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Chapter 1354: Puny Saint Emperors (One)

The two swords radiated a dazzling light as they revolved around the surroundings. They flew freely through the air. The two swords seemed like a couple of lovers. They moved close to one another, side-by-side. They did not separate, but they always maintained a certain distance away from each other.

The clouds that had gathered in the sky had already become thicker and thicker. They sank lower and lower as well as an invisible pressure from the clouds filled the surroundings. The Saint Kings that still remained found breathing rather difficult, as if a huge boulder pressed against their chests. The atmosphere was extremely heavy.

However, everyone's attention had been drawn away by the two swords. They all followed the movements of the sword and paid no attention to the dark clouds in the sky. Their eyes were filled with desire and greed.

"The treasures nurtured by these volcanoes really are powerful swords as expected, and there's two of them," the ancestral emperor of the Felicity Empire said emotionally. He had been absorbed by the sword for thousands of years already. His insight was tremendous, able to tell the power of the two swords with a single glance.

"The treasures are spiritual, so they cannot be obtained by power. It will depend on the person's fortune. These two swords possess enough power to move the heavens, so probably even Saint Emperors are unable to take them by force. They must receive their recognition. Even an ordinary person can have the chance of obtaining one. If I am recognized, I can immediately become a Saint Emperor. Even though my cultivation level will not be there, my battle prowess will be no lower than a Saint Emperor's…"

"That's right. These treasures are spiritual and they possess extremely great might. Probably even Saint Emperors are unable to take them by force. We all have the same opportunity."

"Come, everyone. Whoever receives the recognition of the treasures will immediately become an expert no weaker than Saint Emperors."

Immediately, the group of people fell into a commotion. All the Saint Kings began to move, shooting into the air toward the two swords. At the same time, a few Saint Kings from ancient clans closed their eyes and formed hand seals. They wanted to use the secret techniques that had been pa.s.sed down in their clans to communicate with the treasures.

Treasures of the world had appeared several times throughout the history of the Tian Yuan Continent, but this did not mean that they could be taken forcefully. Some treasures possessed a spirit themselves and chose their own masters. As a result, a few ancient clans, who had existed for a particularly long time, possessed unique secret techniques to deal with these treasures.

A game of tag unfolded high in the sky. A group of human and magical beasts tailed the swords desperately, along with a few experts of the Sea race.

However, no matter how hard they tried or what secret technique they used to increase their speed, they were unable to catch up with the swords. Although the two swords flew freely, they possessed unbelievable speed. They traveled through the air as two long streaks of light, far quicker than the Saint Kings.

A few Saint Kings had already tried to freeze s.p.a.ce, but the frozen s.p.a.ce was not enough to halt the two swords. Around a dozen Saint Kings had even pooled their Saint Force together to create a net and wait for the swords to fly into them, thus capturing the swords. Unfortunately, their net was no different than a spider's web to the swords, rupturing from the slightest contact.

Suddenly, a heavy rumble reverberated through the sky as the very center of the dark clouds began to rapidly spin. An invisible pressure radiated from the clouds and enveloped the swords.

All the people who had personally witnessed the metallic spirit at the tungsten alloy mine undergo its heavily tribulation had different expressions. They immediately yelled out, "Danger! Everyone retreat! These treasures are so powerful that the world rejects them. Devastating lightning will fall to destroy them. Everyone retreat, or you will be utterly doomed."

All the people stopped their pursuit. Their eyes were filled with regret, but none of them dared to put their own lives at risk.

Suddenly, the swords in the sky did something that took everyone by surprise. They actually transformed into two streams of resplendent light and directly plunged into the clouds.


Immediately, a deafening sound rang out from high above. A bright white flash illuminated the world as shocking thunder erupted in the clouds. The tremendous sound wave actually caused the entire region to tremble. Countless volcanoes below began to collapse as huge waves were formed in the sea of lava below. A few Saint Kings even began to tremble without noticing. All of their ears rang.

They seemed to have caught a glimpse of the two swords fighting the tribulation lightning through the clouds.

"What powerful treasures!" All the people sighed in surprise. Just that had outcla.s.sed the ancestral weapons of the protector clans.

The path lord of carnal desires and the three Cla.s.s 9 Magical Beasts gazed at the sky as well with shock plastered across their faces. The power of the swords had completely overturned their understanding of any treasure.

The lightning that had exploded in the clouds was no weaker than the tribulation lightning that had struck the tungsten alloy mine. It possessed the power to devastate Saint Emperors, yet the swords were actually able to fend off the lightning by themselves. Just that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperors.

The sound of thunder constantly reverberated across the sky. Every single boom was heavier than the one before. The power was absolutely terrifying. None of the bolts of lightning fell. They all exploded in the clouds instead. The sparks that they produced were like resplendent fireworks.

"My G.o.d, I think I saw the two swords collide head-on with the lightning. Even such powerful lightning is not enough to destroy them…"

"Those bolts of lightning have all been smashed into pieces by the two swords, dissolving into countless sparks that expand in all directions. The treasures can actually take on such terrifying lightning…"

People exclaimed constantly. All of them were shocked. Quite a few people caught glimpses of what was going on in the clouds, bringing extreme astoundment to them.

The swords continued to shine bright as they quickly moved through the clouds. Their glows had completely obscured their blades. Only two illuminating b.a.l.l.s of azure and purple light could be seen from afar.

In the blink of an eye, eight bolts of lightning had fallen. With a final boom, the ninth bolt fell. This was the most powerful one out of all of them. Even if the previous eight bolts were combined, it was not enough to rival the ninth bolt of lightning.

The two swords remained the same as before, turning into two streaks of light before smashing into the bolt of lightning.


The glows around the swords immediately dulled when the ninth bolt of lightning fell. However, their blades became even brighter. Not only had the ninth bolt failed to destroy the swords, but it seemed to have a.s.sisted them instead, allowing them to undergo a process of forging.

The two swords trembled after dealing with the nine bolts of lightning. They then emerged from the clouds. They produced a series of resonating pitches as the clouds in the sky gradually dispersed.

Only after the clouds disperse did the human and magical beast Saint Emperors begin to move. The four of them appeared before the swords as if they had teleported. They struck out as hard as they could, grabbing at just one of the swords.

The three magical beasts grabbed at the violet sword while the path lord went for the azure one. This was because the three magical beasts all knew that they could probably only take one of the treasures with their combined strength since the treasures were so powerful. They would not have the power to take a second one.

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