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Chapter 1152: A Struggle Between the Strong (Two)

The only remaining Saint King of the Zaar family stood in a large courtyard as he stared into the distance within the City of G.o.d. Zaar Veimos’ face was filled with both doubt and surprise.

“Has someone on the Tian Yuan Continent broken through to Saint Emperor? No, that doesn’t seem right. These mysteries of the world seem to be due to the birth of a Saint Emperor, but they are completely different from the records,” Zaar Veimos softly muttered. He seemed to think of something and his face changed abruptly. He cried out, “I remember now! It’s the Saints’ Fruit. This is the Saints’ Fruit that is recorded to only appear once every forty thousand years. It’s said that the fruit can allow a Saint King to reach Saint Emperor.” Zaar Veimos’ breathing suddenly became ragged. At this current date, it was very difficult to reach Saint Emperor. Many people were stuck at Great Perfection for their whole lives, unable to advance, which was why becoming a Saint Emperor was extremely tempting to all Saint Kings. It was enough for all the supreme experts who stood at the apex of the continent to fight with one another until they were all bloodied and battered.

But, the next moment, Zaar Veimos’ face darkened. He became filled with sorrow and helplessness. He deeply sighed, “It’s a pity that Caiyun… Otherwise, my Zaar family might have been able to try get the Saints’ Fruit. Sigh, I sure do regret the past. I was wrong back then…”

At the same time, the Saint King ancestors of the Kara clan and Kazda clan all came out of seclusion in the other two capital cities of the Holy Empire. They looked in the direction of the Death Nest with glowing eyes and left hurriedly after handing over some matters.

Simultaneously, Saint Kings departed from the Karl Empire and Felicity Empire as well, all heading toward the Death Nest.

The Death Nest was located in an extremely desolate region where people would rarely appeared, yet it had become lively today, something that rarely occured. As s.p.a.ce Gates ripped open, Saint Kings hurried over from all directions.

At that moment, over two-thirds of all the Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent had gathered outside the Death Nest. Only an extremely low number of people did not partic.i.p.ate.

Right now, the entire Death Nest was enveloped by a magnificent, nine-colored light. It dyed the surroundings with many colors as thunder boomed in the sky. The tribulation lighting fell bolt after bolt. Te commotion was huge. The vast pressure caused many Saint Kings to change their expressions.

“What’s happening? Why has this happened in the Death Nest…”

“Has someone been cultivating in the death nest and reached Saint Emperor…”

Many Saint Kings discussed the matter with one another. All of them were curious. Only a few clans that possessed an ancient heritage and knew about the Saints’ Fruit remained silent. They did not want to leak the secret of the fruit.

Half a day later, the tribulation lightning in the sky dispersed. The Saints’ Fruit had successfully made it through the tribulation with the help of the formation in the Death Nest, and it had absorbed a large quant.i.ty of pure energy from the lightning. It completed its final evolution and became the real thing.

The Saints’ Fruit had become simple now. Its multicolored light had completely disappeared, and all of its energy and vast amounts of essence had completely withdrawn. None of it leaked out, and it had returned to its simple form. Even the nine leaves around it were the same.

At the same time, some of the Saint Kings outside the Death Nest began to move. The first people were the ten protector clans and a few ancient clans. They had charged into the Death Nest at almost the same time.

They knew the secret in the depths of the Death Nest. Their ancestors had already probed into the matter regarding the Saints Fruit many times, around a dozen. Their records described it very clearly, so everyone knew that right now was the perfect time to collect the fruit.

Immediately, over a hundred Saint Kings entered the Death Nest. With the people of the ten protector clans leading them, they flew to the depths with an unstoppable force. They did not bother with the vengeful spirits that they came across along the way.

Any powerful vengeful spirit that blocked their way would be struck with several, or even a dozen combined attacks from Saint Kings. They would collapse into mist in a single instance.

“There must be some heaven-defying treasure in the Death Nest. Let’s all go in and take a look.”

“That’s right. Otherwise, how could it attract the people of the ten protector clans? The Death Nest may be terrifying, but if so many Saint Kings like us work together, we can easily trample through this place.”

Many people revealed their thoughts outside the Death Nest. They had all realized something from the movements of the protector and ancient clans, so they all charged in as well.

The Death Nest was terrifying with its extremely powerful Saint Emperor vengeful spirits, but basically two-thirds of the Tian Yuan Continent’s supreme power had gathered here. Even if they came across Saint Emperor vengeful spirits, they could disperse them easily, which was why every single person was filled with confidence.

The Saint Kings had entered the Death Nest in two waves. The people of the first wave moved very quickly. They could almost be described as swift as the wind, using only two hours to reach the second zone of the Death Nest. They continued on without slowing down at all, proceeding to the third zone.

All the wonders of the Saints’ Fruit had already disappeared. It no longer radiated with any fragrances, but the Saint Emperor vengeful spirits did not disperse. They remained there like before, meditating.

The vengeful spirits had benefited a ton after absorbing the fragrance of the Saints’ Fruit. Their bodies were now even more consolidated.

In the golden miniature world, Jian Chen, Tie Ta, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu sat on the ground as they stared unblinkingly through the mirror. They were all waiting, waiting for the moment the vengeful spirits would leave.

At this moment, the group of Saint Kings that had entered the second zone were obstructed by over ten vengeful spirits. Although they had wiped out the vengeful spirits in the blink of an eye, the powerful ripples of energy reached the third zone.

A gleam of light flashed through Rui Jin’s eyes in the miniature world. He seemed to sense something and immediately cut open his finger. With a drop of his blood, he cast a secret technique to create another mirror in the air.

The blurriness of the mirror cleared up very quickly. A group of human experts who glowed with various colors appeared in the mirror, quickly flying toward the third zone.

“Sh*t, it’s the people of the protector clans. They’ve come to the Death Nest as well.” Jian Chen had seen the people of the protector clans before, so he recognized them with a single glance. His face immediately became ugly.

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