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Chapter 1300: Yadriam

“It’s the experts of the Sea race…”

“Fantastic, the reinforcements of the Sea race have come…”

“Just as I had expected, the first group of reinforcements would be the experts of the Sea race. We established a very deep enmity with the Hundred Races in ancient times while the experts of the Beast G.o.d Continent trespa.s.sed our land several years ago, resulting in an intense clash. Only the Sea race has not fallen out with us…”

“The leading person is actually a Saint Emperor. Fantastic, we now have one more Saint Emperor…”

The humans fell into a hubbub with the arrival of the Sea race experts. All of them stood in the air as they stared at them in joy. They were deeply curious.

To them, the people of the Sea race were relatively mysterious beings since Saint Emperors could not pa.s.s through the protective barrier around the sea realm. As a result, many of them had only heard of their existence, but none of them had never seen them in person before.

Even more gazes were fixated om the woman enveloped in blue light who stood at the very front. They revealed respect. Although the woman did not give off any presence at all, many of them could already tell that she was a Saint Emperor.

The grand elder of Mercenary City joyfully flew over with a group of Saint King elders, which was followed by many other Saint Kings. This group included the important figures from the ten protector clans as well as various large organizations of the Tian Yuan Continent.

“I am the grand elder of Mercenary City, and I’d like to welcome the esteemed guests of the Sea race to our world, the Tian Yuan Continent,” the grand elder loudly said from afar.

“I am the hall master of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall from the sea realm, Yadriam. You have been far too kind,” replied the hall master nonchalantly as she bathed in blue light.

“So it’s the esteemed hall master of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall. You have gone far to travel so much and we have failed to welcome you from afar. Please forgive us,” the grand elder conventionally answered in a politeful manner before glancing past the people behind the hall master. He was secretly shocked. All the experts behind her wore the same attire, allowing him to understand that they were all experts of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall with a single glance.

However, what truly shocked the grand elder and the other Saint Kings was that there were actually four Saint Kings at Great Perfection among the Sea race party, and almost all the other people were at the Eighth or Ninth Heavenly Layer. Only a small portion of them were of the Seventh Heavenly Layer, and no one was weaker than that.

Although many of them had never visited the sea realm, they possessed a rough understanding of the Sea race. There were many Saint Kings among the Sea race, but not all of them were a part of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall. Even with that being the case, the Sea G.o.ddess Hall could easily mobilize four Saint Kings at Great Perfection and around a dozen experts beyond the Seventh Heavenly Layer just by themselves. This was equivalent to several protector clans working together.

At the same time, all of them understood that the Saint Kings brought by Yadriam were probably just a tip of the iceberg for the Sea G.o.ddess Hall.

This was because the overall strength of the Sea race far exceeded the Tian Yuan Continent. There were far more Saint Rulers and Saint Kings there than the Tian Yuan Continent.

“There is no need to be so polite, grand elder. May I ask of the situation of the World of Forsaken Saints?” The hall master gently inquired as the blue light around her grew brighter, permeating the surroundings with dense, water-attributed energy. No one could see her true appearance while the other expert behind her stood there silently.

The grand elder quickly told her everything he knew about the World of Forsaken Saints. He stressed that they had a very powerful Origin realm expert that even the barrier spirit could not handle.

Yadriam fell silent. Only after quite a long while did she say, “I’ve already sensed the spatial tunnel deep underground. The violent streams of energy are indeed extremely terrifying, and they flow from the World of Forsaken Saints to the Tian Yuan Continent. It is extremely easy for the people from the other world to come over, but if we want to go over, we’ll have to travel against the current of the energy. Even Saint Emperors will face danger.” Yadriam was rather stern as she walked toward the captured Saint King.

Only now did the Heavenly Enchantress slowly open her eyes and stand up. She calmly observed Yadriam. She was the only person who did not welcome the hall master of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall among the humans.

Yadriam noticed the Heavenly Enchantress as well and carefully observed her. A sliver of surprise appeared in her eyes since she was unable to see through the Heavenly Enchantress’ strength. In her eyes, the Heavenly Enchantress seemed like a cloud of mist. She was hazy and unrealistic.

Yadriam was secretly surprised. This was the first time she had come across something so odd. Even the two other Saint Emperors in the sea realm were unable to make her feel like that.

Yadriam stared at the Heavenly Enchantress deeply before turning her gaze to the unconscious Saint King at Great Perfection.

“Esteemed hall master, this was the expert from the World of Forsaken Saints that we captured. We originally planned to gain an understanding the other world through him, but who would have expected him to use a secret technique to obliterate his own soul? Fortunately Mu’er controlled the situation with her zither within that crucial moment and knocked him unconscious,” the grand elder explained by the side.

A sliver of shock flashed through Yadriam’s eyes. She said, “To control a Saint King at Great Perfection in such an easy manner. You have my admiration. Even Saint Emperors are unable to do something like that.”

Hao Wu hid among the crowd with an ashen face. His feelings were mixed. He was indeed extremely surprised by his daughter’s accomplishments, and even wondered if the cold Heavenly Enchantress was her daughter or not. Her strength had increased at an astonishing rate over the past few years.

Hao Wu had come here several days ago and had discovered his daughter long ago. However, he knew that his daughter still hated him, unwilling to forgive him as a father. Hao Wu had wanted to greet his daughter many times over the past few days, but he chose to do nothing in the end.

He knew that he had already been discovered with his daughter’s current strength, but she continued to ignore him as a father. She even treated him like gla.s.s, making his heart ache.

“Shangguan Xiaoyan, I can never make it up to you for what happened in the past,” Hao Wu sighed inside as sorrow and regret appeared in his eyes.

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