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Chapter 1194: Sealing the Changyang Clan (Three)

Several Saint Rulers sat around the Emperor Armament in the forbidden grounds of the Changyang clan. All of their eyes were closed, and they had formed hand seals, currently using a secret technique to awaken the Emperor Armament. The battle in the distance became more and more intense as terrifying ripples of energy wreaked havoc in the realm as shockwaves, where even the forbidden grounds were slightly affected. However, the shockwaves were not enough to stop their determined minds. They were going to awaken the Emperor Armament.

As they all spat a cloud of essence blood onto the Emperor Armament, the weapon began to gently tremble, which became more intense over time. A layer of bright light surrounded the thirty-meter-long Emperor Armament as it was slowly drawn from the ground, shooting to the sky.

Suddenly, an extremely vast sword Qi began to radiate from the Emperor Armament. It was enough to disturb the world and was basically unmatched. The commotion was so great that even Saint Kings at Great Perfection could not match up to it.

The Saint Rulers who awakened the Emperor Armament were all pale-white now. They all collapsed powerlessly on the ground, as if they had used up everything they had. However, they all smiled in success. They maintained complete confidence in the Emperor Armament. They thought that as soon as it was mobilized, there was nothing in the world that could stop their protector clan.

The Emperor Armament shot through the sky, and without anyone’s control, it charged toward Hong Lian as a streak of light. As soon as a Emperor Armament was awakened in a protector clan, it would automatically attack all targets that were hostile. Although it was not as powerful as when it was controlled, its power could not be underestimated either.

Hong Lian handled the violent attacks from Changyang Qing Yun and Changyang Yuan Wuji with ease. She did not become fl.u.s.tered at all when she saw the incoming Emperor Armament. With a flip of her hand, three tiny thumb-sized, flame-red sculptures of phoenixes appeared. She gently tossed the sculptures into the air and the three sculptures immediately began to burn with roaring flames. They turned into ten-meter-long phoenixes with intangible bodies that were condensed from flames.

The three phoenixes opened their wings and charged toward Changyang Yuan Wuji under Hong Lian’s control.

Shortly afterward, another five bright-red feathers appeared in Hong Lian’s hand. They shone with a blood-like color. They were not true phoenix feathers, but crafted from special materials by her.

The five feathers flew from her hand and turned into five streaks of scarlet flames. As they flew, they rapidly expanded, becoming several dozen meters in length in the end. A layer of roaring flames covered them. They surrounded Changyang Qing Yun in a formation that seemed simple but contained the mysteries of the world. As the formation pulsed, the s.p.a.ce inside quickly blurred and Changyang Qing Yun disappeared as well. He had been sucked away by the formation s.p.a.ce.

The five feathers of the formation shook violently as sparks flew off of them. Changyang Qing Yun was currently doing everything he could to break out, but the formation was one of the most powerful formations in the Scorching Divine Phoenix clan. Although it was nowhere near its full strength due to a lack of materials, it was enough to trap Changyang Qing Yun for some time.

The Emperor Armament shot over with an unstoppable force. Having broken away from Changyang Yuan Zhenghua and Changyang Qing Yun, Hong Lian also drew her Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin to face the attacks of the Emperor Armament.

The hairpin possessed the vague presence of origin energy. Wrapped under a layer of scorching white flames, it collided with the Emperor Armament. With a deafening boom, an extremely powerful shockwave erupted, creating a storm of destruction. The mountain ranges in a radius of ten kilometers instantly collapsed, reduced to falling rocks and dust in the air. The mountain ranges beyond the collapsed range also began to collapse part by part.

The s.p.a.ce violently shook and twisted very much. Streaks of pitch-black cracks appeared in s.p.a.ce like huge, dark mouths of vicious ghosts, devouring anything and everything that got too close to them.

The eighteen divine halls in the sky had completely consolidated their physical forms. Every single divine hall was shining with an eternal glow as a vast, powerful, and mysterious energy surged out from them, fusing with the surrounding s.p.a.ce to stabilize it.

The single clash between the origin energy weapon and the Emperor Armament was equivalent to the clash between two Saint Emperors. If the s.p.a.ce had not been protected by the eighteen divine halls, it probably would have collapsed already.

On the other side, Jian Chen fought an intense battle against two great elders as well. At the same time, he paid attention to the wild fight that involved Hong Lian. Out of his opponents, Changyang Qing Jueri was the weakest, so he had become Jian Chen’s primary target of attack. In just a bit of fighting, several slashes had appeared on him which dyed his luxurious white robes red.

If it were not for the fact that Changyang Qing Yunfeng kept Jian Chen busy at crucial moments, Changyang Qing Jueri would have been even more heavily injured.

“Enter the eighteen divine halls and activate the encirclement,” an ancient, heavy voice boomed from behind. Immediately, eighteen Saint Rulers took to the sky, flying toward the eighteen divine halls.

The moment the eighteen experts entered the structures, life seemed to have been breathed into the eighteen divine halls. They possessed some sort of intelligence and began to move. All eighteen divine halls stacked together and slowly fell toward Hong Lian’s head.

Hong Lian’s expression changed. She raised her head as she glared at the divine halls that slowly fell down, and she finally became stern. This was because she had suddenly discovered she could not move at all. As the eighteen divine halls fell from above, a curse seemed to have been planted on her. She could not move or break free no matter how hard she tried.

“This is Spatial Force. The wonders it contains far exceeds the comprehension of a regular Saint Emperor. It’s something that only a peak Saint Emperor or someone that’s surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor can control. Even if a regular Saint Emperor gets trapped by this, they probably won’t be able to break free in a short amount of time.” Hong Lian was extremely stern. 

Hong Lian was trapped and immobilized. As the eighteen divine halls grew closer and closer to her, even the energy within her was affected. It became rather difficult to control.


With a loud sound, the Emperor Armament struck her body while she was immobilized. It immediately caused her origin energy armor to spray out scorching white flames in order to fend off the attack. Hong Lian would have been blown away long ago if she had received such a powerful attack on any other day, but she was currently trapped. She could not move at all, and with nowhere to redirect the terrifying force of the Emperor Armament, she became even more injured.

Some paleness appeared on her face. Although she was protected by her armor and the Emperor Armament could not break through it, the powerful force was still enough to shake up her organs.

“Hahaha, phoenix, do you really think that no one can stop you in our protector clan’s s.p.a.ce just because you have the two origin energy treasures? Let me tell you, the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls of the protector clans can trap Saint Emperors. Even if Saint Emperors want to break free, it’ll take four hours. You probably won’t even be able to break free even after a whole day since your strength is below a Saint Emperor,” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua loudly chuckled. He could not help but cease his useless actions of attacking the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

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