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Chapter 1382: A Battle of Two Worlds (Two)

Suddenly, surging battle intent flared up in the eyes of several Saint Emperors as they struck their companions beside them in the swiftest fashion possible.

Spurt! Being caught off-guard, their companions became heavily injured from the unexpected attacks and shot backwards while vomiting blood.

Similar scenes happened across the entire battlefield. More than thirty Saint Emperors suddenly turned on their companions with their weapons. None of them had thought that their companions would turn on them, so they all became heavily injured due to being caught off-guard. An unlucky Saint Emperor had even been encircled by several of his companions. Lasting only for a few seconds, his body was obliterated, forcing him to flee with his soul.

However, the bell-like sound of a zither rang out right as the Saint Emperor's soul had made it away from the battlefield. It was thunderous to the soul's ears. The powerful sound wave caused the s.p.a.ce there to fluctuate, reducing the Saint Emperors soul to just a few fragments.

The invaders began to panic due to that. In just a short moment, a few Saint Emperors had died to their companion's hands. They had all been attacked by several other people, dying bitterly.

"They've been affected by the zither and controlled by it. Find the person playing it and kill them," a Saint Emperor thunderously cried out from the side of the invaders. His cry was so loud that the surroundings shook.

He was an extremely powerful Saint Emperor, almost having reached the peak of Saint Emperor. His shout immediately caused a few people, who had almost been swept away by the zither sounds, to sober up.

At this moment, a powerful sword Qi flew over from behind him. A terrifying killing intent immediately engulfed him, forcing him to shiver despite being such a powerful Saint Emperor. Without any thoughts, he immediately dodged to one side.

A sword engulfed by a layer of violet light pa.s.sed through where he was standing before. The glow of the sword came in contact with his clothes and silently reduced them to dust.

A sliver of surprise immediately flashed through Jian Chen's eyes when he saw that he Saint Emperor had actually avoided his attack. However, he did not show any hesitation at all. With twist of the wrist, the Zi Ying Sword stabbed out as a violet stream of light with a certain white glow. This was the sword Qi Jian Chen could use after comprehending the Way of the Sword.

This sword Qi was a condensation of laws. It had surpa.s.sed the boundaries of ordinary sword Qi and had combined with the Azulet swords, allowing it to become even more powerful.

The Saint Emperor showed no fear. With a deep grunt, the energy within him surged out like a tsunami, forming a barrier around him. He swung the huge blade in his hand toward Jian Chen.

The blade shot out a gray beam of light. It was filled with a deathly presence, trapping Jian Chen in a cage.

Jian Chen immediately felt that he was being suppressed by a mysterious power as endless amounts of gray light infiltrated his body, rapidly gnawing away at his life force.

Jian Chen's eyes narrowed as the Chaotic Force within him surged. He quickly wiped out the deathly presence within him. Ignoring the hazy prison he was in, he stabbed out with the Zi Ying Sword in an unstoppable manner.

Ding! With a metallic clash, the Zi Ying Sword surged out of the gray prison and struck the huge blade of the Saint Emperor. The blade had been cleaved in half while the remaining part attached to the hilt quivered. It resonated as if it was crying.

The Saint Emperor stared at his broken blade in a daze as shock filled his face. The blade had been with him for several millennia. He had partic.i.p.ated in countless battles where the blade had grown with him. Even if he faced against experts at the same level as him, his weapon would not even suffer a scratch. Yet, it was unable to stop Jian Chen's attack, having been cleaved into two like fragile tofu.

"Y- you're an Origin realm expert?!" The Saint Emperor was shocked. Probably only Origin realm experts could do something like this, but he did not sense the pressure of an Origin realm expert from Jian Chen at all.

Jian Chen remained emotionless with cold eyes. After cleaving through the blade, the Zi Ying Sword did not slow down at all, piercing the Saint Emperor's chest in the end. The powerful sword Qi hidden within immediately erupted. Not only did it instantly devastate his organs, a pure strand of sword Qi surged up into his head and wiped out his soul.

An azure sword quickly weaved about near Jian Chen as it attacked several dozen Saint Emperors. It was the Qing Suo Sword controlled by Jian Chen's soul.

The sword was not in Jian Chen's hands, so the power it could display was nowhere near as great as the Zi Ying Sword. However, it was still a sword with a spirit. The sword Qi that erupted from it could not be resisted by anyway, slaying several Saint Emperors in just a short moment and heavily injuring several dozen more. Many Saint Emperors had already begun to work together as they tried to deal with the Qing Suo Sword.

Xiao Jin played a part as well. He also possessed strength of the Origin realm, but he did not commit ma.s.sacres like Jian Chen and Xiao Ling. He only waved his hand and trapped several Saint Emperors with a golden barrier before standing there in a daze. He stared at the panicking Saint Emperors in interest. He would often only help out and repel the opponents when Changyang Zu Xiao and the others were in danger.

Xiao Jin rarely delivered attacks, but whenever he did, they would be shocking. He obliterated a Saint Emperor's body and soul with a single punch. The force and power of his punch had alerted all the human Saint Kings around him.

Most of the Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints were kept busy by Jian Chen and Xiao Ling. Only a small portion of them were able to attack the four races. The number of enemies that had fallen to Jian Chen and Xiao Ling's hands had reached a hundred now, but several hundred people of the four races had died as well. There were countless more who had been heavily injured.

During this time, the Elven G.o.dtree continued to shine bright. The power it had displayed was shocking to the elves themselves. Although its accomplishments in battle were incomparable to Jian Chen or Xiao Ling, it had already killed almost ten foreign Saint Emperors. Without any exceptions, all of them had been wrapped up by the tree's branches before having their life sucked away. All that would be left was a bag of bones.

The tree's green light, which was filled with the presence of life, became even more blinding after absorbing the lives of the Saint Emperors. Its tremendous life force enveloped the entire battlefield and a.s.sisted the injured people.

The behavior of the Elven G.o.dtree piqued the interest of the elves very much, despite their good understanding of it. The tree had existed for an extremely long time, having survived through the ages between now and the ancient times without withering at all. It had always remained very healthy. Except the abilities it display now were vastly different from the records contained in the ancient times.

This was because the main trunk of the tree was unable to leave the territory of the elves. They had not brought the main trunk this time, only a branch of the tree.

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