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Chapter 1177: Descent on Lore City (Two)

The formations in the forbidden grounds had already cracked open. A huge sword shone with blinding light as it slowly rose into the air, radiating with earth-shaking sword Qi.

Around a dozen Saint Ruler old men sat beneath the sword. All of them were pale-faced and filled with exhaustion. They had expended a lot to use a secret technique to awaken the Emperor Armament.

“Fantastic, the Emperor Armament has finally awakened. Now let’s see how the Bright Moon Divine Hall escapes,” Changyang Qing Yun was delighted.

“It’s the clan’s Emperor Armament. Wonderful, the Emperor Armament has finally appeared…”

“The might of our Emperor Armament is unbelievable. Is there still anyone who can stand up to it once it appears…”

“The invading divine hall won’t even be able to take a single attack from the Emperor Armament…”

The clan immediately began to buzz with the appearance of the Emperor Armament. Many core members of the clan knew about the legend of the Emperor Armament, so they obviously held blind belief in it. They believed it to be the most powerful weapon in the world.

Suddenly, the huge sword gently trembled. A sword Qi much more powerful than before immediately emerged. With its jerk, many tiny cracks immediately appeared in the tough s.p.a.ce of the Changyang clan, and the Emperor Armament turned into a resplendent streak of light. It stabbed at the Bright Moon Divine Hall with unbelievable speed, arriving nearby in a single instant. It seemed like it had teleported.


With a deafening rumble, the Emperor Armament struck the divine hall like a bolt of lightning. The sound from the collision temporarily deafened many people, causing their ears to ring. Terrifying energy ripples transformed into a violent storm as they ripped across the sky. The floating piece of land in the center of the Changyang clan violently shook. Many buildings collapsed and it was reduced to a mess.

However, no one paid attention to the ruined houses. They all stared unblinkingly at the Emperor Armament and divine hall in the sky.

The Bright Moon Divine Hall remained hovering in the sky in a stable fashion. There were no signs of damage on the pure-white and majestic structure, not even a single scratch in fact.

The Bright Moon Divine Hall was actually unscathed after taking a strike from the Emperor Armament.

“I- i- impossible!” Changyang Qing Yun stared at the sky wide-eyed. Disbelief had completely overwhelmed him, and he refused to accept what had just unfolded in front of him.

Changyang Zu Xiao also became stunned. He murmured, “The Emperor Armament has been awakened by a secret technique and is unable to use its full might without anyone’s control, but it can easily break through any divine hall. How can the Bright Moon Divine Hall take a strike from it and emerge completely fine? Even if it’s made from the special materials of the moon, it’s impossible for it to be this tough.”

Changyang Qing Yun and Changyang Zu Xiao were not the only people shocked. Every single person who knew the power of the Emperor Armament became tongue-tied in disbelief at what had just happened.


The Emperor Armament in the air resonated loudly before striking the divine hall again with great force. With another boom, the outcome was the same as before. The Bright Moon Divine Hall had forcefully taken on the Emperor Armament’s attack without sustaining any damage. The Emperor Armament of a protector clan was actually unable to leave a single mark on the pure-white structure.

The divine hall became enshrouded by a layer of bright moonlight. Pure and powerful Moonlight Force slowly forced the crack open, which the divine hall then slowly rose through. It paid no attention to the Emperor Armament.

“The war G.o.d of the Hundred Races is within the Bright Moon Divine Hall. We can’t let it leave. Great elders, let’s control the Emperor Armament together. Otherwise, if the war G.o.d leaves here, there will be unthinkable consequences,” Changyang Qing Yun called out. Right now, the Emperor Armament was only attacking automatically after it had been awakened. It was unable to use all its power without being controlled, so it was very weak.

Other than Changyang Zu Xiao, the other great elders all charged at the Emperor Armament in unison. Even Changyang Qing Yunfeng who had been heavily injured by Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s Founding G.o.d’s Fist partic.i.p.ated as well.

The Bright Moon Divine Hall broke out of the independent s.p.a.ce and arrived outside. The crack in the s.p.a.ce had finally closed up as well, concealing the Changyang clan once again.

But, the next moment, the World Gate of the Changyang clan opened widely. Five great elders poured their strength together to control the Emperor Armament as they aggressively flew out, making their way over to the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

The Emperor Armament became even more powerful under their control.

The door of the divine hall swung open again and You Yue emerged with the Moon G.o.d Sceptre. Her face was filled with anger, and she used the sceptre to receive the incoming Emperor Armament. A strand of pure-white Moonlight Force immediately surged out.

“There’s not much power left. My dear disciple, don’t use it all so casually. The power within the Moon G.o.d Sceptre can only be used to save lives,” fairy Hao Yue’s voice suddenly rang in You Yue’s head. Without her control, the power that gathered within the sceptre dispersed by itself.

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