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Chapter 1785: The Grand Imperial Protector

The old man seemed extremely ordinary. He did not stand out at all and was just like any other person. He stood there as he gazed emotionlessly at the sealed city below him. At that moment, his gaze sharpened.

"Hmph. Chanlong sure is bold to seal up a provincial city of our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Do you really think that our divine kingdom is your garden, where you can do whatever you want?" With that, the old man extended his hand and gently pressed down towards the tremendous formation.

s.p.a.ce seemed to sink with the gesture, and the formation that enveloped the entire provincial city seemed as fragile as gla.s.s, directly cracking and collapsing. It was unable to withstand a casual movement from the old man.

"It's the Grand Imperial Protector!"

"Greetings to the Grand Imperial Protector!"

The people from the clans in the city all discovered the old man, and they became excited. Without any hesitation, they immediately bowed towards the old man deeply. Admiration covered their faces.

The Grand Imperial Protector possessed an extremely great status within the divine kingdom. It could even be described as supreme.

This was because the Grand Imperial Protector was a G.o.dking. Aside from the divine king, only the Grand Imperial Protector was a G.o.dking in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The white-bearded old man clasped his hands downwards. He did not mind the G.o.ds' politeness. He said coldly, "Chanlong has actually publically sealed up the provincial city of one of our thirty-six provinces. He's provoking our divine kingdom with such actions. From today onwards, our divine kingdom forbids his entry. If he comes, I'll personally kill him."

"What! It was actually master Chanlong who sealed up our provincial city…"

The G.o.ds all became surprised when they heard that it was Chanlong. Master Chanlong was a famed formation master. He possessed extremely great mastery over formations, and his personal cultivation had reached late OverG.o.d, making him famed in the surrounding divine kingdoms.

With a single movement, the white-bearded old man disappeared silently. When he reappeared, he had arrived at the location where Jian Chen and master Chanlong had fought against each other.

Their battle had left the place completely distorted. The ground had sunk and was rippled with cracks, and the chaotic origin energy in the surroundings still had not settled down.

"There's residual Laws of the Sword here. In this region, apart from Ling Hougong who has reached OverG.o.d with his Laws of the Sword, there's only that Jian Chen who suddenly appeared," the white-bearded old man hovered in the sky as he observed the surroundings.

"Looks like it was Jian Chen who fought Chanlong. From the residual presences and some traces, there should have been three people taking part in the battle. The third person must have been Chanlong's trapped soul."

The old man suddenly closed his eyes. Using his cultivation at G.o.dking, he carefully sensed the traces and marks left here.

When he opened his eyes, he looked in a certain direction, and to no surprise, that was the direction where Jian Chen had travelled off to.

"There are strands of Jian Chen's presence here. Looks like he left in that direction. There's a large amount of blood in the deep pit. The presence of the blood matches Chanlong's presence extremely well, except it is a little chaotic at the same time. It's caused by a teleportation formation disc and master Chanlong's presence ends there as well. Looks like in the battle between the two, Chanlong was defeated!"

The white-bearded old man could not help but gasp when he reached this point in his a.n.a.lysis despite his great mental fort.i.tude. He found it to be rather unbelievable.

This was because according to the information he possessed, only Jian Chen's comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached the level of OverG.o.ds, while his personal cultivation was pitifully weak. Although he possessed a powerful trump card, as long as late OverG.o.ds were careful, it would not be able to threaten them.

However, in the battle against master Chanlong, Chanlong had actually suffered defeat even with the a.s.sistance of the soul. He found this rather difficult to believe.

"Looks like Jian Chen is not simple. I have to discuss this with Pingtian immediately," murmured the old man before suddenly vanishing.

Of course, he did not truly vanish. Instead, he just flew too quickly, exceeding the speed that the naked eye could capture; this was why it seemed like he had suddenly vanished.

In the blink of an eye, it had already been three days since Jian Chen's battle against master Chanlong.

Jian Chen had finally recovered the power of his soul after those three days.

"I've benefited from this battle. My Way of the Sword has increased some more. I can feel that I've reached the peak of minor achievement. I'm only a step away from partial achievement," Jian Chen murmured. He changed his appearance again after making a full recovery, entering the provincial city while keeping a low profile as Yang Yutian.

Jian Chen became even more cautious after master Chanlong ambushed him within the provincial city last time.

"The divine king really is a bold man. He's actually ordering the arrest of master Chanlong in the entire divine kingdom…"

"Only a G.o.dking like the divine king has the power to order the arrest of a late OverG.o.d…"

"Find master Chanlong. There's no need to fight him at all. Just pa.s.s on the message as quickly as possible. I've heard that once master Chanlong is found, the Grand Imperial Protector will personally come to kill him…"

"Master Chanlong is powerful, but he won't be able to fight back at all before the Grand Imperial Protector. Master Chanlong is in trouble now. However, as long as he doesn't enter our divine kingdom again, he should be fine…"

An intense discussion drew Jian Chen over as soon as he approached the entrance of the city. He discovered that the divine king of the kingdom had actually ordered the arrest of master Chanlong personally.

"This order for arrest is more like a deterrence; it aims to deter foreign OverG.o.ds from acting up."

"The appearance of G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling has drawn over many OverG.o.ds in the surrounding divine kingdoms. As there are simply too many of them, even the divine king is unable to stop them all. He can only let the matter develop naturally."

"Now that the matter of the dwelling has come to an end, the divine king has begun to show his true might. He's using master Chanlong's matters to deter the other foreign OverG.o.ds. They can come to our divine kingdom, but they're not allowed to make trouble, or the Grand Imperial Protector will kill them personally."

Jian Chen understood the intentions of the divine king very soon, and he smiled indifferently. What he feared the most right now was multiple OverG.o.ds hunting him down, but now with the divine king's interference, the foreign OverG.o.ds would definitely be fearful. They would no longer be as bold.

After all, the other OverG.o.ds were not like master Chanlong. Their hatred for Jian Chen was not as deep. Even if they really did want to move against Jian Chen, they had to properly consider if they could kill Jian Chen before the G.o.dking of the divine kingdom could arrive.

"That's good news for me," Jian Chen thought to himself with crossed arms before directly entering the city. He thought some more, "It's time for me to settle down here. From now onwards, I am in charge of the Dong'an province!"

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