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Chapter 1759: Rescue

"Since that soul is with Jian Chen, we can't let Jian Chen go," a late OverG.o.d growled. Killing intent surged in his eyes, creating a chilling sight.

"Yeah, we can't let Jian Chen go…"

"Jian Chen actually decided to work with his companion to steal G.o.dking Duanmu's possessions while we were away. We can't let him go so easily…"

The surrounding OverG.o.ds all spoke righteously. Every single one of them was very indignant. It was fine that they had failed to obtain G.o.dking Duanmu's flying sword, but how could they accept that someone else had taken away all of G.o.dking Duanmu's other possessions as well?

The late OverG.o.d, Yang Kai, stood in the group with the other OverG.o.ds from the royal city of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. However, they all remained silent about what Jian Chen was going through.

At this moment, a black-robed old man walked out from the group. He stared at Jian Chen coldly and said, "I know a soul extraction technique, so I'll extract Jian Chen's soul and leave it for all of you to deal with." With that, he directly made his way towards Jian Chen.

The black-robed man was the ancestor of the Mo family from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. He was a mid OverG.o.d.

No one stopped the ancestor of the Mo family. They just watched on. Jian Chen had stolen the fortune that belonged to them, so they were naturally filled with hatred towards him. They were tempted to kill Jian Chen then and there.

The ancestor of the Mo family arrived before Jian Chen. He directly extended his hand towards Jian Chen and grabbed him. However, when his hand touched Jian Chen's damaged armor, his eyes narrowed by an undetectable amount.

"A G.o.d artifact. This armor is actually a G.o.d artifact!" The ancestor of the Mo family was greatly shocked as his heart churned.

G.o.d artifacts were treasures that surpa.s.sed saint artifacts. They were extremely precious and rare. Even a supreme G.o.dking like Duanmu could not possess one.

Under ordinary circ.u.mstances, only Chaotic Primes could own a G.o.d artifact. There were extremely few Infinite Primes who did own one. Even most Infinite Primes in the Saints' World used treasures that were either half G.o.d artifacts or supreme quality saint artifacts.

Any single G.o.d artifact was an item that Infinite Primes dreamed of.

There were just too many records that detailed G.o.d artifacts in the Saints' World, so even though the ancestor of the Mo family had never seen a G.o.d artifact before, he knew a lot about them with his strength at mid OverG.o.d. As a result, he immediately recognised the grade of the armor when he touched it.

However, the ancestor of the Mo family showed none of his current feelings on his face. He examined the damaged armor like it was nothing special and said indifferently, "I never thought that Jian Chen would actually have an eighth grade saint artifact on him. It's just a pity that it's too heavily damaged, but the materials that went into creating it are worth a little." As he said that, the ancestor of the Mo family took the armor off Jian Chen steadily and stowed it away in his s.p.a.ce Ring.

However, he was nowhere near as calm as he appeared on the surface. Instead, he was extraordinarily excited. He just hid his excitement deeply.

Although the G.o.d artifact was damaged, it was still a G.o.d artifact after all. It was worth nothing to Primordial realm experts, but it was a supreme treasure to any OverG.o.d.

"I'm rich, I'm rich! I never thought I'd find a G.o.d artifact. This is a G.o.d artifact! A G.o.d artifact…" The ancestor of the Mo clan was completely overjoyed, but he did not dare to show any of it at all. He extended his hands like nothing had happened and started to change between his seals. He had started to cast a secret technique to extract Jian Chen's soul.

"Hahahaha, Jian Chen has caught this young master's eye. None of you can harm him, or I'll have to be rude." At this moment, a voice rang out from behind everyone.

A white-robed, handsome, and elegant young man walked into the stone hut. He smiled impudently as he held a fan. He made his way past all the OverG.o.ds leisurely, directly making his way towards Jian Chen.

A burly man followed behind the young man closely like a loyal guard.

The appearance of the young man immediately made the expressions of all the OverG.o.ds change. They had seen the young man and burly man from afar when they worked on smashing through the entrance to G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling from the outside. They knew that the young man had a large background, and he was probably from some powerful clan or organisation. As a result, they had turned a blind eye to his actions, ignoring them.

The ancestor of the Mo family stopped. He turned towards the young man and his face sank slightly.

"No, Jian Chen has taken away something that belongs to us. You're dreaming if you want us to hand him over. It's absolutely impossible unless Jian Chen gets his companion to hand over everything she has obtained," a late OverG.o.d stood forwards and said firmly.

Even though the young man came from quite the background, the matter was connected to their interests. It had even related to whether they could become G.o.dkings or not. As a result, they stood forwards to object even though they feared the organisation behind the young man slightly. Not to mention that there were several dozen OverG.o.ds gathered here. They represented the surrounding divine kingdoms and every single one of them wanted G.o.dking Duanmu's possessions, so they would naturally stand together.

"Haha, it's not up to you to decide that. I want to take Jian Chen away right now. If there are any of you who object, you really should stop me," the young man giggled as he played around with his fan. He was c.o.c.ky, completely looking down on the OverG.o.ds.

He directly arrived before Jian Chen and glanced at the unconscious Shen Jian. He took out a storage treasure that was like a divine hall and put Shen Jian away before lifting up Jian Chen with his arms. He made his way towards the entrance, completely ignoring the murderous gazes of the surrounding OverG.o.ds.

"Stop, we won't let Jian Chen go. You won't be leaving here today," the late OverG.o.d who had spoken before stood in front of the young man and said with a sunken face.

"Yeah, we're not letting you take Jian Chen. You're not going to be leaving today."

"Hand over Jian Chen…"

Several other OverG.o.ds stood forwards after the late OverG.o.d objected. They blocked the young man's path together as cold lights flickered in their eyes.

"How dare you!" The burly man behind the young man bellowed out at this moment and directly waved his hand towards the OverG.o.ds.

Immediately, a terrifying gale came whistling directly towards the OverG.o.ds.

The gale did not give off any pressure or presence at all, but the OverG.o.ds were completely unable to resist when it approached them. They were swept far away like leaves.

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