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Chapter 1536: A Cloud of Blood

The experts of the Tian Yuan Continent were immediately forced to retreat due to the vicious attacks of the people from the World of Forsaken Saints. They suffered heavy casualties. The Saint Emperor and Saint King puppets were slain mercilessly by the Receival experts of the foreign world. Basically all of them died. There were even some Receival experts who attacked the soaring ants. Although they had become much stronger after devouring the flesh and blood of Saint Emperors, quite a few had reached the 8th Cla.s.s, they could only pose a threat to Saint Emperors. They lost all their advantages against Origin realm experts.

An Origin realm expert extended his hand and used origin energy to condense a hand that was a thousand meters largedlarged. He reached out with it and caught a countless number of soaring ants. Tightening his hand, they were immediately crushed to pieces.

The soaring ants had lost their advantages against Origin realm experts. Being able to ignore all energy attacks was only useful against Saint Emperors. They could not withstand a single attack created from origin energy. Their tough bodies became as fragile as paper when attacked by an Origin realm expert.

Shangguan Mu'er had used her music to control five Receival experts from the World of Forsaken Saints. Under her control, they turned on their own companions, forcing the foreign experts to send another five Receival experts to keep their companions busy. The five controlled experts remained mesmerized.

Two Origin realm experts aggressively charged toward Shangguan Mu'er on opposite sides. They used their full strength as soon as they arrived near her in an attempt to stop her from playing her zither.

Shangguan Mu'er sat in the air while her eyes shone with a cold, enchanting light. She paid attention to the zither that lay on her knees, as if her entire mind had fused with it. She drifted back and avoided the attacks from the two Receival experts, and at that moment, visible and realistic notes appeared as the Heavenly Enchantress continued to play her simple zither.

Each note possessed terrifying power. Even Receival experts needed to carefully face them.

The notes surged toward the two Receival experts who had attempted a pincer attack. They trembled violently before erupting with a thunderous noise. The two experts revealed different expressions as they stared at Shangguan Mu'er in shock. They became more serious.

The two of them had originally believed that controlling five Receival experts through music was Shangguan Mu'er limit. They had not thought that she would actually possess the power to attack the two of them while controlling their five companions. Just the notes required the two of them to use their full strength. They were unable to approach her at all.

However, what they did not know was that when Shangguan Mu'er fended them off with the powerful notes, a sliver of clarity and that merged into a struggle appeared in the eyes of the five mesmerized experts. However, it was soon drowned out by a hollow look once again.

Shangguan Mu'er's skill with the zither had already reached an unbelievable level across the world of the Tian Yuan Continent. She stood at the very apex in terms of soul attacks, so there was no hopes for the Receival experts to break free from her control.

But, clearly, Shangguan Mu'er's ability to control Receival experts was still limited by her current strength. Five was her absolute limit and she could not afford continued disturbances, or her control would weaken.

Suddenly, a thunderous boom rang out. The formation created by A'Da, A'Er, A'San and A'Si violently shook. A crack appeared on the perfect formation, and their four figures became vaguely visible in the blurry s.p.a.ce that was formed by the crack.

Afterward, a fist-sized ball of light shot through the crack with lightning-like speed. A transparent figure was slightly visible in the light. He flew toward the nearby tunnel in horror.

He was a Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints and had been reduced to a soul.

The four brothers immediately pursued the fleeing soul. They radiated killing intent and sword Qi.

When they were about to catch up to the Receival expert's soul, another Receival expert blocked them. He stared at them with a dark expression and communicated using his soul, "I never thought that four mere Saint Emperors would be able injure my old friend. He's even lost his body. Probably even the Spiritking was not able to achieve something like this in the past. I, Ma Feng, would have once admired you because of this, but you've almost killed my old friend, so I can only take your lives as vengeance for destroying my friend's body."

With that, a glaive just longer than three meters appeared in Ma Feng's hand. It radiated a terrifying presence. With a wave, the weapon immediately erupted with a powerful light, which flooded toward the four brothers.

"Formation!" The four brothers were not moved at all. The four of them had made up their minds and had planned to have plenty of b.l.o.o.d.y battles against many Origin realm experts long ago. With A'Da's command, the four brothers immediately created another formation with great teamwork. They had practiced the formation for a very long time, so they were extremely experienced at using it. Their movements were as smooth as flowing water, creating the formation in a single stroke. They blocked Ma Feng's attack.

A gleam of light flashed through Ma Feng's eyes. His opinion of the four brothers changed once again. He swung his glaive as he began fighting the four of them.

With the Domain of the Ice G.o.ddess smashed by Xiong Zhong, the experts from the foreign world all recovered their peak strength. Coupled with the fact that the continent was no longer protected by the domain, the endless number of terrifying energy ripples immediately caused large swathes of land to collapse. A bottomless pit had formed in a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers as waves of heat surged up from time to time due to the magma below.

The Tian Yuan Continent was facing utter defeat. There were just far too many Origin realm experts. There were even some personally fighting against Saint Emperors, making the Tian Yuan Continent suffer severe losses.

Aside from Xiao Ling; Tie Ta; and Shangguan Mu'er, Jian Chen; Xiao Jin; the sea G.o.ddess; and Changyang Mingyue had all been heavily injured. Three of them were facing two or more opponents. The sea G.o.ddess was dealing with three of them all by herself.

Jian Chen and Changyang Mingyue took on two Returnance experts each.

One of the four reinforcing Returnance experts had not begun fighting yet. He stared at Jian Chen and Tie Ta in interest. Once one of the other four elders, who Jian Chen and Tie Ta were fighting, retreated, he would immediately go a.s.sist them.

But, at this moment, his face twitched. He suddenly gazed into the distance and revealed an expression of surprise.

At the same time, the Origin realm experts who slaughtered the Sainthood experts of the Tian Yuan Contient all stopped. They all gazed into the distance in the exact same direction.

A cloud of blood had suddenly appeared on the distant horizon. It dyed the sky there a demonic red and was rapidly expanding. It moved at an unbelievable speed, turning everything it pa.s.sed red.

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