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Chapter 1344: The Anatta Tower

"Although I am in possession of her majesty's weapon, I cannot use it whenever I want. I can only use it if I am in a situation where my life is threatened," Yadriam added. Her gaze toward Jian Chen was filled with curiosity. She had to use the sea G.o.ddess' weapon to drive off the vicious spirit, so she was very curious what Jian Chen had used to do the same thing.

"No wonder he can emerge unscathed after so many spirits had attacked his soul. Even emperor-level spirits are unable to do anything to him and end up reacting with fear. Jian Chen must be in possession of something impressive." Yadriam thought, but she did not ask Jian Chen about it. Every single person possessed their secrets.

The next part of the journey was relatively peaceful. Although they came across a few dangers from time to time, the number of vicious spirits that attacked them drastically decreased.

Suddenly, the surrounding mist began to grow thin. Their range of visibility extended to over ten thousand meters from just a hundred meters before. The region of s.p.a.ce there was very stable, where even a battle between Saint Emperors would fail to cause it to ripple.

"Stop!" Yadriam cried out and immediately stopped with Jian Chen. Both of them became very stern because they had remembered a warning the sea G.o.ddess had gave them. They had to avoid regions where the mist thinned because they were forbidden.

"We've entered a forbidden zone. Retreat!" Yadriam said heavily, but before she could finish what she was saying, a terrifying killing intent filled the surroundings and enveloped the two of them. They immediately felt like they had plunged into the waters of the arctic, where it was bone-chillingly cold.

The killing intent was just far too powerful, at a level where it was just shocking. Even with their strength, Yadriam and Jian Chen felt like they had been immobilized by the killing intent, as if they had been frozen there.

Both of them were stupefied. The forbidden zone was even more terrifying than they had imagined. Just the killing intent had reached such horrendously powerful levels.

Jian Chen and Yadriam looked to a spot over ten kilometers away. At that spot, there was an abnormal ball of flickering red light. There were marks of bright-red blood on the ground that had still not dried. The terrifying killing intent in the surroundings originated from the red light.

"What is that?" Jian Chen and Yadriam became fixated on the ball of red light. They were shocked by it. Was it a treasure or was it something dangerous?

"Master, that's the organs of an expert," suddenly the sword spirits' voices rang out in Jian Chen's head.

"What!" Jian Chen was stunned. He stared at the ball of red light in disbelief. He was shocked by how powerful the presence of the organs were, enough to directly kill a Saint Emperor.

"Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what level of strength did this expert possess?" Jian Chen asked.

"This expert should have been an Immortal Emperor, but they're not from the Immortals' World. They're an expert of the Saints' World. The mist here is far more complicated than it seems as well. It's filled with a presence of death. Once it invades the bodies of people, there is a chance that they will die. This is no simple place," Zi Ying said.

Jian Chen stared at the abnormal red ball of light from ten kilometers away. He then used all he had to retreat step by step with Yadriam against the invasion of the killing intent and under the great pressure.

Fortunately, the killing intent only originated from the organs of a supreme expert and did not possess any active offensive capabilities. At the same time, Jian Chen and Yadriam were very far away, which was why they were able to endure the pressure it, despite the difficulty, and retreat safely.

The killing intent disappeared when the surrounding mist thickened. However, what they had just witnessed before became permanently imprinted in their heads.

"What was that? I had a very powerful feeling that if I got too close, I would not have been able to leave," Yadriam said with lingering fear. The red light from before was even more terrifying than the emperor-level vicious spirit.

Jian Chen shook his head and pretended he had no idea.

Yadriam and Jian Chen continued on their way, but they slowed down a lot. Even though they slowed down, they still ended up trespa.s.sing in a few forbidden zones even. It was the same with all of them; every forbidden region possessed the remains of a supreme expert that radiated with killing intent. The blood never dried, seeming to be demonic.

Jian Chen had learned from the sword spirits that the remains all originated from the same expert and had been there for countless years. The essence within them would never disperse and could easily kill Saint Emperors.

Fortunately, Jian Chen and Yadriam managed to stop in time whenever they trespa.s.sed in one of those regions. They then managed to retreat as quickly as possible everytime. This was the only reason why they were perfectly fine right now.

Suddenly, the surrounding s.p.a.ce began to violently pulse. The surrounding landscape became blurry and Jian Chen discovered that Yadriam was rapidly fading away.

"Oh no, s.p.a.ce has fallen into disorder again," Jian Chen shivered inside. He had encountered similar situations many times already. The s.p.a.ce within the Sea of Despair was very unstable and every time it fell into disorder, it would randomly transport them to another point in the Sea of Despair.

However, this time was different than all the times before. He had always been with Yadriam before and had been sent to the same place every time. He saw Yadriam grow blurry this time. This was a sign that they were about to be transported to different places.

Jian Chen did not have enough time to think through everything. He immediately grabbed Yadriam by the hand and yanked her over. They relied on the Abyssal Crystal to guide them through the Sea of Despair and the crystal was with Yadriam. If he ended up separating with her, he would become completely lost since visibility was limited to a hundred meters away. He might even end up trapped here forever.

Yadriam's hand was slender and gentle. It was as smooth as jade and carried a certain coolness. However, Jian Chen was in no mood to consider her features. As soon as he pulled Yadriam over, the surrounding s.p.a.ce descended into chaos as it pulsed in an extremely unstable manner.

The light around Yadriam rippled slightly, but it stabilized very soon. She drew her hand back from Jian Chen without raising a scene. Her heart, which was usually impervious to any desires, wavered slightly. It was no longer as calm as before.

There had not been a man who had touched her in her life.

The s.p.a.ce stabilized and the two of them recovered their visibility as well. However, their faces became extremely ugly because they had appeared in a region without any mist.

The area around them was completely clear. The surroundings were desolate as far as the eye could see, and only the sky remained a hazy white, having been enshrouded by the deadly mist.

"Oh no, we've probably arrived in the most dangerous region of them all," Jian Chen said under his breath. The two of them had come across multiple regions like this along the way and had gained a rough understanding of them. The greater the danger, the thinner the mist would be. There was not any mist at all in this region.

Yadriam also became heavy-hearted. She looked around and found that everything looked the same. Even if she wanted to back out of this place, she would not know where to go.

Jian Chen looked around as well, but to his surprise, he failed to find the flesh or blood of the supreme expert.

After a moment of silence, Yadriam pulled out the Abyssal Crystal in a straightforward manner and summoned the Abyssal Bird to lead the way. The two of them set off by following the bird, but this time, they moved extremely slowly and carefully.

After traveling several dozen kilometers, a gigantic, ancient tower appeared before the two of them. The tower was several hundred meters tall and in horrible condition. It was covered with slashes from a sword and every single slash seemed to be hiding an extremely powerful sword that radiated a terrifying sword Qi.

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