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Chapter 1782: A Crisis of Life and Death

"Unless I shoot both strands of Profound Sword Qi, it'll be very difficult for me to deal heavy damage to the python with the toughness of its body. However, the trapped soul seems to fear my Profound Sword Qi very much," Jian Chen immediately thought of this when he saw the soul's reaction. Just like last time, he struggled to damage the python in an open battle, but the soul became extremely frightened as soon as the Profound Sword Qi appeared. Even though he knew that Jian Chen would struggle to injure him with just a single strand of Profound Sword Qi, he was still terrified.

"If you keep standing in my way, I'm not going to hold back," Jian Chen said coldly. His two strands of Profound Sword Qi were extremely valuable. If he could scare away the python, he would rather not use them.

"I'll move, I'll move…" The trapped soul controlled the python to move far away as it looked towards Jian Chen with fear. However, upon closer inspection, it was quite obvious that it did not fear Jian Chen. Instead, it feared the two strands of Profound Sword Qi above Jian Chen's head.

Jian Chen ignored the soul and charged towards master Chanlong who was casting down formations. His gaze was icy cold as he shot over as a streak of light. Killing intent surged from him, and he launched the two strands of Profound Sword Qi at the same time.

Swish! Swish!

The two strands of Profound Sword Qi whistled through the air gently as they shot towards master Chanlong with unbelievable speed.

Master Chanlong had understood the power of the Profound Sword Qi long ago, so he immediately used his eight trigrams to block it. At the same time, he completed the final line of inscriptions and bellowed out. The formation suddenly activated, surrounding a region of a hundred kilometers.


At the same time, the Profound Sword Qi flew over with unbelievable speed, slamming into master Chanlong's eight trigrams disc.

The inscriptions on the eight trigrams disc flickered and dulled. The disc was pushed back and immediately slammed into master Chanlong's body, shattering the layer of protective inscriptions on him.

Master Chanlong paled, but before he had time to catch his breath, the second strand of Profound Sword Qi struck his eight trigrams disc heavily.

The inscriptions on the disc were all reduced to nothingness after taking on two consecutive Profound Sword Qi. The entire disc faded and lost all its color before slamming into master Chanlong again from the great force.


Master Chanlong vomited blood as he was blown away like a broken kite. He was powerful, but his body was nowhere near as tough at Jian Chen's. After the disc struck him twice, he became extremely injured. The second strike caused an especially great amount of damage. Not only had all his organs and bones been reduced to mush from the terrifying force, but blood oozed out from his pores, dyeing him red.

Master Chanlong directly fell out from the sky and struck the ground heavily. It created a deep pit as he lay in there while breathing heavily. He was now powerless, unable to even climb to his feet.

If it were not for his cultivation that protected his body, the eight trigram disc would have probably reduced him to a blood splat.

After all, he had not been struck by regular attacks but the G.o.d Tier sword technique, the Profound Sword Qi.

More importantly, it was a sword technique that had reached the apex of G.o.d Tier.

Even with Jian Chen's current strength, he was unable to display the full might of the Profound Sword Qi. However, it was more than enough to deal with OverG.o.ds, particularly when he used two strands at the same time.

Now, Jian Chen had entered the formation s.p.a.ce. He had been taken to a fire-red world that was filled with terrifying heat; it was even enough to burn the air. There were endless chains of volcanoes and pools of magma below him. The volcanoes all spat out fire. It was not ordinary fire, but fire with the power of laws condensed from the Laws of Fire. The laws had reached the level of OverG.o.ds.

Even the pools of magma were filled with the power of the Laws of Fire. Even G.o.ds would be burnt to a crisp if they fell into these pools.

Jian Chen became rather stern. Master Chanlong was not skilled in open battle, but he possessed great mastery over formations. He had even garnered the t.i.tle of formation master. As a result, Jian Chen feared master Chanlong's formations very much, and he was unwilling to give him the time to cast any down at all.

Unfortunately, he still failed to stop master Chanlong, allowing him to cast one down successfully.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce around Jian Chen trembled gently. s.p.a.ce rippled slightly as the terrifying heat in the surroundings soared at an unbelievable rate. It was so hot that even Deities would be burnt to ashes in such an environment.

The endless chains of volcanoes beneath Jian Chen spat out huge pillars of fire towards the sky. From a distance, it seemed like the ascent of fire dragons, making for a grand and majestic sight. They also seemed like pillars that held up the heavens, supporting the world and creating a shocking sight.

Jian Chen's face changed drastically when he saw the pillars of fire appear. He consumed the last Soul Recovery Pill he possessed without any hesitation and charged towards the pillars of fire quickly.

At that moment, he sensed a threat. It was the greatest threat he had sensed ever since his arrival at the Saints' World. It had even exceeded what he felt in the hopeless situation he faced in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling.

The appearance of the threat made Jian Chen go crazy. He roared out as he pushed himself to release all the potential in his body, attacking the pillars of fire with his full strength.

He could already tell that the pillars of fire that connected the earth and heavens were about to change into another formation, and the formation was enough to threaten his life.

"Master, destroy the pillars of fire immediately. Once the pillars of fire turn into a formation again, they'll even be able to kill weaker G.o.dkings," the sword spirits' voices rang out in Jian Chen's head as they panicked.

Very clearly, Jian Chen truly faced a life-threatening danger this time. The sword spirits that rarely spoke after he had come to the Saints' World had been roused.

Master Chanlong lay on the ground as he stared at the formation he had cast down. He wanted to move his arms. However, as soon as he tried to do anything with them, a heart-wrenching pain appeared, and his forehead became covered with beads of sweat.

"The second form of the formation needs my personal guidance to be completed. Once it reaches the second form, Jian Chen is dead for sure," master Chanlong clenched his teeth as craziness filled his eyes as well. He endured the pain as he tried to move his arms.

The second form required the corresponding hand seals to activate, and hand seals required fingers.

However, right now, even all his bones had shattered, let alone his two hands. He was unable to move his body at all.

"Chanlong, you alright?" The trapped soul swished its tail as it arrived before master Chanlong slowly. It sighed gently as it looked at master Chanlong, and then it said seriously, "Chanlong, I thought you'd die to that kid in a hundred year's time, but it looks like it'll be today instead. You can't kill that kid unless you complete the second form."

"Cut the bulls.h.i.t. Grab my healing pills. I need to heal my arms immediately and complete the second form," master Chanlong said weakly.

"Alright. Although I know it's very difficult for you to kill the kid today, but I still do hope you can kill him. I really don't like his two strands of sword Qi," the trapped soul said. Afterwards, it extended an illusionary arm to take out pills from master Chanlong's s.p.a.ce Ring and directly fed him the pills.

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