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Chapter 1327: Setting Foot in the Serpent G.o.d Hall

Jian Chen and Tie Ta pursued Tao Zhengtian. Meanwhile, the main entrance of the Octoterra Divine Hall in the territory of the Turtle clan opened up. With the Saint Kings leading them, a large number of clansmen poured out.

“It’s the ruler. The ruler’s returned. Fantastic, this is just fantastic…”

“Did you see? Once the ruler returned, even Tao Zhengtian was scared into fleeing in such a horrendous manner. He dares not face the ruler head-on because he fears death…”

“Long live the ruler! The ruler is invincible…”

The group of clansmen said in high spirits. The respect and admiration they felt for the ruler had already reached an unbelievable level.

The paleness of the five Saint Kings finally eased a bit after holding in their anger for so long. Now that Jian Chen and his powerful friend had returned, they finally possessed the power to deal with the Tao family. They did not need to hide within the divine hall and be verbally abused any longer.

The five of them stared in the direction Jian Chen had traveled off in in interest. They all frowned.

“Odd. Tao Zhengtian has been causing a great disturbance saying he will fight and kill Jian Chen constantly, but now that he has returned, why has he fled without even fighting? Even if they’re worried that they’re no longer our opponents, they still have a divine hall. As long as they hide within the divine hall, we won’t be able to do anything to them. There’s no need for them to flee so quickly,” Mochas said in doubt.

The others nodded as well. They all felt that Tao Zhengtian’s actions were extremely suspicious.

“I know. Tao Zhengtian’s objective is probably to draw Jian Chen away. He’s probably already set up some trap for Jian Chen,” Qing Yixuan said with a heavy voice. Her complexion had become very ugly. She had already severely offended the Tao family by partic.i.p.ating in the battle against them with the Turtle clan, so if Jian Chen died, she could no longer stay in the sea realm.

Suddenly, Qing Yixuan turned to the clansmen behind her. She said, “Everyone enter the divine hall. Tao Zhengtian’s probably set up a trap for Jian Chen. We need to go save him with the divine hall to prevent any accidents.”

The clansmen all revealed different expressions and entered the divine hall as quickly as possible.

Afterward, Qing Yixuan chased after Jian Chen with Lan Jing, Xin Pian, Mochas, and Tao Dou along with the divine hall.

Tao Zhengtian wildly fled as he carried the divine hall. At this moment, his heart violently surged. He was nowhere near calm. He had been frightened by the tremendous presence Jian Chen had released. Just from Jian Chen’s presence, he had deduced that Jian Chen was no weaker than him, possibly even much more powerful, because even he shivered before Jian Chen’s presence.

Other than that, Tao Zhengtian could sense that Jian Chen’s golden-skinned companion was very strong as well, no weaker than himself either.

“G.o.d dammit. It’s only been so long! How has the ruler of the Turtle clan’s strength increased by so much?” Tao Zhengtian bitterly grumbled inside. The rate at which the ruler of the Turtle clan was growing had completely exceeded anything he had antic.i.p.ated.

Behind, Jian Chen and Tie Ta tailed him. One of them was reduced to a blur and seemed to fuse with the surrounding s.p.a.ce to blink across a very great distance, while the other shone with a dazzling, golden light as he shot through the sky like a comet.

The two of them were slightly faster than Tao Zhengtian, so they gradually moved closer.

Very soon, they arrived over a hundred thousand kilometers from the territory of the Turtle clan. They had crossed the territories of many large clans and caused a very large disturbance along the way.

“Tao Zhengtian, this place is far enough away. I’ll make this region of desolate mountains your grave,” Jian Chen suddenly yelled out when they arrived at a mountain range. He pushed the Illusory Flash to the limits of his understanding and his speed skyrocketed. In just a few seconds, he caught up with Tao Zhengtian and condensed a sword in his hand with his Chaotic Force. He stabbed out

“How can he be so fast?!” Tao Zhengtian was shocked, but he did not respond slowly either. With a boom, a tremendous amount of energy erupted from within him, condensing into a layer of armor in the blink of an eye. A trident appeared in his hand as well as he stabbed out as hard as he could.

Boom! Tao Zhengtian’s trident clashed with Jian Chen’s sword and immediately produced a terrifying ripple of energy. It caused the mountains below to collapse. They were reduced to a mess. 

Tao Zhengtian’s face changed. With a grunt, he shot back like a broken kite. The trident in his hand dimmed while the armor on him had almost shattered.

The sword in Jian Chen’s hand remained just as powerful as before, without weakening at all. His gaze was cold, and he said, “Tao Zhengtian, your strength remains where it was before. You have not improved at all in the past half a year, so killing me with just that much is wishful thinking.”

“Y- you…” Tao Zhengtian was both shocked and enraged. He pointed at Jian Chen in a speechless manner before roaring out, “Just what has happened in the past half a year!? Why has your strength increased by so much!?” From just that single clash, Tao Zhengtian had become filled with fear. He had discovered, out of shock, that after half a year, he was not the ruler of the Turtle clan’s opponent at all. This matter was shocking and unbelievable.

Tao Zhengtian did not expect Jian Chen to answer his question at all. He turned around and flew into his divine hall, controlling it as he fled. He pushed its speed to the limits as he attempted to reach the territory of the Serpent G.o.d Hall as quickly as possible.

Jian Chen sneered as he chased behind with Tie Ta. It was impossible for him to not see through Tao Zhengtian’s scheme since Tao Zhengtian had come in such a bold manner to block the main entrance of the Turtle clan even though Tao Zhengtian knew he could not do anything to them, but he had still purposefully angered them in attempt to draw him out. However, Jian Chen was extremely confident after returning from the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He was not afraid no matter what Tao Zhengtian was counting on.

“So the Serpent G.o.d Hall is supporting him,” very soon, Jian Chen understood Tao Zhengtian’s intentions from the direction he fled. Jian Chen immediately revealed a mysterious smile.

“I’ll try you this time, hall master of the Serpent G.o.d Hall. I’d like to see just how powerful Saint Emperors are compared to the Cla.s.s 9 Xuanhuang beasts,” Jian Chen thought. Now that he had reached the fourth layer of the Chaotic Body and reached the Sword Origin realm in terms of comprehension, his strength had increased a bunch. Even without forging the Azulet Swords, he was somewhat confident that he could deal with Saint Emperors. Even if he could not defeat them, he was able to flee with his current strength.

Jian Chen was not in a hurry to smash Tao Zhengtian’s divine hall. Instead, he concealed his strength and followed along, continuing to travel toward the territory of the Serpent G.o.d Hall.

The pursuit lasted for two whole days before Jian Chen finally entered the territory of the Serpent G.o.d Hall. The moment Jian Chen stepped over the boundary, Tao Zhengtian almost began to tear up in joy. He was tempted to roar at the sky.

“Hahaha, Jian Chen, your end is here. So what about how great your talent is or how unprecedented you are? You’re still going to meet your end today,” Tao Zhengtian laughed out loud. His greatest enemy was finally going to fall before him, so he felt indescribable joy.

A supreme energy flowed through the surroundings and behind Jian Chen. An extremely powerful energy sealed up the boundary to the territory of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall, cutting of Jian Chen’s path of escape.

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