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Chapter 1385: Battle in the Tunnel

At the same time, Xiao Ling stopped her slaughter and arrived before Jian Chen in a flash. She fearfully stared into the depths of the tunnel as she nervously clung to Jian Chen's arm. She said with fear, "Oh no, big brother, that big baddie is coming over as well." Xiao Ling had faced the Spiritking back when the seal had still been intact. His power had greatly shocked Xiao Ling's tender soul, leaving behind a permanent shadow in her heart. It was something that she could not overcome, and now that she was about to face the owner of the shadow, Xiao Ling experienced indescribably terror.

"Xiao Ling, don't be afraid! I'm here," Jian Chen comforted, but he felt no confidence inside. He had never seen the powerful opponent before, but it caused him to feel a great pressure. Even Jian Chen was not confident he would end up victorious.

Xiao Ling gave out a gentle interjection of agreement and firmly nodded. However, her grasp on Jian Chen's arm tightened. Clearly she was extremely nervous inside.

The Saint Emperors from the foreign world heard the thrum of the sword from the depths of the tunnel as well and immediately became excited. They understood the power of the Spiritking extremely well. He was definitely the most powerful Spiritking their world had ever seen.

The legend regarding the current Spiritking had already spread through the World of Forsaken Saints long ago. He had become a tale in the current world because he was able to slay a mid Reciprocity Spiritking within ten attacks despite having just reached Reciprocity. He had forged his own glorious legend.

After that, the two other former Spiritkings fought with him for four whole hours as mid and late Reciprocity experts. In the end, both of them were slain by the current Spiritking, creating a story that he was invincible, which then spread throughout the entire world. He had carved his name into history.

Even though the Spiritking had only sent his sword over this time and the Tian Yuan Continent only had two or three Origin realm experts, the foreign Saint Emperors still believed that they were no match for the Spiritking's sword. After all, the Spiritking's sword was dyed with the blood of three Reciprocity experts.

Xiao Jin stared at the depths of the tunnel as well. He pouted as he curiously observed it.

"Xiao Jin, stay behind and project them. You must keep them safe," Jian Chen said to Xiao Jin through a communication technique. He worried about Changyang Zu Xiao and the others, so he had always left Xiao Jin by their sides. However, he only got Xiao Jin to protect them, along with Hao Wu, the Heavenly Enchantress, a few elders of Mercenary City, and the few experts he was friends with.

Afterward, Jian Chen glanced in Tie Ta's direction before pulling Xiao Ling with him into the tunnel.

Streams of energy shot out from the tunnel beneath the ground from time to time and into the sky. The energy was so powerful that it was enough to kill Saint Kings instantaneously. Even Saint Emperors could end up heavily injured if they were not careful.

Jian Chen and Xiao Ling headed toward the other side of the tunnel. As soon as streams of energy rushed over, they would be stopped by Xiao Ling with a wave of her hand without requiring Jian Chen to do anything at all. The energy streams were lethal to Saint Kings, but they were no threat to Xiao Ling.

The tunnel was very unstable. The s.p.a.ce in there kept warping, distorting the surroundings. It seemed like chaos, making it impossible to see the other side.

However, a black metal sword could vaguely be seen slowly floating through the tunnel. The power of the sword was just far too great. Even though its glow was hidden, suppressed in an attempt to appear ordinary, the s.p.a.ce would shatter fragment by fragment wherever it pa.s.sed. The s.p.a.ce would be reduced to nothingness, alternating between chaos and darkness.

Jian Chen stood before the tunnel with the Zi Ying Sword. He glared at the barely visible sword in the tunnel before suddenly erupting with sword Qi. The sword Qi was so powerful that it could temporarily suppress the chaotic streams of energy in the tunnel. Afterward, the sword Qi rushed into the air above in a visible form, lingering there like a sword.

Jian Chen seemed to have become a divine sword. He glowed with blinding a white light as endless sword Qi radiated out into the surroundings. He had pushed his comprehension of the way of the sword to the limits.

With a wave of the Zi Ying Sword, he immediately shot a huge, thirty-meter-long sword Qi into the tunnel. It flickered with a violet light, which was both dazzling and resplendent, shooting toward the metal sword in the tunnel.

The tunnel in s.p.a.ce violently trembled as soon as the Zi Ying Sword entered it. The already unstable s.p.a.ce was about to shatter.

Jian Chen could tell with a single glance that it was very difficult for the s.p.a.ce to endure the energy from Saint Emperors. The black sword's might clearly surpa.s.sed the limits of the tunnel, so even though it did all it could to suppress its power, it still endured great hardships as it advanced through the tunnel. As soon as the tunnel collapsed, the outcome would be unthinkable. What he needed to do was force the black sword back before it arrived on the Tian Yuan Continent or destroy the tunnel.

The black sword had discovered the danger ahead. With a slight tremor, it produced a deep thrum. The sound struck Jian Chen's sword Qi as a sound wave. Although it was unable to stop the sword Qi, it was enough to slightly weaken it.

The metal sword then shone with a dim, dark glow before suddenly increasing its speed, shooting forward like a loose arrow.


The metal sword continued to keep suppress its presence. It collided with the violet sword Qi, using the toughness of the blade to fend off the sword Qi.

Because the tunnel was very unstable, Jian Chen's sword Qi caused the tunnel to reach the brink of shattering. The black, metal sword was unable to erupt with power since its power would only hasten the collapse.

The terrifying pulses of energy from the collision of the sword and sword Qi caused the tunnel to tremble even more violently. Part of the surroundings had already collapsed, and the tunnel seemed like it was about to fall apart.

The metal sword paused slightly before continuing on. It left the most unstable region before shining with a faint, dark glow. It moved faster and faster as if it wanted to leave the tunnel as soon as possible.

Jian Chen's eyes shone with a resplendent light. He released his grip on the Zi Ying Sword and began to control it with his soul. The Zi Ying Sword immediately shot into the tunnel as a violet stream of light, engaging in a battle with the metal sword.

There was no one directly controlling the metal sword, but it possessed a fragment of the Spiritking's soul. It was able to use all the acc.u.mulated experience and battle techniques of the Spiritking while engaging in an intense battle against the Zi Ying Sword within the tunnel. The ringing sounds of collisions constantly rang out as terrifying energy wreaked havoc upon the tunnel. In just a short moment, the walls of the tunnel cracked before partially collapsing. The damage was even more severe than before.

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