tore through the surroundings. It destroyed any residual power from the sword Qi and the black hole, sweeping out as a visible wave. All the OverG.o.ds who encountered it were blown away.

Sheng Luo's expression changed as well. Demonic aura shrouded his body along with the Laws of Devouring. He retreated with lightning speed. However, even with that being the case, the shockwave still blew him away, reducing him to quite a horrible condition.

All the G.o.dkings on the walls witnessed this. Anger filled the Grand Imperial Protector's face, and he yelled at the people from the Earth Spirit sect, "Earth Spirit sect, you are despicable. In such an important situation, you would actually turn against the people on your side. You'd even go as far as to use a G.o.dking level talisman. Do you want to kill Jian Chen?"

The three elders of the Earth Spirit sect remained indifferent. Elder Mu said with a gruff voice, "Please do not blame us, Imperial Protector. This has nothing to do with us. It's all the traitorous disciple's own doing. We will definitely punish her heavily for this."

"All her own doing? Haha, great. All her own doing. With just that, you've shifted all the blame to your disciple." An elder from the Daoist Sect of Calm Cloud sneered, "Even if you search through the entire Earth Spirit sect, you probably won't be able to find many talismans at that level. Do you think this female disciple would be bold enough to use such a precious talisman to kill a supreme OverG.o.d of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian without your permission? Moreover, the talisman is so precious that it's impossible for a regular protector to possess it."

"Since your Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds believes we are behind all of this, I hope you can provide evidence. If you can't, you're just spewing lies and tainting our name," an elder from the Earth Spirit sect rebuked as his gaze remained fixed in the direction where the talisman had exploded.

"Earth Spirit sect, you've indeed gone too far this time. The talisman has injured quite a few of our people," said another G.o.dking. His face was sunken and very ugly, while his gaze towards the three elders of the Earth Spirit sect was extremely hostile.

He was the elder of a powerful clan from the Divine Court Empire. There just happened to be OverG.o.ds from his clan near the explosion, so they had suffered from it as well even though they were not targeted.

The three elders of the Earth Spirit sect clasped their hands and apologised. They said they would compensate them in the future, and only then did the faces of the G.o.dkings from the various organisations take a better turn.

"Jian Chen is probably done for after taking on the full might of a G.o.dking level talisman."

"Although some prodigies on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque can face off against G.o.dkings, that's only those who rank towards the very top and possess extremely shocking talent. Moreover, the G.o.dkings are only regular G.o.dkings, while the might of that talisman…"

"What a pity. A talented person like Jian Chen has fallen just like this before he can mature."

Many of the G.o.dkings that stood on the walls sighed while shaking their heads. Pity filled their faces. They did not believe that Jian Chen could survive the attack from the talisman.

The Grand Imperial Protector of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian rose up as soon as possible as well, directly shooting towards Jian Chen's direction. He wanted to bring Jian Chen back.

"You must not, Imperial Protector," immediately, a G.o.dking tried to the Grand Imperial Protector from acting, but he was ignored.

Jian Chen belonged to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Only the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian would suffer losses with his death. As a result, the other G.o.dkings could ignore his safety, but the Grand Imperial Protector could not.

As a matter of fact, some of the other G.o.dkings secretly rejoiced when they saw this. They even hoped that Jian Chen would be done for.

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian already possessed a Primordial realm expert. If they gained another in the future, especially one who had been on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque and even had a chance to make it onto the G.o.dkings' Throne, the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian would become greater than them.

However, now that the Grand Imperial Protector had moved, the Empyrean Demon Cult's side would obviously not just stand by. If a G.o.dking charged into a battle between OverG.o.ds, there were too many uncertainties that could crop up. The Empyrean Demon Cult naturally did not wish for something like that to happen.

Moreover, Sheng Luo was still on the battlefield. They could not allow anything to happen to him.

As a result, as soon as the Grand Imperial Protector moved, a burly man appeared before him, blocking his path.

"Yan Wuming!"

The Grand Imperial Protector's face changed drastically when he saw this man.

Yan Wuming smiled viciously. He did not say anything, directly hurling a punch at the Grand Imperial Protector. It was swift and straightforward, without any sloppiness at all.

His simple punch possessed a devastating might. It was extremely terrifying, where s.p.a.ce would distort wherever it pa.s.sed by. Terrifying energy gathered in the fist, and just the pressure it gave off made the Grand Imperial Protector shiver.

Yan Wuming was already a late G.o.dking. Moreover, he was the commander of the ninth army, having defeated everyone in the Hall of Protectors to obtain the position. His strength was evident.

Even the nine G.o.dkings Jian Chen had encountered in the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair paled in comparison.

"Oh no, Yan Wuming has entered the battle!" The expressions of a few of the G.o.dkings on the walls changed. The two subjects from the Heavenly Moon Empire immediately flew over to receive him.

However, they were clearly too late. With a deep grunt, the Grand Imperial Protector became heavily injured from Yan Wuming's punch, spurting blood from his mouth.

The two subjects from the Heavenly Moon Empire immediately tried to keep Yan Wuming busy so that the Grand Imperial Protector would have time to escape.

The two subjects were also extremely powerful, but when they fought against Yan Wuming together, they still failed to gain the upper hand. Instead, they were suppressed by Yan Wuming.

"Hahahaha, since you're so eager to fight, this king will play around with you lot," laughter rang out from the Empyrean Demon Cult's side. The commander of the eighth army, Luo Duo, had taken part too. He smiled with bloodthirst.

"Hehehe, I'll test you out as well," Yaxi Lian giggled. Her voice was filled with a sense of charm, which was enough to confuse and disorientate people.

The Grand Imperial Protector's movements had caused a domino effect. At that moment, the G.o.dkings on both sides began to fight as well.

Aside from the three commanders, there were also a few G.o.dkings from the Hall of Protectors. They were no weaker than the G.o.dkings from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

However, a battle between G.o.dkings was just too devastating, not to mention it was a battle between so many G.o.dkings. As a result, the G.o.dkings of both sides all left the Cloud Plane and began fighting in outer s.p.a.ce.

If they were far enough away from the land, even the battles between Primordial realm experts would not be able to impact anyone else.

In the blink of an eye, all the G.o.dkings on both sides had departed, only leaving behind a few OverG.o.ds to lead the battle.

Meanwhile, the divine king and the vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An, remained seated in outer s.p.a.ce. A chessboard was placed between them, and the powerful shockwaves were unable to come into a range of three hundred meters from them.

At this moment, both of them were concentrating on the chessboard before them as if that was the centre of their attention.

Every tiny chess piece on the chess board possessed the vital energies of the two Primordial realm experts.

On the surface, it only seemed like a game of chess, but in reality, it was another form of a battle.

The calm surface hid unimaginable danger.

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