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Chapter 1299: Reinforcements (Four)

No one could stop the foreign Saint King from committing suicide, nor did any of the Hundred Races experts think of why he commited suicide in such a straightforward manner.

The atmosphere within the divine hall became extremely heavy. Several dozen Saint Kings stood there sternly. The news that they had learned was suffocating. All of them had become deeply stunned by the foreign Saint King.

“The World of Forsaken Saints will launch a large-scale invasion soon. Looks like they want to conquer this world, and the humans probably won’t be the only people affected. The magical beasts, us Hundred Races, and the Sea race probably can’t avoid this either. What should we do right now?” An old man with peppered hair inquired after a long time. He was a hall elder of the War G.o.d Hall, a Saint King at Great Perfection.

“If the person is telling the truth, the World of Forsaken Saints is so powerful that none of the races can stop it. They possess many Saint Emperors, where even if we all work together, we’re not their opponent,” replied the old woman from the flame daemons. Her voice was hoa.r.s.e and her face was sunken. She was also a hall elder.

“In my opinion, we should forget about our enmity with the humans and magical beasts for now and temporarily work with the humans to deal with the threat. Otherwise, the Hundred Races will probably cease to exist,” said a woman who seemed to be in her twenties. She was elegant and possessed alluring beauty. She gave off a natural, divine presence. She was the expert of the elves. Although she seemed to be very young, she was actually several thousand years old.

All the Saint Kings in the divine hall fell silent. Their enmity with the humans and magical beasts was deep, so temporarily suppressing it to work with them really was rather difficult.

However, the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints was suffocating them as well. They all felt extremely uneasy because of that threat.

“Compared to the outcome of becoming extinct, we should endure this temporary alliance. Everyone’s heard what the foreigner said. Once the World of Forsaken Saints makes it to our world, it’s extremely likely that we will be wiped out. I suggest we leave behind the enmity for now and deal with the World of Forsaken Saints first,” said a hunch-backed old man. He seemed ancient and was also a Saint King at Great Perfection. He did not have much time until the end of his live and was also one of the most senior members of the War G.o.d Hall. He possessed much prestige.

The War G.o.d Hall was where the faith of the Hundred Races lay and was a divine force in the eyes of all inhabitants of the continent. The several dozen Saint Kings gathered there was not even a third of all of the Saint Kings. Quite a few of the Saint Kings present were at Great Perfection. They all came from different races.

“I agree with elder Chi Tian and queen Baisha. Let’s put down our enmity for now…” A long while later, a hall elder finally expressed his agreement.

With someone leading them, the matters following happened much smoother. All the experts gathered there came to an agreement. They all understood that the disagreements of the past were nothing if they could not survive. They were just forgetting about the disagreements temporarily.


At the same time, the news that the scouts from the World of Forsaken Saints had fled reached the Beast G.o.d Hall in the shortest amount of time possible, raising a large amount of concern from all the experts there. In order to capture the foreign Saint Kings that may have fled there, a large group of Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beasts were mobilized to searched the entire continent. Even the three Saint Emperors were alerted.

The presence of the foreign Saint Kings differed from the Saint Kings of this world, so even after hiding themselves in crowds of people, they were as eye-catching as a lantern in the dark. It was very easy for them to be recognized.

With the three Saint Emperors partic.i.p.ating as well, the few Saint Kings were capture very quickly. Other than a few who had been slain on the spot, a few people were left alive to be brought back to the Beast G.o.d Hall to be interrogated.

However, the three Saint Emperors never imagined that the Saint Kings would commit suicide before they could even be interrogated after being brought back. They failed to obtain any information from them at all.

Even though that was the case, the three Saint Emperors became extremely stern. The World of Forsaken Saints really did exist and it was extremely possible for them to actually possess the strength described by the humans. They may even have Origin realm experts.

The three Saint Emperors gathered on the ninety-eighth floor of the Beast G.o.d Hall. They all stared sternly at the corpses as the Saint Emperor of the Peng clan, Cangqiong, said, “This is a significant matter. I will immediately set off for the Tian Yuan Continent.” As soon as he said that, Cangqiong was reduced to a faint image. This was an afterimage he had left behind. He had already traversed several thousand kilometers in a single moment. Even without the use of a s.p.a.ce Gate, he could reach astonishing speeds.

Kaiser and Lankyros remained where they were. They currently possessed an unnatural paleness, still injured from being attacked by Xiao Ling.

The empty s.p.a.ce above Mercenary City was filled with people. After the arrival of the foreign Saint Kings, they did not return to the miniature world. They all stood guard outside, carefully observing the situation of the tunnel.

The spatial tunnel would spray out violent flows of energy from time to time, so it was extremely dangerous down there. Even Saint Kings at Great Perfection might end up facing death if they were caught by the energy there, so the Saint Kings did not go beneath the ground. They could only guard above.

“The news has been sent long ago. I wonder how the Sea race, the magical beasts, and the Hundred Races will respond. Will they send reinforcements…”

“Not only does this matter affect the peace of our continent, it threatens the three other races as well. We have to persuade them no matter what. We’re just far too weak just by ourselves…”

“It’s a pity that there are too few supreme experts in this age. If we possessed the glory of the ancient times, we would have not need to fear the World of Forsaken Saints…”

“Haven’t you heard what the barrier spirit said? The strength of the World of Forsaken Saints has greatly exceeded anything we can antic.i.p.ate. We might not even have been able to fend off their invasion in ancient times…”

“Back then, the city lord Mo Tianyun had actually entered the World of Forsaken Saints all by himself and slew many experts. He even killed quite a few Origin realm experts. That is just unbelievable. He truly is worth being known as the strongest human expert. He’s probably already reached the peak of the Origin realm with his strength…”

“If only the city lord was still present... He could probably wipe out the entire World of Forsaken Saints all by himself, and we would not have to guard here while at the end of our wits…”

“I wonder when great elder Tian Yuan will finish refining the divine hall. The divine hall holds all our hopes now…”

Everyone discussed the problems they faced with one another, and between them lay a foreign Saint King with his eyes closed. The Heavenly Enchantress currently sat by his side with her zither while the Saint Kings around them glanced towards her with gazes filled with deep dread.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce several kilometers away began to violently distort. A s.p.a.ce Gate rapidly formed and rich water-attributed energy flowed out.

The interior of the s.p.a.ce Gate flickered with blue light as a person enveloped with water-blue light slowly emerged. Her face was obscured, only revealing a hazy but curvy figure. Behind her followed over ten people of various ages. They were all beyond the Fifth Heavenly Layer as Saint Kings, but all of them hid their presences as they politely stood behind her.

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