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Chapter 1471: Slaying a Receival Expert (One)

Ku Mu delivered the three slashes consecutively. Each attack contained a different level of power, but the might they contained was just shocking. Each slash outshadowed the previous one.

Ku Mu's third slash had fused with the blood-red light of the full moon. It was so powerful that even peak Receival experts would reveal a different expression when receiving it.

Just the power of the third slash surpa.s.sed the previous two slashes.

The third slash from Ku Mu even made the five other Returnance experts from the World of Forsaken Saints gasp. The gazes they sent toward him were filled with surprise.

"I never thought that Ku Mu had comprehended the Third Transformation of the Blood Sun and Crescent Moon. Only a few Returnance elders have comprehended it in our world."

"Ku Mu's sure hidden it well. We've all stopped at the Second Transformation. He's actually left us in the dust and comprehended the Third Transformation."

"In our world, Ku Mu's already become the greatest Receival expert. Aside from him, I've never heard of someone else who's managed to comprehend the Third Transformation at Receival."

"The power of the Third Transformation really is shocking. If a Receival expert received that strike, they'd be heavily injured or end up dead. Even Returnance experts would have to face it seriously."

The five Receival experts all sighed emotionally. Ku Mu's status skyrocketed. There were even two of them who looked at Ku Mu with some fear.


With a violent rumble, Ku Mu's technique violently collided with the Zi Ying Sword. The two immediately erupted with a terrifying pulse of energy. The energy transformed into a terrifying storm that wreaked havoc on the tunnel, causing it to tremble violently. The tunnel became even more damaged. A three-hundred-meter chasm appeared between Jian Chen and Ku Mu, forcefully severing the tunnel.

Even though the tunnel appeared severed, slivers of invisible laws still remained, holding the entire tunnel together like fibers.

The violently tunnel shook while s.p.a.ce was forcefully distorted. Jian Chen and Ku Mu could not see each other. Powerful pulses of energy wreaked havoc in the huge chasm between them, blocking their vision.

The violet glow of the sword had vanished. Ku Mu revealed a sliver of joy when he saw that he light was gone. Although his vision was obstructed and the senses of his soul could not be used in the tunnel, preventing him from understanding Jian Chen's situation, he believed that the Third Transformation could fell any and all Receival experts. Even if he was unable to kill them, it would be enough to deal a fatal blow and incapacitate them.

"The person who's comprehended the Way of the Sword has already been heavily injured by me. Let's charge over immediately," Ku Mu said to the five people behind him through a communication technique. A sliver of joy flickered through his eyes as he charged forward. He planned on crossing the huge chasm and reaching the other side.

"The person singled out by the Spiritking is only so-so. Even if you've comprehended the same Way of the Sword as the Spiritking, you're still a Receival expert in the end. No one in the realm of Receival is my opponent," Ku Mu was proud of himself. Having defeated Jian Chen, he felt extremely glorious.

After all, he had just defeated a Receival expert who practiced the same Way of the Sword as the Spiritking.

Ku Mu immediately charged forward with the five Receival experts behind him. Before him was a chasm, which had been formed by him and Jian Chen. Violet pulses of energy wreaked havoc as storms in the chasm. The energy storms had been caused when his secret technique clashed with Jian Chen's Zi Ying Sword.

However, when Ku Mu was about to step into the huge chasm, which was filled with storms of energy, with the five Receival experts behind him, a powerful streak of violet light suddenly cleaved through the energy and shot toward Ku Mu with lightning-like speed. The surging sword Qi had caused Ku Mu and the five Receival experts behind him to narrow their eyes.

Through the violet light, they could see the white-robed Jian Chen within the storms of energy. He was surrounded by the bright light, having crossed the chasm before them. He was protected by the light. He had arrived before the six of them aggressively and all by himself.

"T- this is impossible." Ku Mu was greatly taken aback. Jian Chen was unscathed, not in a heavily-injured and incapacitated state or dead like he had imagined. Ku Mu found this difficult to accept.

He refused to believe that there was someone at Receival who could receive his Third Transformation and emerge unscathed.

In just a single moment, faster than a flash, the Zi Ying Sword arrived before Ku Mu, radiating with surging sword Qi.

Even though Ku Mu was shocked, he was still a late Receival expert who had experienced countless battles. He reacted instantly. Against the sword that approached him, he had no time to use a secret technique. All he could do was parry with his crescent blade.


The sharp sword tip of the Zi Ying Sword came in contact with the crescent blade. The sword flickered with a cold light and produced a clear sound. The strike contained Jian Chen's Way of the Sword. It contained a sliver of the power of laws. Even though the crescent blade in Ku Mu's hands was extraordinary, a deep slash still appeared on it after taking a strike from the Zi Ying Sword, even though it was the same quality as a saint artifact. The hand Ku Mu wielded the blade with shot back as blood began to flow. The sound of bones breaking was barely audible, and the blade soon broke free from Ku Mu's grasp. It had been knocked away by Jian Chen's attack, sent out of the tunnel and into the vast, empty void outside.

Ku Mu's face changed drastically. He was fl.u.s.tered, something that had rarely ever happened in his life. He immediately shot away as quickly as he could, approaching the five people behind him.

Cold killing intent flickered through Jian Chen's eyes. This was the perfect opportunity to kill Ku Mu. If he could end the life of a Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints, the pressure his world would face would slightly decrease.

Jian Chen chased after him. The Zi Ying Sword erupted with surging sword Qi as it slashed toward Ku Mu's head with the power of the laws of the world.

The five Receival experts behind saw this attack and all revealed different expressions. They could obviously tell that Ku Mu could no longer face Jian Chen now that he had lost his weapon. They all struck out as hard as they could in an attempt to save him.

Jian Chen's eyes exploded with light. He let his Martial Soul Force radiate out without any restraint. A tremendous pressure that targeted the soul enveloped the six Receival experts from the foreign world.

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