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Chapter 1259: The Third Saint Emperor

“Nine-colored clouds. It’s actually the nine-colored rainbow clouds. Has another person reached Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent?” Several Saint Rulers flew out of the forbidden grounds of the Changyang clan and wondered aloud while staring at the clouds that stretched across the continent.

These Saint Rulers were all people who had broken away from the protector Changyang clan with Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao. All of them were members of the Zu branch, and any single one of them would possess terrifying seniority among the Changyang clan of Lore City. All of them were Jian Chen’s great-grandfathers.

Staring blankly at the rainbow clouds in the sky, Changyang Zu Yeyun revealed an extremely interesting expression. Today should have been the day where she celebrated reaching Saint King. The descent of the seven-colored clouds would have informed the entire world that another Saint King had been born on the continent. However, she had never thought that as soon as the clouds that celebrated her breakthrough appeared, they would be completely engulfed by nine-colored rainbow clouds. Changyang Zu Yeyun had no clue how to describe how she felt because of this.

“Houston reached Saint Emperor only recently, having become the second one of the Tian Yuan Continent. I never thought that another Saint Emperor would appear on the Tian Yuan Continent so soon. This really is unbelievable. Is breaking through to Saint Emperor really that easy now?” Changyang Zu Yunxiao looked at the sky as he asked with mixed feelings.

Changyang Zu Xiao gently sighed, “From now on, our Tian Yuan Continent will have three Saint Emperors. I just wonder who the person who has broken through is. Does he belong to the protector clans? Or does he belong to some other organization? Or maybe he’s even an the independent cultivator?”

“Now that our Tian Yuan Continent has three Saint Emperors, our absolute strength is on par to the Beast G.o.d Continent. It doesn’t matter who he is, he’ll increase the strength of our continent at the very least. Now if the Beast G.o.d Continent tries to invade the Tian Yuan Continent again, they better think it over properly,” said Changyang Zu Yeyun. Although her glory for reaching Saint King had been overshadowed by a Saint Emperor, she did not become annoyed at all. Instead, she became rather happy.

If the seven-colored rainbow clouds Changyang Zu Yeyun’s breakthrough to Saint King had lead to a few emotional sighs among all the Saint Kings, the appearance of the nine-colored rainbow clouds had thrown the entire continent into a commotion again. It shocked all the Saint Kings, and they experienced both admiration and envy inside.

Saint Emperor was a realm that was unreachable in the eyes of all Saint Rulers, but it was the realm that all Saint Kings strived for on the Tian Yuan Continent. It was just that breaking through was extremely difficult. The continent, with its enormous population, had given birth to many geniuses. Reaching the Great Perfection of Saint King for them was no difficulty, but reaching Saint Emperor was virtually impossible.

Just when the grand elder in the air was about leave Mercenary City, he discovered that the rainbow clouds in the sky had dissipated and had been replaced by nine-colored rainbow clouds.

The grand elder obviously knew what the nine-colored clouds represented extremely well. He immediately became stunned as he stared at the clouds blankly. He remained rather dazed for quite some time.

It had been less than half a year since Houston had become a Saint Emperor, yet another Saint Emperor had appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent now. This made it rather difficult for Saint Kings, who were used to Saint Emperors only appearing once every thousand years or several thousand years, to accept.

The s.p.a.ce around the grand elder began to ripple, and in just a few seconds, several dozen experts had already appeared around him. None of them were weaker than Saint Rulers, and there were even several Saint Kings sandwiched between them.

All the experts of Mercenary City had been drawn out by the descent of the nine-colored clouds.

“Another person’s become a Saint Emperor. I wonder who it is…”

“In three days, we will know who has become a Saint Emperor…”

Two of the Saint Kings murmured after feeling stunned for quite some time.

All the Saint Kings from the three great empires, protector clans, and ancient clans emerged from seclusion, including some independent Saint Kings who dwelled in desolate mountains.

An extremely run-down thatched hut stood silently in an ancient forest that was always enshrouded by mist. The sounds of magical beasts would constantly ring out, including deafening roars that would reverberate across the sky from time to time. These were the roars of Cla.s.s 6 Magical Beasts, and there were more than just one of them. However, all of these magical beasts gathered around the thatched hut. Even though the hut sat exactly where the energy of the world was most abundant in the forest, none of the magical beasts dared to step a single foot closer. They maintained a distance of three thousand meters from the hut.

At this moment, an ordinary-looking old man covered with wrinkles and wearing coa.r.s.e robes emerged from the hut. He looked at the sky as a gleam of light shone across his ancient eyes. However, he then deeply sighed, “I never thought that someone else would reach Saint Emperor so quickly. I’ve already been stuck at Great Perfection for several hundred years, and I don’t have much time left, but I still can’t break through. I wonder if I’ll have the chance to become a Saint Emperor…”

In the blink of an eye, three days pa.s.sed. The nine-colored clouds remained in the sky, but an odd rippled spread across the land from far away.

Without any hesitation, all the Saint Kings ripped open s.p.a.ce to create s.p.a.ce Gates to reach the origin of the ripple. Many of them wanted to know just who had become a Saint Emperor.

At this moment, a white-robed, middle-aged man sat on the tip of a sword-shaped mountain in an ancient mountain range several million kilometers away from Mercenary City. He radiated with an extremely vast presence, and an extremely terrifying energy pulsed from his body in an unstable manner. It would surge out of him from time to time, causing the s.p.a.ce around him to violently shake.

s.p.a.ce Gates opened one after another several thousand meters away from him. From them emerged Saint Kings from everywhere. There were experts from Mercenary City, the three great empires, the ancient clans, the protector clans, and even some independent Saint Kings.

As soon as the people arrived there, their gazes landed on the middle-aged man who sat on the mountain peak. Many of them immediately revealed a different expression.

“It’s great elder Tian Jian…” A Saint King from Mercenary City immediately cried out.

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