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In a flash, the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. In the next moment, an overwhelming amount of Sword Qi began to flow around the sword, causing it to look hazy to everyone. Separating itself from Jian Chen’s hand, it became a streak of silver light as it flew toward Tianxiong Lie’s axe at unbelievable speeds.


The Light Wind Sword and the axe collided against each other, creating a sound of metal hitting metal. After the attack, the strong amount of Sword Qi on the Light Wind Sword and the earth Saint Force on the axe began to dim with each push against each other. A large shockwave had then resulted, spreading out with the two weapons acting as the epicenter, pushing Jian Chen backward just by the force.

The Light Wind Sword was blasted backward before slowly floating to a halt. Stopping 10 meters away from where it used to be, it began to shake violently before another wave of Sword Qi enveloped the sword and shot forward once more.


At this moment, the Light Wind Sword was like it possessed a mind of its own. With a shrill sound as it traveled through the air, it flew toward Tianxiong Lie without any further delay.

Seeing the the Light Wind Sword come at his throat, Tianxiong Lie immediately tilted his neck out of the way. Despite the Light Wind Sword barely missing his neck, the Sword Qi on the sword had left behind a small trace of a wound on his neck.

Jian Chen cried out in pity inwardly, to think that he had such a good opportunity and Tianxiong Lie had unexpectedly dodged it. He wasn’t discouraged; using his spirit to control the Light Wind Sword, he commanded it to fly at Tianxiong Lie once more.

Seeing how the Light Wind Sword was flying by itself in midair, Tianxiong Lie couldn’t but cry out in shock at this inconceivable event.

“What kind of trick is this, a Saint Weapon that is being controlled by no one. How can it fly by itself with such a speed?” Tianxiong Lie questioned to himself in amazement. No matter how much he looked at it, he wasn’t able to understand it, this was something out his range of knowledge.

Once more, under the control of Jian Chen, the Light Wind Sword flashed toward Tianxiong Lie.

Tianxiong Lie shouted loudly as his earth Saint Force began to emanate from his body before condensing over his body like a type of armor. Raising his Saint Weapon into the air, he sent it flying down toward the Light Wind Sword.

At Jian Chen’s will, the Light Wind Sword avoided Tianxiong Lie’s attack by moving to the side. Because Jian Chen’s strength was far too different from Tianxiong Lie’s, even if the Soul Sword increased his attack power several times over, it was still not enough to take on a hit from Tianxiong Lie.

Meanwhile, Tianxiong Lie’s earth Saint Weapon crashed into the ground.

“Bang!” Came the sound as the axe ejected all of the nearby dirt, creating a crater.

The Light Wind Sword flew around in a circle before reorienting itself and flying at Tianxiong Lie once more. Before Tianxiong Lie could even react, the sharp point of the sword had stabbed into his st.u.r.dy body. The incredibly sharp Sword Qi collided against the incredibly st.u.r.dy body of Tianxiong Lie. As the two forces grinded against each other, Tianxiong Lie’s durable body couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. The Light Wind Sword bore a hole in his armor and stabbed through into his body.

However, just as the Light Wind Sword was about to stab into his skin, the inner Saint Force within Tianxiong Lie’s body blocked it. The Great Saint Master’s Saint Force then began to force it out of his body.

Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed together as he thought about how difficult Tianxiong Lie was. He didn’t think that with such a good opportunity, he still wasn’t able to kill him. It would appear that even with the a.s.sistance of the Soul Sword, he was only able to hinder Tianxiong Lie for a moment. Even with good luck, he wouldn’t be able to do serious harm, and if he wanted to kill him, it would be easier to scale the heavens. With the Soul Sword taking up a lot of his spirit, Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to last for much longer.

Thinking to himself, Jian Chen quickly came to a decision. In a split second, the Light Wind Sword flew back to his hand before disappearing from view. Without further hesitation, Jian Chen began to run toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

The most important matter was that he needed to run away. Because of Tianxiong Lie’s strength, defending himself was a difficult task. Right now it was impossible to kill him, it would be for the best to wait until he was stronger and then come back to resolve the issue.

Tianxiong Lie stared gloomily at Jian Chen escaping as the earth Saint Force surrounding him was slowly absorbed back into his body. On his back was a small wound that was slowly dying a part of his clothes red.

“Clan leader!”

“My lord!”

At that moment, 10 mercenaries came into view behind Tianxiong Lie and stared with shock at the wound on Tianxiong Lie’s back.

“Chase him, you cannot let him escape!” Tianxiong Lie shouted before leading the mercenaries forward.

Jian Chen had already entered the thick part of the forest in a mad dash. However, his current speed was a lot slower than his original speed. Just breathing was a laborious task now and his face was rapidly paling. With each and every step he took he could feel the various wounds inflicted on him, tormenting his nerves. There was no time for him to find a place to treat his wounds, so he could only focus on running instead of using the light Saint Force to heal himself.

Stopping under a big tree to catch his breath, he turned his head around only to see Tianxiong Lie chasing from behind. Regaining his bearings, Jian Chen once more began to run toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

On the road, Jian Chen had used the trees and tall gra.s.s to hide his figure in order to throw off his trackers. In the forest it was a lot easier to hide. The trees and tall gra.s.s would throw off any pursuers with ease.

Unknown to the both of them, the chase had taken over half the day, meaning it was noon once more. The scorching hot sun was blocked by the cloudy skies, making the area around him look murky and dark.

While Tianxiong Lie and his group of mercenaries were trying to track Jian Chen’s footprints through the Magical Beast Mountain Range, in the end, they had finally lost him.

Tianxiong Lie stared angrily at the tall gra.s.s around him with a dreadful expression. Immediately taking out a piece of paper from his robes, he said, “Xing Dao, take this warrant back immediately and organize for a group to search the mountain range.”

“Yes, my lord!” One of the males took the warrant from Tianxiong Lie’s hand and disappeared from the forest.

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