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Chapter 1164: The Human Saint Emperor Appears

The sudden hand stunned all the Saint Kings who were attacking the feathers. They all raised their heads in doubt and surprise.

The palm strike was extremely powerful. It was on-par to an attack from Gustys, but more importantly, many Saint Kings felt an extremely powerful ripple of the mysteries of the world within it. It was at a level Saint Kings could not achieve.

“It’s a Saint Emperor. There’s a Saint Emperor who’s joined us,” an ancestor of an ancient clan growled. His complexion was rather horrible. He still had a sliver of a chance at obtaining the Saints’ Fruit when he contended against the protector clans, but he had no chance at all once a Saint Emperor interfered.

“It’s him, the path lord of the carnal desires. He’s interested in the Saints’ Fruit as well,” a Saint King cried out. He stared at the sky with much interest. In the empty sky, a white-robed, middle-aged man had already appeared as some certain time. He levitated in the air like a normal person and looked down on everything. An ill paleness was present on his evil-looking face.

He was indeed the path lord of the carnal desires. Although he had appeared under an extremely low profile, he made people feel like he controlled the world as he hovered in the sky.

Hong Lian’s face changed within the feathers. She heavily said, “The human Saint Emperor’s come. If he works with the human Saint Kings, the feathers will be broken through in an even shorter amount of time.”

Rui Jin said nothing. He was very stern, putting everything he had into creating a s.p.a.ce Gate, but the s.p.a.ce within the feathers had become very unstable due to the terrifying heat.

The path lord stared sharply at the huge ball of fire constructed from countless phoenix feathers. Afterward, he slowly raised his hand and the surrounding energy of the world immediately began to move violently. Endless amounts of World Force condensed in his hand at an unbelievable rate.

“Fusion of the seven emotions, Palm of Severance!” The path lord said with an extremely ordinary voice. He shot it down with that.

Immediately, the vast amounts of World Force condensed in his hand surged forward. It formed an invisible palm, flying toward the World of Feathers with tremendous force. The surrounding energy was quickly absorbed as it flew, merging into the invisible palm and making it even more powerful.

Not only was the palm a full-powered attack from a Saint Emperor, it contained the path of carnal desires from the path lord.

The strike collided against the feathers, but it did not manage to destroy the defense. The surging energy and World Force dissipated, but an invisible ripple pa.s.sed through the feathers and entered the s.p.a.ce inside.

This was the path of desires created by the path lord. It was not just a simple energy attack, but a special method to injure the souls.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian were all protected by their beads, so they did not fear the path lord’s method of attacks. Hei Yu hovered above Jian Chen, using the hazy light to block the attack for Jian Chen.

However, the s.p.a.ce within the feathers was impacted by the attack, causing the s.p.a.ce itself to violently shook. In other times, the shaking s.p.a.ce would not have affected them at all, but Rui Jin was currently constructing a s.p.a.ce Gate. What they feared most was unstable s.p.a.ce. Just as the s.p.a.ce Gate was about to be completed, it suddenly collapsed and reduced Rui Jin’s efforts to nothing.

“G.o.d dammit, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s actually come to make trouble right now. Once I break through to Cla.s.s 9, he’ll be the first one I kill,” Rui Jin became enraged. Killing intent bubbled around him as he became ready to kill.

The path lord of carnal desires’ palm strike had locked them out of the thought of leaving easily.

A gleam of light immediately flashed through the eyes of the path lord when he saw that his palm strike actually failed to achieve the intended results. He murmured, “They sure are worthy of being origin energy treasures. They’re actually so powerful, but maintaining the defenses must drain you heavily. I’d like to see just how long you can last. The Saints’ Fruit will be mine today. Probably only it can cure me of my wounds.” With that, the path lord continued to attack the barrier of feathers. Every single strike of his possessed extremely great might and would cause an earth-shaking commotion. Just by himself, he basically controlled all the World Force in the radius of several tens of kilometers. He could use it all to deal devastating attacks with just a raise of his hand.

The s.p.a.ce within the feathers was reduced to utter chaos from the path lord’s continuous attacks. Even with Rui Jin’s strength, he could not construct a s.p.a.ce Gate.

“This can’t continue. I’ve expanded too much energy. Rui Jin, Hei Yu, you two pave a path of blood. We’ll make them pay with blood this time,” Hong Lian ground her teeth with a pale-white face. Cold killing intent had appeared in her eyes.

Although the three of them had heavily injured a few human experts in the Death Nest before, they had held back and did not slaughter them. However, the bitter resistance had already ignited her killing intent.

“Hong Lian, work with Hei Yu to take Jian Chen away. I’ll go test out the human Saint Emperor,” Rui Jin heavily said. His irritation for the path lord had reached a point of resentment as well.

Hong Lian nodded before looking toward Hei Yu. She asked in concern, “Hei Yu, can you endure it?”

Hei Yu’s situation had clearly worsened. Not only did his face turn place, even his arms has blackened. Blood flowed constantly from the corner of his lips.

“This poison sure is powerful. It’s probably much more terrifying than the poison that’s ranked first in the world, but I’m still a Saint King at Great Perfection. Poisoning me to death isn’t that easy,” Hei Yu said in an extremely gruff voice.

“Senior Hei Yu, once we get to safety, I’ll immediately use by Radiant Saint Force origin energy to purge your poison,” Jian Chen said.

Suddenly, the feathers collapsed and countless, huge feathers shrank back to finger length, shooting through the air as red streaks of light toward Hong Lian. Hong Lian’s armor rea.s.sembled.

“I was right. You indeed cannot last for very long. You’ve finally been forced out by me. Now hand over the Saints’ Fruit. I won’t make it difficult for you,” the path lord’s voice rang out from the sky. He seemed extremely nonchalant. He knew that Rui Jin and the others were protected by origin energy armors, but he continued to act like victory was in his grasp.

A resplendent golden sword Qi was what he received as a response. Clad in the Sacred Dragon’s Armor with the treasured bead hovering above his head, Rui Jin aggressively charged over with his Sacred Dragon’s Sword.

The path lord showed nothing, but an undetectable sliver of fear still appeared in the depths of his eyes. He dared not to take the sword Qi condensed from origin energy head-on, so he used World Force to disperse it.

Although Rui Jin possessed the origin energy treasures, he was not an expert of the Origin realm. All he could do was make Saint Emperors fear him. He was unable to suppress three Saint Emperors with supreme force like Xiao Ling.

Rui Jin kept the path lord busy as Hong Lian and Hei Yu conducted a slaughter beneath. This time, they did not hold back at all and fought as hard as they could. Very soon, a few weaker Saint Kings died to their hands. They died immediately since their souls failed to escape, and around a dozen other Saint Kings were also heavily injured. However, they were either saved by companions at a crucial moment or fled using secret techniques.

The five old men from Mercenary City looked at each other and a sliver of determination appeared in their eyes. One of them said, “Whatever, we won’t take the Saints’ Fruit then. We’re about to return to the earth soon anyway, so why not use our last bit of vitality to cast the absolute secret technique again. We can leave the fruit to someone talented in Mercenary City.”

“Yeah, even if we die, we can’t die in vain,” the four other old men agreed. At that moment, all five of them had made up their minds about their deaths.

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