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Chapter 1410: Shangguan Aojian's Transformation (Four)

Even though that was the case, the Innate Chaotic Body still possessed huge advantages over the normal Chaotic Body. First of all, its growth speed was much quicker.

Secondly, the Chaotic Force used by the Innate Chaotic Body was much purer and more powerful than the normal Chaotic Body. Thus, the Innate Chaotic Body would dominate the normal Chaotic Body if they were on the same level. The Innate Chaotic Body reigned supreme when the levels were the same.

Lastly and more importantly, the future achievements of the Innate Chaotic Body were incomparable to the normal Chaotic Body. Cultivators of the normal Chaotic Body had never reached the ultimate realm of cultivation and probably never would, but that was not necessarily the case for someone with the Innate Chaotic Body.

The Innate Chaotic Body was a perfect, natural creation while the other one was sculpted by external forces. The sculpted body was coa.r.s.e and flawed with a limited future. It would be extremely difficult to reach a supreme realm of cultivation with it.

Jian Chen sat before Xiao Bao and remained fixated on him. Xiao Bao was currently devouring heavenly resources to forge his Chaotic Body. Although he had always devoured the heavenly resources and monster cores that Jian Chen had left for him to forge his body, he had still not reached completion. After all, the energy needed to be refined into Chaotic Force. Then the Chaotic Force would fuse into his organs and his flesh and blood, allowing his body to strengthen altogether.

After absorbing the Chaotic Force he had refined, Xiao Bao's body began to shine with a hazy glow. His body seemed to have become enchanted, becoming abnormally powerful and almost immune to weapons.

The cultivation steps of the Innate Chaotic Body was somewhat different than Jian Chen's normal Chaotic Body, but there was one aspect that was completely the same, which was the first step: forging the body.

Several hours later, Xiao Bao roused from his cultivation. He beamed with joy, "Daddy, I can feel that I'm almost done forging my body. It's like it's almost full."

"Keep cultivating. You may possess the Innate Chaotic Body, but you still haven't properly begun cultivating it. Only after forging your body can you cultivate Chaotic Force, and only when you can use Chaotic Force in battle have you truly begun the cultivation process. The sword spirits just happen to be here today, so you can ask them if you come across any problems or difficulties," said Jian Chen. Although he loved Xiao Bao dearly as well, he was extremely strict in regard to his cultivation.

Jian Chen had understood the importance of strength long ago after having experienced slaughter time and time again on the Tian Yuan Continent. It was very difficult to last very long without great strength.

It was impossible for him to be around Xiao Bao at all times. They would end up separating sooner or later, and at that time, all the dangers Xiao Bao would face would have to be resolved and dealt with by his own strength.

Allowing Xiao Bao to do what he wished right now would be equivalent to cutting off his future, cutting him off from his future glory.

Xiao Bao nodded and pulled out around a dozen thousand-year-old or ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources from his s.p.a.ce Ring. He began cultivating once again after devouring a few of them.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Bao had already been cultivating in the cave for several days. During those days, he had consumed a large amount of heavenly resources and high cla.s.s monster cores. Only a small fraction of what Jian Chen had originally given him remained.

On this day, Xiao Bao's Chaotic Body was completely forged. The Chaotic Force he refined was no longer used to strengthen his body and instead slowly moved through his body like streams. It never stopped moving, as if it had become a second type of blood for Xiao Bao.

"With your body as the furnace and your soul as the flame, use the power of the world to start the furnace, and once it is complete, use it to refine the medicine. The medicine remains in the furnace, nourishing the furnace. The furnace refines the medicine, and the medicine keeps the fire blazing. Father, have I properly gained the Chaotic Body now?" As soon as the medicinal effects were absorbed, Xiao Bao opened his eyes and beamed with excitement.

"Keep going, don't stop. Using the medicine to keep the fire blazing is only an important start!" Jian Chen said nothing. It was Zi Ying's stern voice instead. His eyes were filled with excitement. Today, he was about to personally witness an owner of the Innate Chaotic Body properly step upon the path of cultivation and succeed under his guidance.

Xiao Bao immediately dismissed his thoughts. This time, he devoured all the heavenly resources in a single breath while holding two Cla.s.s 8 Monster Cores in his hands.

Vast energy leaked out after devouring so many heavenly resources. The energy immediately caused Xiao Bao's body to swell and bulge in size. If it had been any other person, they probably would have exploded long ago and died, but Xiao Bao's Chaotic Body was already extremely powerful. It was equivalent to Jian Chen's Chaotic Body at the first layer. With just his body, he could emerge unscathed from the direct attack of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Although the energy in the heavenly resources was powerful, it was not enough to cause Xiao Bao's body to explode.

Xiao Bao began to refine the energy with all his effort, causing his bulging body to gradually recover its original shape. During this period of refinement, Xiao Bao took a total of two days. After that time, the Chaotic Force within him had changed from small streams into a river, which circulated through every part of his body. It did not gather in his dantian, leaving it empty even now.

At the same time, a faint gas would float out and fuse into his soul with every revolution of the Chaotic Force. His soul was currently undergoing a quant.i.tative increase.

To refine the medicine with the furnace and to have the medicine keeps the fire blazing, Chaotic Force was the medicine while the fire was the soul. As the Chaotic Force circulated within his body, it nourished his soul as well, making it become even more powerful.

While cultivating Chaotic Force, Xiao Bao was cultivating his Chaotic Body and his soul as well. The three of them remained in balance throughout the whole time.

Only the Innate Chaotic Body could achieve this. Jian Chen was only able to cultivate two of them together.

Xiao Bao's soul had not condensed before and still lingered throughout his body, but at this very moment, under the nourishment of the Chaotic Force, his soul was strengthening at an unbelievable pace. It had gradually morphed and condensed.

A free, condensed soul was the symbol of a Saint Ruler on the Tian Yuan Continent. Only those who had reached Saint Ruler could condense their soul. They would never die unless their souls were wiped out.

TL Note: If you remember from quite a while back, when Jian Chen first fought against a Saint Ruler and tried to kill him, I introduced something called an origin soul. That was just a literal translation of a common occurrence of souls in Chinese novels. A normal soul is bound to the body and will die with the body, as seen with Heaven Saint Masters. When they are freed and able to move independent of the body, they are the souls of a Saint Ruler. In other novels, this stage may be called Nascent Soul. The Chinese characters for soul in Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers are different, but they both mean soul from an English point of view, kind of like something you can't really translate. As a result, I will keep both of them as soul, but I will describe one of them as 'condensed' (since you condense it from your body) when there is a need to identify the two 'types' of souls, so 'condensed' will be used instead of origin soul since a.s.signing names makes things more complicated than they need to be.

The moment Xiao Bao condensed his soul, Jian Chen narrowed his eyes. He discovered that Xiao Bao's soul was unique. Everyone else's soul was white, but his, his was extremely odd. It was chaotic. It did not seem to possess any color, but it also seemed to bear all the colors in the world as it shone with dazzling light.

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