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Chapter 1832: Ten-thousand-man Commander Peng

The captain of the guards watched as the Royal Divine Army galloped towards him in a stunning manner as he directly pondered to himself, "The army seems to be heading for the inn. Strange, why has the Royal Divine Army suddenly shown up here when they're rarely mobilised at all?"

"Has the matter of Yang Tie's severed arm alarmed the Royal Divine Army? And before, I clearly heard that there were a few elders from the Yang family who came here. It's impossible for them to allow something like this to happen with the Yang family's pride and strength, yet they actually left quietly in the end. They did not even bother with the person who offended them. Looks like the Yang family retreated because they received the news that the Royal Divine Army was coming. That's why the person who chopped off Yang Tie's arm is completely fine." The captain could not help but nod to himself secretly when he thought up to there. He found his thoughts to be more and more believable. The real reason why the Yang family had retreated was very likely due to the fact that they learnt that the Royal Divine Army was coming to take away the person instead, so they decided to not get in their way.

Although the Yang family was one of the most powerful clans in the divine kingdom, they were nowhere near close to reigning supreme in the royal capital. Although there were basically no clans who dared to stand up to the Yang family, the Royal Divine Army was an exception.

Even when ignoring the fact that the person behind the army was the divine king, just the strength of the army by itself was no weaker than the Yang family.

At the same time, the Royal Divine Army also possessed a late OverG.o.d as their commander.

If someone asked whether there was anyone who could stand up to the Yang family in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the Royal Divine Army would definitely be one of the answers.

However, the captain of the guards shook his head again after some thought, "No, the Royal Divine Army and the Yang family have no connections at all. Why would they stand up for the Yang family just because the young master's arm was cut off? What is this all about? Is this really not as complicated as I imagined it to be, and the Royal Divine Army is just pa.s.sing by?"

The gallops of the horses rang louder and louder, clearer and clearer up ahead. Clearly, only around a hundred people had come, but it created the same disturbance as an entire army of soldiers. Most importantly, all their movements were completely in-sync. As a result, every time the hooves of the horses struck the ground, it was thunderous, causing the ground to shake.

The group of soldiers from the Royal Divine Army rapidly approached the inn under the gazes of everyone. Everyone on the streets stuck close to the buildings. All of them had even stepped aside to broaden the path without any warning so that the Royal Divine Army could pa.s.s through. Even the captain of the guards stood to one side obediently.

He could put on airs normally, but before the Royal Divine Army, he could only stand down obediently. He was no longer bold enough to order people around. The Royal Divine Guards were on a whole different level compared to his guards.

However, just when the captain of the guards believed that the Royal Divine Army was simply pa.s.sing by, the entire squadron unexpectedly pulled on their reins in a single motion together. All the Three-flamed Divine Horses immediately raised their front legs. Coupled with a deafening screech, their hooves struck the ground heavily, producing a thunder-like boom.

Immediately, a shockwave visible to the naked eye rapidly expanded in all directions due to the hooves. It shook up all the bystanders, making them stagger. Many of them even lost their footing and fell over.

If it were not for the fact that the ground and the entire city was enveloped and protected by a powerful formation, just the stamp from the horses would have been enough to reduce the surrounding structures to ruins.

After all, there were over a hundred adult Three-flamed Divine Horses, which was equivalent to over a hundred Deities!

Rourou, the same person that Jian Chen had seen in the True Sword Pavilion, currently stood with a few guards in the crowd. She stared at the squadron of Three-flamed Divine Horses that stood in a neat formation outside the Perched Phoenix Inn in doubt.

"Strange. Why has the Royal Divine Army come?" Rourou wondered softly.

"Young miss, I heard that Yang Tie's arm was cut off by someone in the Perched Phoenix Inn. Maybe the Royal Divine Army came for that?" A guard said from behind Rourou. Her voice was crisp and pleasant, making it very evident that she was female.

It was easy to a.s.sume that her appearance would match her voice.

Moreover, looking at the statures of the other guards, they all seemed feminine as well.

"Young miss, in my opinion, the person who cut off Yang Tie's arm seems to be the young man who purchased the Startling Rainbow sword in the True Sword Pavilion. However, isn't he just a little too bold? He has offended the Yang family," added another guard.

"Young miss, the young man certainly did act rather viciously, but he also possesses a sense of righteousness. I am not powerful, but I have seen countless people in the world. If I am correct, that young man should be an honorable person, or he would not possess such a bearing. Young miss, let's help this person out. After all, it was all caused by Yang Tie," said another guard. She seemed to be pleading Rourou.

Rourou remained silent. She just stared at the inn.

The person at the very front of the squadron from the Royal Divine Army dismounted; he was wearing deep red armor. He said to the people behind him, "Thousand-man commander Lu, thousand-man commander Chou, come with me. The rest of you remain in position!"

"Yes, sir!" The squadron replied.

Listening to the familiar voice of the squadron captain, the eyes of the captain of the guards immediately widened. Disbelief filled his eyes as he thought, "I- i- isn't that sir ten-thousand-man commander Peng's voice? How is that possible? Sir ten-thousand-man commander Peng has personally come and there are two thousand-man commanders as well? W- why has sir ten-thousand-man commander come with two thousand-man commanders?"

Although very shocked and doubtful, the captain of the guards dared not to tarry. He immediately ran up like a suck up and arrived before ten-thousand-man commander Peng, who was covered in armor apart from his two eyes. The captain of the guards smiled as he fawned over ten-thousand-man commander Peng, lowering himself very much and speaking extremely politely.

He knew extremely well that although he was the captain of a squadron of guards in the royal capital, it was nothing before a ten-thousand-man commander of the Royal Divine Guards.

Not to mention that the ten-thousand-man commander of all people was ten-thousand-man commander Peng!

However, ten-thousand-man commander Peng paid no attention to the captain of the guards. After glancing coldly at him, he entered the Perched Phoenix Inn with his two thousand-man commanders.

The captain did not become angered at all. He smiled resplendently as he glanced at the remaining squadron of the Royal Divine Army with eagerness and envy. Afterwards, he ran off behind ten-thousand-man commander Peng again.

"Young miss, the Royal Divine Army has already gone in to capture the person, and it seems like the person leading the squadron is ten-thousand-man commander Peng. He's known to be the strongest beneath OverG.o.d in the entire divine kingdom. There are even rumors that ten-thousand-man commander Peng has the right to make it onto the G.o.d's Pedestal. It's impossible for that person to be his enemy," the guard who had asked Rourou to save Jian Chen before spoke out again.

"Young miss, why don't we help him out? I don't think he's a bad person either. Moreover, we were slightly mistaken about him in the True Sword Pavilion as well. We thought that he had only mentioned that he wanted to buy a supreme quality saint artifact or a high quality saint artifact to attract your attention, but we never thought he would actually buy one," added another guard. She also seemed to be reluctant about Jian Chen getting taken away by the Royal Divine Army.

Once he was taken away by the Royal Divine Army, he would suffer even if he came from an organization that possessed an OverG.o.d.

Under the persuasion of the guards, Rourou finally let out a sigh and said, "Alright, let's go in and have a look."

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