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Chapter 1150: Tribulation of the Saints’ Fruit

The Saints’ Fruit glowed with a magnificent light. The nine colors seemed to represent all the color in the world. Strands of essence constantly surged into the tree of the Saints’ Fruit from the ground that seemed to have been dyed scarlet by blood. They were first absorbed by the nine leaves before gushing into the Saints’ Fruit with an even purer essence. This essence allowed the fruit to glow even brighter, even more dazzling, and even more blinding.

The energy within the Saints’ Fruit rapidly increased. Its profound presence also became even stronger. This was due to the profound truths of the world, several times more powerful than what Saint Kings at Great Perfection had grasped.

The dense fragrance radiated from the fruit. It was absorbed by the densely-packed vengeful spirits in the surroundings, allowing them to consolidate their forms. All of them benefitted from it.


Suddenly, m.u.f.fled thunder reverberated across the sky. Streaks of thick lightning flashed through the dense, dark clouds. They seemed like dragons dancing wildly, and every flash would illuminate the world with bright light.

The clouds sank even lower.

“This is a legendary tribulation. These tribulations had always been a legend in my Dragon clan. No one has seen them even in ancient times. I originally thought that this was just something someone had made up. I didn’t think it actually existed,” Rui Jin immediately cried out as he watched through the mirror in the miniature world.

“In the legends of my Phoenix clan, the tribulations represent destruction. Anything that can cause them should not exist in this world, which is why the tribulation has occured to destroy them. Legend has it that tribulations are extremely powerful. I just wonder if the Saints’ Fruit can make it through this tribulation or not,” Hong Lian added. She was extremely serious.

“No wonder it can let people reach Saint Emperor. It’s so heaven-defying that it can cause tribulations. Mo Tianyun’s abilities sure are great since he was able to plant such a heaven-defying thing,” Hei Yu sighed in amazement. He felt more and more admiration for the human champion of the past.


Suddenly, deafening thunder rang out. At that moment, the entire place became snow-white. A huge bolt of lightning, as thick as as an elephant’s foot, shot down an an extreme speed.

When the lighting approached a thousand meters above the fruit, a formation hidden in the s.p.a.ce there suddenly appeared. The powerful bolt of lightning struck the formation and was actually unable to get through to the Saints’ Fruit.

While resisting a strike from the lighting, an additional mysterious energy appeared on the formation. It then poured the mysterious energy from the lightning into the fruit.

Immediately, the fruit’s glow surged into the sky. The truths of the world became even more intense, filling the entire Death Nest. It the entire region was affected, causing an odd presence to flood the area. The Spatial Force and World Force in the Death Nest was affected, beginning to pulse in an unstable fashion.

“This formation must have been cast down by Mo Tianyun. He intends to use it to a.s.sist the Saints’ Fruit with surviving the tribulation. He made the appropriate arrangements back then,” Rui Jin murmured as he stared at the formation in the sky.


A second bolt of lightning shot down in a deafening fashion, targeting the Saints’ Fruit again. However, it was blocked by the same formation just like before. It left behind a mysterious energy before silently vanishing. This mysterious energy was then poured into the Saints’ Fruit.

The mysterious energy originated from the supreme mysteries of the world. After absorbing the energy of the tribulation, the Saints’ Fruit began to shine more and more. The energy hidden inside also became more and more powerful. It was rapidly growing and ripening under the a.s.sistance of the tribulation.

As bolts of lightning constantly fell, the fruit absorbed more and more mysteries of the world. At that moment, it seemed to have become the sun. It shined with a blinding nine-colored light, turning the Death Nest into a dream-like world.

The nine-colored light was not limited to the Death Nest either. The light broke through the formation around the place, expanding into the outside world. It enveloped the region and even made the sun in the sky lose its glamor.

The supreme mysteries of the world violently pulsed. They spread through the void, almost across the entire continent. At that moment, all the Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent could feel the powerful pulsing of the mysteries of the world, which made all of them lose their composure.

In the independent s.p.a.ce that belonged to the Pure Heart Pavilion on the Tian Yuan Continent, the pavilion master, Wu Chenzi, currently sat with a white-clothed, burly, middle-aged man in a room.

“Changyang Hu, so many years have pa.s.sed. Are you still unable to let go? If you can’t sever your attachments with mortal affairs, how will you reach the utmost peak of Great Liberation? Changyang Hu, the mortal world is like a dream. You have only been living in dream before. You should now break free from this dream,” the pavilion master sincerely spoke. She was filled with helplessness.

Changyang Hu’s gaze became rather lost, but it cleared up soon. He gently shook his head, “No, the mortal world is not a dream. It is reality. I haven’t been living in a dream before. I’ve been living in reality. Pavilion master, it’s really difficult for me if you want to severe all attachments of mortal affairs and abandon kinship and friendship.”

“Sigh!” The pavilion master deeply exhaled. Just as she wanted to say something, her expression drastically changed. Her ordinary gaze immediately sharpened. She seemed to be able to see through s.p.a.ce, to a distant area. She cried out, “What powerful pulsing of the mysteries of the world. This completely exceeds the Great Perfection of Saint King. Has another Saint Emperor appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent? Who is he?”

The birth of a Saint Emperor mattered very much to the Tian Yuan Continent, so even the pavilion master struggled to remain calm with her mental fort.i.tude.

However, Wu Chenzi calmed down again. Surprise filled her eyes as she murmured, “It’s actually not the birth of a Saint Emperor. H- h- has the Saints’ Fruit that has been recorded to only appear once every forty thousand years in the Death Nest emerged once again? Looks like a giant struggle is going to break out between the ten protector clans again.”

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