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Chapter 1794: Founding Ceremony (One)

After breaking through, no one emerged from seclusion immediately. They only came out after three days of consolidation.

“Hahaha, I never thought that there would be a day where I, Hei Yu, would become a G.o.d. In the past, Origin realm experts were insurmountable existences to me, but now, I can crush some of the weaker Origin realm sovereigns with just a finger,” Hei Yu laughed aloud. In the past, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and he were trapped within the artifact s.p.a.ce like prisoners. They did not even know what the outside world looked like. Yet now, in less than a hundred years, he had gone from being a prisoner to a Deity.

It had only been less than a century, but both his status and strength had undergone a tremendous change. Hei Yu felt like it was all a dream.

“Haha, I never thought that I, the great Nubis, would become a Deity one day. I do wish that I could return to the ancient times of the Tian Yuan Continent. With my strength as a Deity, the four supreme experts who surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor are nothing. They’ll all be standing beneath me,” Nubis also chuckled aloud. He was in extremely high spirits.

Although the other people who had become Deities did not say anything ‘n.o.ble’, their faces were also plastered with excitement and joy.

Jian Chen could not help but smile from the bottom of his heart when he saw how overjoyed everyone was. At that moment, he felt extremely at ease as well.

This was the first time Jian Chen had experienced this feeling, this mood, after coming to the Saints’ World.

As he saw everyone’s joy from becoming Deities, he also thought about his firm standing in the provincial city. Jian Chen felt like all the hardships, fighting, and killing in the past few years had been worth it.

This was because all the fighting and killing he had gone through was just to create a safe land for his friends and family that had come up to the higher world with him.

“Jian Chen, it really has been tough for you in these past few years,” Shangguan Mu’er arrived before Jian Chen in her purple dress. She stared at Jian Chen affectionately with her enchanting eyes.

Jian Chen smiled as he looked at Shangguan Mu’er’s heavenly beauty. He gently raised his hand and rubbed her cheek. His eyes were also filled with affection as he said gently, “As long as you all can live a peaceful life, everything I do is worth it.”

Shangguan Mu’er did not say anything. She wrapped her slender arm around Jian Chen and pressed her head against his chest gently.

She understood that Jian Chen had done everything in the recent years for them. It must have been very tough for him to be outside all alone. Although they had no idea what kind of dangers Jian Chen had encountered, they could tell their severity when they saw an unconscious Shen Jian delivered into the divine hall before.

Jian Chen also wrapped his hand around Shangguan Mu’er gently. He became extremely calm. At this moment, he experienced a certain type of warmth that he had not felt in a very long time.

The two of them did not speak much and spent their time together silently. To them, silence was better right now.

From afar, the people who had just broken through silently dismissed themselves. They did not make any sounds as they departed, leaving time and s.p.a.ce to Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er.

The next morning, the Deity elders all left the Tian Yuan clan simultaneously to deliver invitations. They flew towards various locations of the provincial city as they sent the invitations to the powerful clans one by one.

The elders were not people from the Tian Yuan clan, and they were all originally from the Mo clan and the Ando clan.

However, there was no longer a Mo clan or an Ando clan in the Dong’an province anymore. There was only a Tian Yuan clan.

All the clansmen of the two clans had become part of the Tian Yuan clan.

“The Tian Yuan clan wants to hold a founding ceremony…”

“It’s extremely likely for the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan to be an OverG.o.d. We must go to their founding ceremony…”

“Has the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan finally begun to move? Looks like the Tian Yuan clan will dominate the provincial city from today onwards…”

“Immediately prepare rich gifts. In three days, all the G.o.ds in the clan shall come with me to congratulate the Tian Yuan clan…”

The invitations from the Tian Yuan clan raised the attention of all the people in the various clans. Their ancestors all held the invitations as they sternly ordered others to prepare gifts.

Ever since the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan revealed his strength, the status of the Tian Yuan clan in the provincial city had been rising silently, becoming an existence that no one dared to provoke anymore. All the powerful clans had to accept the invitation from the Tian Yuan clan and did not dare to decline it.

“In three days, you three come with me to visit the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan…” In the huge stone tower within the Nanyun clan, one of the three great experts of the provincial city, Nanyun Tong, said sternly to the three other G.o.ds of his clan.

The Wayner clan had also received an invitation from a Deity of the Tian Yuan clan. After losing two mid G.o.ds, the Wayner clan had descended to a point where they were one of the weaker clans in the city. If it were not for one of their G.o.ds who had gone out journeying, the Wayner clan would have lost the right to remain within the provincial city.

At this moment, Wayner Cong, Wayner Xuanguan, and Wayner Yan sat in the air within a room. The invitation from the Tian Yuan clan was held in Wayner Yan’s hand. He pinched it between two of his fingers casually as his young and handsome face revealed that he was in deep thought.

“Xiao Yan, what do you think of this?” Wayner Cong looked at Wayner Yan and asked him.

“Let’s let Xiao Yan make all the decisions regarding this. From today onwards, Xiao Yan’s words will be absolute in the Wayner clan. We two senile old men will both listen to Xiao Yan,” said Wayner Xuanguang. Now that Wayner Yan was an OverG.o.d, his status naturally differed from the past. Even though Wayner Cong and Wayner Xuanguan were Wayner Yan’s seniors, they would behave politely before Wayner Yan from time to time. They did not even dare to speak too boldly.

Wayner Yan said while in thought, “I never thought that a second OverG.o.d would appear in the Dong’an province. This is rather unexpected. Although the origins of the OverG.o.d in the Tian Yuan clan are rather mysterious, he’s still an expert at the same level as me. Our clan naturally has to attend his founding ceremony.”

“Two OverG.o.ds have appeared in the provincial city. Who’ll be the one who controls the city in the future then?” Wayner Cong said gloomily. Let alone the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, two OverG.o.ds had never even appeared in the provincial cities of the neighbouring divine kingdoms either.

Only the royal city of a divine kingdom would possess many OverG.o.ds.

Wayner Yan smiled coldly in response to that. He said, “The Dong’an province will naturally be in our Wayner clan’s control. Our Wayner clan is the proper clan in the provincial city. I naturally have no objections if the Tian Yuan clan wants to remain in the provincial city. In fact, I welcome them. I’d even give them quite a large piece of land.”

“However, if they want to reign supreme within the provincial city, I can only kick them out of here…”

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