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Chapter 1557: Still Alive

Several Saint Emperors walked in from outside. They handed over the s.p.a.ce Rings the dead Origin realm experts from the foreign world had been wearing and also reported the casualties of the four races.

The Tian Yuan Continent had emerged with a close victory. They had driven back the World of Forsaken Saints, but they had also suffered extremely heavy losses. There were several tens of thousand Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors who had taken part in the battle, close to a hundred thousand. However, only a few thousand people had survived the battle. Ninety-nine percent had died on the battlefield.

As for the puppets revived from Saint Weapons, they had all pa.s.sed away. Not a single one was left.

Jian Chen saw many familiar names among the list of people who had pa.s.sed away. There were great elders from protector clans, ancestors from ancient clans, the Imperial Protectors or Ancestral Emperors from the three great empires, and so on.

Some of the protector clans had even lost all their great elders or all their Sainthood experts. Very few people survived.

Only Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun managed to survive from the Changyang protector clan, but they were heavily injured, basically hanging onto their live with a thread. Changyang Zu Xiao and the great elders from the other two branches had all pa.s.sed away.

Jian Chen immediately felt heavy inside when he received the news. Sorrow filled his face as tears began to well up in his eyes. He did not really care about the people from the other two branches, but Changyang Zu Xiao was his great grandfather. Because of the Saints' Fruit in the past, he had fallen out with the two other branches, which were directed by Changyang Qing Yun. Changyang Zu Xiao had fought against Changyang Qing Yun in the miniature world. By using his Saint Tier Battle Skill on Changyang Qing Yun, he was willing to risk the collapse of the miniature world. In the end, he even made the Zu branch break away from the protector clan before settling down in Lore City. However, he never brought up the matter of the Saints' Fruit for himself, which had really touched Jian Chen.

Changyang Zu Xiao was a benevolent and powerful man in Jian Chen's heart. He was also the great-grandfather Jian Chen respected the most. Jian Chen felt extremely painful now that he had pa.s.sed away.

Even now, Jian Chen could still clearly remember Changyang Zu Xiao's benevolent smile as well as when Changyang Zu Xiao fought against Changyang Qing Yun without any hesitation to protect him.

"Great-grandfather, rest easy. I will definitely personally take revenge for you," Jian Chen murmured with a soft voice. However, he was unable to contain the deep sorrow within him. He knew that Changyang Zu Xiao's benevolent face would only exist in his memories now. He would never be able to see that face again or hear his familiar voice.

Changyang Zu Xiao's soul had been wiped out. Even as a Cla.s.s 9 Radiant Saint Master, Jian Chen could not revive him.

High cla.s.s Radiant Saint Masters could revive the dead, but they could not revive every single person who had pa.s.sed away. There were still two requirements that needed to be met: their corpse remained and their soul had not been wiped out. He could only revive them when both requirements were filled.

"What about my father? How's my father?" Shangguan Mu'er seemed to think of something when she saw Jian Chen's face. Her face suddenly changed and she suddenly asked a question. Her voice was filled with panic. Her face was filled with worry.

By now, many people had already learned about Shangguan Mu'er's connection to her father, Hao Wu. When the Saint Emperors responsible for counting the dead heard what Shangguan Mu'er had said, they immediately showed respect. Many people had seen her block over ten Origin realm experts by herself. Even though she was younger than most Saint Kings, her strength made all the experts from the four races yield to her.

The Saint Emperors dared not tarry. However, when they were about to say something, Shangguan Mu'er had already charged out. She was frantic.

During most of her days of peace, Shangguan Mu'er had always resented Hao Wu, unwilling to accept him as her father. However, when she realized that Hao Wu might pa.s.s away like Jian Chen's great-grandfather, she began to understand. As it turned out, she cared for her father. She did not want to see him die.

The value of some things could only be truly recognized after they were lost.

At this moment, Guihai Yidao, Feng Xiaotian, and Yang Lie entered the divine hall with the support of a few Saint Emperors. They had not died in the battle, but they had sustained extremely bad injuries and had been incapacitated. Even now, they only managed to enter the divine hall with the support of several Saint Emperors. Even walking was difficult for them. They probably would not have been able to fly into the divine hall if it were not for the Saint Emperors.

Everyone was overjoyed with their return. Quite a few of them had believed that the three of them had pa.s.sed away, so they were obviously extremely ecstatic when they found out that they were still alive. After all, they were forces equivalent to the Origin realm. The Tian Yuan Continent was in great need of Origin realm experts

Jian Chen suppressed his sorrow and personally used his Radiant Saint Force origin energy to heal the three of them.

"It's fortunate that we have such a powerful divine hall. Otherwise, we would have experienced an unthinkable outcome." The three of them immediately let out a breath in relief when they learned about the rest of the battle from everyone else.

The three of them fully recovered in five or six hours after being healed by the origin energy of Cla.s.s 9 Radiant Saint Force. After healing, they all consumed a Mortal Energy Fruit to replenish their Saint Force so that they could return to their peak condition as soon as possible.

"The sea G.o.ddess, her majesty's body has been destroyed. She fled as a soul. I'll immediately go to the sea realm to see if I can rebuild her body and return her to peak condition. She'll strengthen our power," said Jian Chen. He left the supreme divine hall after healing Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian.

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