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Chapter 1147: Hiding into a Miniature World (One)

Suddenly, Gustys and the towering vengeful spirits beside him moved out. They charged toward Rui Jin as black blurs, raising their fists to strike him. The attacks were swift and sharp. Each fist was heavy, enough to collapse whole mountains and rivers.

Rui Jin placed the saint artifact under his armor and used the origin energy in his armor to create a barrier around him, warding off the invasion of the vile energies. Afterward, he poured all his power into fighting off the vengeful spirits.

If Rui Jin was fighting them one-on-one, none of the vengeful spirits were his opponent. Even if several of them worked together, they would not be able to fight Rui Jin. However, there were twenty to thirty of them right now. There was just far too many, making it rather difficult for Rui Jin to withstand the blows. Rui Jin’s pressure increase abruptly when Gustys and the others’ joined in. Without fighting for very long, a few beams of black light condensed from vile energies struck Rui Jin’s body. The powerful force sent Rui Jin backward, forming two deep ca.n.a.ls in the ground due to his feet. 

Before Rui Jin could even stabilize himself, Gustys had silently caught up. He hurled a fist with lightning-like speed at Rui Jin’s chest. As his punch traveled through the air, the surrounding s.p.a.ce trembled violently. The vile energies that filled the surroundings gathered wildly, making the punch become much stronger.

Bang! With a loud sound, Rui Jin was blown back by Gustys’ punch. He flew a thousand meters before finally landing beside Hong Lian.

Hong Lian remained in her phoenix form. She flapped her wings constantly, dousing the region with a sea of fire. The figures of countless vengeful spirits flickered within the pure-white flames. Even though the fire was super effective against them, they didn’t fear death, so they continued to charge into the sea of flames. Densely-packed attacks were launched at Hong Lian in a blanketing fashion, but they were all blocked by her feathermail.

Rui Jin stood up. Although he seemed like he was in an extremely horrible condition, he was uninjured. Saint Emperors would struggle to bypa.s.s the defense of the origin energy armors. The three of them could fight Saint Emperors without suffering defeat exactly because of this piece of armor.

“More and more vengeful spirits have come here, and they possess a huge advantage here. Once all of our energy is depleted, we won’t be able to replenish it. We can’t continue to fight with them like this anymore, or it’ll be very horrible for us,” Rui Jin commented with a heavy voice. His armor shined with a hazy light, protecting him from the flames. However, the terrifying temperature was still very uncomfortable.

“There are over a hundred vengeful spirits here now. It’s virtually become an impenetrable prison for us. Even if we use the origin energy treasures, it’ll be very hard to break free,” the phoenix grimly replied in human tongue.

An idea flashed through Rui Jin’s eyes. He said, “Hong Lian, I might have an idea. We need to charge over and reunite with Hei Yu right now. and then, the two of you will block the vengeful spirits together to make time for me. I’ll cast a supreme secret technique of the Dragon clan and create a miniature world. We can hide in there and break free from these vengeful spirits.”

“Rui Jin, are you certain that it’ll work?” Hong Lian asked.

“This is a supreme secret technique of the Dragon clan. Even in ancient times, it belonged to the very peak. There shouldn’t be a problem if I use it to break free from these vengeful spirits. Also, the situation’s already like this. We can try it even if it doesn’t work,” said Rui Jin.

Hong Lian stared at Rui Jin for a while, before working with him to deal with all the vengeful spirits that obstructed their way. They approached where Hei Yu was.

Around a dozen vengeful spirits collapsed from their weapons, but they recondensed very quickly. They continued to charge at the two of them without any fear.

At the same time, Gustys and his Berserkers struck out at the same time, which made it difficult for the two of them to advance. They were attacked from every direction and whenever they advanced a little, the powerful attacks from the vengeful spirits would land on them. It was not enough to injure them, but the powerful force caused them to back up involuntarily.

Rui Jin and Hong Lian finally made it to Hei Yu’s side after a tremendous amount of effort. The three of them had gathered together once again after being separated by all the vengeful spirits.

“I’ll use a supreme secret technique of the Dragon clan. You two cover me,” Rui Jin called out before putting away the Sacred Dragon’s Sword. He began to shine with a dazzling gold light as densely-packed dragon scales appeared all over him. They covered every inch of his body, including his face.

Rui Jin formed seals with his hands and spoke in incomprehensible and unfathomable ancient dragon tongue. It sounded like a chant as it spread through the surroundings with a mysterious energy. Golden lines of inscriptions floated out from Rui Jin’s scales, gathering before him.

“World of Feathers! Transform, Ninerefined G.o.dfire Feathermail!” Hong Lian also cried out. She raised her head to the sky and produced a long phoenix’s cry. The armor on her separated at that moment, turning into red feathers which filled her surroundings. Every single feather was several dozen meters long and burned with scorching white flames. Origin energy circulated within them, allowing them to possess a weird presence.

The countless feathers formed a huge cage, enveloping a radius of a hundred meters. It kept the vengeful spirits outside.

All these feathers were fate feathers. Each member of the Phoenix clan only had a single fate feather, so they had all been left behind by ancestors that had pa.s.sed away. Every feather belonged to a Cla.s.s 9 Divine Phoenix, so they possessed unfathomable power. The feathermail was already extremely powerful since it had been created from all the fate feathers of past ancestors. Coupled with its mutation into an origin energy treasure, its quality was raised to another level. Thus, Siant Emperors could not break through. As a result, Hong Lian’s huge cage of feathers could actually keep the attacks of the vengeful spirits at bay temporarily.

Booms constantly rang outas countless vengeful spirits dwelled in the flames, enduring the consequences of being weakened to attack the feathers. They all lacked any self-awareness, so they did not understand pain, let alone death. This was why every single one of them was so bold.

The huge cage began to tremble violently under the attacks from so many vengeful spirits. If it were not a treasure with origin energy, it probably would have shattered long ago.

After all it was resisting attacks from over a hundred Saint Emperors, not just one or two. If it was any other divine hall resisting the attacks instead, it probably would have shattered instantly.

Hong Lian hovered in the sky. She opened her wings and an endless amount of white flames shot out. They shot unceasingly into the cage of feathers. She was using everything she had right now to keep drive the force of the origin energy treasure.

Hei Yu grimly stood beside Hong Lian. He looked around with his sharp gaze, covering Hong Lian with all his attention.

Now that all the vengeful spirits had been blocked outside by Hong Lian and her armor, Hei Yu had lost his opponent. There was nothing he could do right now. Although he was also in possession of origin energy treasure, he was different from Hong Lian, unable to use them in such miraculous ways.

Hong Lian and Rui Jin’s origin energy treasures were all legacy items of their clans. They also possessed records of the ways to use the treasures along with secret techniques. Hei Yu lacked this wealth in knowledge.

Rui Jin’s secret technique had already approached the end. Lines of golden inscriptions constantly emerged from his scales, gathering before his chest. The s.p.a.ce around him began to pulse in an unstable fashion.

The shield from the feathers began to tremble more and more. The area it covered had already shrunk to a radius of fifty meters from the initial one hundred, and it also showed signs of collapsing.

Hong Lian trembled violently. It was extremely strenuous for her to block so many attacks from vengeful spirits just by herself.

“It’s a pity I’m only at the peak of Cla.s.s 8. I can’t use all the strength within the Ninerefined G.o.dfire Feathermail. If I was at Cla.s.s 9 and used the World of Feathers, the vengeful spirits would struggle to break through the shield even if there were twice as many of them outside.” Hong Lian endured the difficult task. She was filled with an unwillingness to give in. It was not because her secret technique was too weak, nor was it because the origin energy treasure was not strong enough. Instead, it was because she was not powerful enough.

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