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Chapter 1887: Supreme Quality Saint Artifact

All the G.o.dkings in the nearby divine kingdoms had gathered here. They stared at the eight G.o.dking corpses in the rubble, and all of them fell silent.

None of them were able to remain calm at this sight. Their hearts were in turmoil.

Before long, the G.o.dkings all dispersed. They did not touch a single thing there. Even for the G.o.dking corpses, they only looked at them from afar. They did not dare to approach it, as that could lead to some unneeded problems.

At the same time, the divine king stood very casually on the tallest structure within the royal palace of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in simple, white clothes. His deep eyes were fixated in the direction of the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair.

He had already expanded the senses of his soul. It crossed through the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang, plunging into the depths of the mountains.

"This person is so powerful!"

After quite a while, the divine king said this sternly. His face was extremely solemn.

"Jian Chen's presence has completely vanished from the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. The Primordial realm expert forcefully removed it. If it weren't for the fact that I knew already Jian Chen had entered the mountains, I definitely wouldn't have known someone else had entered the mountains beside the Primordial realm expert…"

"I can basically conclude that the Primordial realm expert who devastated the mountains is the soul that appeared in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling before."

"However, I just wonder whether she has returned to her peak condition or not. The power of laws that have permeated the mountains has surpa.s.sed most Primordial realm experts already. If she still hasn't recovered to her peak condition, then she is just too powerful…"

The divine king murmured to himself softly. The light in his eyes flickered uneasily.

In an ancient mountain range within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, Jian Chen and fairy Hao Yue stayed in a temporary cave that they had created. A huge luminous pearl was wedged into the ceiling, giving off gentle light that illuminated the cave.

Jian Chen sat on the ground. He stared at fairy Hao Yue, who also sat on the ground before him, or more accurately, he stared at the Voidcloud Flower in fairy Hao Yue's hands.

The Voidcloud Flower was similar to the Flower of Ways. It was planted in the huge piece of jade and slowly absorbed the jade's formation to grow. Formations at the level of G.o.dkings protected the flowers and the jade.

Fairy Hao Yue was currently removing the formations.

However, with her strength at the Primordial realm, removing formations at the level of G.o.dkings was naturally a piece of cake. The formation was destroyed after two hours.

If it were not for the fact that fairy Hao Yue was worried about damaging the flower, there would be completely no need for her to spend two hours with her strength. Once the laws of the Primordial realm had descended, she would only need a single strike to obliterate the formation.

Jian Chen held the Aethercloud Flower and sniffed its familiar fragrance. He was extremely excited inside. This was a G.o.d Tier heavenly resource. He was basically completely confident he could wake up Kai Ya with the flower.

"The Voidcloud Flower is precious, but it's only used to nourish the Flower of Ways. The Flower of Ways is what is truly precious," said fairy Hao Yue. She stared at him and said sternly, "The most precious part of the Flower of Ways is not the terrifying essence hidden inside, which can be used to increase a person's cultivation. Instead, it's the comprehension of the laws of the world within the flower. It can basically increase a G.o.dking's chance of reaching the Primordial realm by fifty percent."

"Moreover, not only is the Flower of Ways effective for G.o.dkings, but it can even a.s.sist Infinite Primes to a certain degree as well. It can increase the chances for a breakthrough between minor cultivation levels by twenty percent."

"As a result, I can basically conclude that the Flower of Ways is a treasure for the ninth prince to break through to Infinite Prime. Its importance to him is evident. From today onwards, you have to be careful about the ninth prince. Once he finds any traces that lead back to you, it'll be extremely bad for you. After all, I can't always be by your side."

Fairy Hao Yue warned Jian Chen seriously and sternly. Jian Chen was still weak right now after all. He was completely powerless against the ninth prince who possessed authority in the eternal Blood Sun Empire of the southern region.

This was because the eternal Blood Sun Empire was basically the ruler of the southern region.

Jian Chen nodded seriously. He also understood the importance of the matter.

Afterwards, Jian Chen remembered something. He took out all the OverG.o.d plant cores and monster cores he had collected from the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair and asked fairy Hao Yue to refine the poison within them.

The monster cores at the level of OverG.o.ds were filled with poison. With his current Chaotic Body, he was unable to absorb it directly. He needed a G.o.dking to refine the poison inside with the power from their cultivation.

Now that there just happened to be an expert like that before him, Jian Chen would never miss the opportunity.

Naturally, Fairy Hao Yue did not turn him down. She erupted with the cultivation of an early G.o.dking and directly refined the cores.

The refinement lasted for an entire day. Only then did fairy Hao Yue remove all the poison within the six cores. Only extremely pure and turbulent energy was left.

After handing the six cores back to Jian Chen, Fairy Hao Yue said, "I still can't refine the G.o.dking level cores on you with my current cultivation, so I'll leave them with you for now. Once I reach the Primordial realm, I'll be able to refine them."

"Oh right. I came across this piece of armor accidentally. It's a supreme quality saint artifact and possesses extraordinary defence. Just the armor itself can withstand several attacks from G.o.dkings. It's useless for me, so you take it." With a flip of her hand, an exquisitely crafted armor appeared. She directly tossed it to Jian Chen like it was garbage.

Afterwards, fairy Hao Yue bid farewell to Jian Chen. She left by herself, planning on using the Flower of Ways to recover some of her strength.

Jian Chen sat in the cave by himself after her departure. He held the supreme quality saint artifact as his feelings became mixed.

It had been painful for him to buy a high quality saint artifact in the past, yet now, he had obtained a supreme quality saint artifact, and it was a defensive one at that.

Defensive saint artifacts were worth far more than offensive saint artifacts at the same quality. Meanwhile, the armor he held right now had already reached supreme quality. It was so valuable that Jian Chen struggled to fathom its value.

Supreme quality saint artifacts were treasures that were the closest to G.o.d artifacts after all!

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. An Alb.u.mstone Heart Flower, a Voidcloud Flower, six OverG.o.d level cores, eight G.o.dking level cores, the corpse of a Golden-striped Silver Snake, and a supreme quality saint artifact. He directly sighed about his trip to the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. He had benefited far too greatly.

"It's time for me to go back. With these six cores, I should finally be able to make a breakthrough with my Chaotic Body."

"It's already very difficult for me to find opponents among the level of OverG.o.ds. If I make another breakthrough with the Chaotic Body, just what level will my battle prowess reach?"

Jian Chen felt his blood boil when he thought up to there. He was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

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