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Chapter 1148: Hiding into a Miniature World (Two)

“Hong Lian, you have to endure it. Rui Jin’s secret technique is almost complete,” Hei Yu encouraged Hong Lian. He also felt rather worried inside, but there was nothing he could do. He was just a mutated Divine Alligator. He possessed the battle prowess of beasts of antiquity, but he lacked a bloodline legacy, so he obviously did not possess any inherited secret techniques,

Hong Lian began to tremble more and more. She could not last much longer. The vengeful spirits outside attacking the barrier of feathers increased, reaching one hundred and fifty. At the same time, many more vengeful spirits could be seen in the distance, all having been drawn over by the Saints’ Fruit.

However, all the vengeful spirits that hurried over discovered the same situation without any exceptions. They all took part in attacking Hong Lian and the others. It was an instinctive impulse.

Boom! With a great rumble, a feather was blown away. A gap immediately appeared in the World of Feathers and Gustys appeared there with the other huge vengeful spirits. They allowed the endless white flames to scorch them.

With a flash, Hei Yu had disappeared from beside Hong Lian. He immediately went to plug the gap, becoming embroiled in a great battle with Gustys and the others. He used everything he had to keep them out.

At this moment, another boom rang out. A second feather was blown away, creating a second gap in the World of Feathers.

Hong Lian produced a phoenix’s cry and controlled the Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin with her mind. It flew over with scorching flames, blocking the gap.

The pressure they faced now was only increasing. Not only did maintaining the secret technique drastically deplete Hong Lian’s energy, the vengeful spirits outside were also rapidly increasing.

Not much later, a third boom rang out. Another feather was blown away and a third gap appeared.

Hei Yu and Hong Lian both looked extremely ugly. They were already using everything they had right now. They had nothing to guard the third gap.

But, at this moment, the golden saint artifact flew away from Rui Jin. It glowed with a golden light and Jian Chen and Tie Ta silently appeared. Without stopping at all, they immediately charged to the third gap to fill it together.

Jian Chen pushed his Chaotic Body to the limits, and Tie Ta was surrounded by a dense layer of golden light. They did this to resist the terrifying waves of heat from all directions.

The two of them were completely fine now. Their wounds from before had been healed by the saint artifact, and they had returned to peak condition.

However, it was still extremely difficult for the two of them to block one gap. They became injured again very soon.

In a few seconds, a fourth gap appeared in the wall of feathers. A few vengeful spirits immediately rushed in and charged toward Hong Lian and Rui Jin.

The hairpin which plugged the first gap flew back as a streak of white light. It pa.s.sed through the vengeful spirits with lightning-like speed, causing them to collapse. However, they condensed once again the next moment.

With the departure of the origin energy artifact, the first gap immediately became wide open. Vengeful spirits began to charge in from outside.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu’s expressions all changed, but at this moment, a dazzling light illuminated the surroundings, turning the Death Nest into a golden world. The surrounding s.p.a.ce violently shook as Spatial Force rocketed around, impacting the entire region.

“The miniature world is complete. Everyone enter quickly.” At the same time, Rui Jin’s voice rang out. A three-meter-tall gate stood before him, shining with blinding golden light. It was impossible to see what was inside.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Hei Yu all rejoiced, as if they had seen a strand of hope in utter despair. They all abandoned their enemies and charged toward the golden gate as fast as they could.

Hong Lian also reverted to human form. She was pale-white right now and exhaustion filled her face. She entered the golden gate with a flash. The countless feathers that had formed the World of Feathers immediately collapsed with a wave of her hand, turning into red feathers that shot toward her. They rea.s.sembled into a complete piece of armor on her body.

All the vengeful spirits immediately gushed in now that the obstruction was gone. They all charged towatd the golden gate, but just as they approached it, the gate suddenly vanished.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang… 

With several, consecutive sounds, all the vengeful spirits collided with one another. Two of them were even smashed to pieces and reduced to black mist, but they instantly reformed once again.

Now that the golden gate had vanished, the Death Nest had recovered its usual peace. The vengeful spirits all quickly calmed down after losing their targets. They did not continue to fight and, instead, behaved like nothing had happened at all. They slowly made their way to the Saints’ Fruit before all sitting down near the fruit to meditate. They absorbed the fragrance of the fruit to consolidate their form.

Here was a golden world. It was desolate and barren as far as the eye could see, without any signs of life.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, Jian Chen, and Tie Ta all sat on the ground there. They seemed rather tired, Hong Lian in particular. Her beautiful face was dyed white while Jian Chen and Tie Ta’s situations were not fantastic either. They were heavily injured again and right after they had recovered.

“We’ve finally broke free from those troublesome things. Rui Jin, won’t those b.l.o.o.d.y spirits find us if we hide in here?” Hei Yu sighed a deep breath of relief, but he was rather worried at the same time.

Rui Jin shook his head, “This is a miniature world created from a supreme secret technique of my Dragon clan. It’s equivalent to carving open a whole different s.p.a.ce, so it's extremely difficult to sense even for those who possess a great mastery over the mysteries of the world, let alone those vengeful spirits. Don’t worry, we’re completely safe hiding in here. It’s just that casting the secret technique is very exhaustive.”

Hei Yu finally relaxed. He said, “That’s good then. I underestimated these vengeful spirits too much. I never thought that they’d be so hard to deal with once so many gathered together, forcing us into such a horrible position.”

“These vengeful spirits may not be as powerful as when they were still alive, but they are even more terrifying than Saint Emperors in a certain sense. If Saint Emperors were struck by our origin energy weapons, they would definitely be heavily injured and would weaken, but these vengeful spirits are different. They’re basically unkillable,” Hong Lian said as well.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. Let’s quickly make use of this time and properly recover before we talk about what we’re going to do next,” said Rui Jin.

Afterward, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, Hong Lian, and Tie Ta all began focus on recovering from the overconsumption of energy. They needed to raise their strength back to the peak, or it would be impossible for them to recover at all once they were outside again.

Jian Chen also sat on the ground and silently recovered. He had not exhausted a lot of Chaotic Force in the intense battle earlier. Every single strand of Chaotic Force from the third layer of the Chaotic Energy was condensed from a tremendous quant.i.ty of energy, so it was consumed incredibly slowly in ordinary battles. At the same time, his Chaotic Force could not be recovered just because he wanted to; he needed to refine it from large amounts energy.

Seven days later, all of them were back in peak condition. Rui Jin cast a secret technique of the Dragon clan, using a droplet of dragon blood to create a mirror. He could clearly see the situation of the Saints’ Fruit and the area around it.

The Saints’ Fruit remained the same as before, but it was surrounded by vengeful spirits. All of them were Saint Emperors, and there was actually no less than five hundred of them. There were humans, magical beasts, and members of the Hundred Races. All of their scalps tingled just from looking at them all.

“I never thought there would actually be so many Saint Emperors from the ancient times. The amount between the three races is actually terrifying,” Jian Chen sighed in amazement. The ancient times were just far too glorious.

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