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Chapter 1141: Saint Emperor

The dangers in the second zone were much greater than the first. All the roaming vengeful spirits possessed the strength of Saint Kings. The weakest were at the First Heavenly Layer while the more powerful ones were at Great Perfection.

The vengeful spirits at the level of Saint Kings basically all cultivated instinctively. They absorbed the grudges of the dead and the essence from the soul. Although they lacked self-awareness, their strength was indisputable.

The three of them boldly walked through the second zone, traveling straight to the depths of the Death Nest. All the vengeful spirits they came across were handled by Jian Chen. His Chaotic Force was much more effective at dealing with the vengeful spirits than Saint Force. It could make the vengeful spirits disperse faster, so he was even faster at killing them than Hei Yu.

This was not because Hei Yu was weaker than Jian Chen. He was a Saint King at Great Perfection, but the energy within him was on the same level as Saint Force. It lacked the special effects of Chaotic Force.

In the messy forest, Jian Chen slowly pulled back his Emperor Armament after dealing with a vengeful spirit. This was the sixteenth vengeful spirit at the level of a Saint King he had killed in the second zone.

But, at this very moment, an icy wind blew over and six figures slowly appeared in the dense mist several thousand meters ahead. They fused with the mist as they gently drifted over, controlling the mist to head toward the three of them.

“There’s actually another six!” Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He suddenly tightened his grasp on his Emperor Armament. Just when he wanted to charge up and fight the six of them, a golden light flashed past his side. Tie Ta, completely shrouded by golden light, had already begun charging toward the six vengeful spirits. At the same time, he said with his deep, m.u.f.fled voice, “Jian Chen, take a rest. Let me deal with them. I can do it.”

With that, Jian Chen nodded slightly and did not charge up. He remained where he was, watching the battle between the vengeful spirits and Tie Ta.

Tie Ta was no longer the weakling from before. After absorbing the droplet of Aergyns’ essence blood, he now possessed the strength to rival Saint Kings and was ranked near the top among Saint Kings.

A golden ax appeared in Tie Ta’s hand. Wielding it with both hands, he called out, “Mysteries of War, Destruction!” With that, the golden light around him grew brighter, enveloping him in a blinding light. At the same time, a supreme battle intent filled the surroundings, actually blowing away the endless amounts of Yin Qi and grudges of the dead that filled the area.

Tie Ta’s presence was elevated to the limit. He seemed to become a G.o.d of war in that moment, an invincible G.o.d that lived for war.

Suddenly, the ax in Tie Ta’s hands turned into a devastating golden light, sweeping toward the six vengeful spirits. The ax fused with Tie Ta’s presence, resonating with battle intent throughout his surroundings. It seemed to contain some supreme mysteries of the world.

The blinding ax did not land on the six vengeful spirits. Instead, it fell five meters away from the vengeful spirits and the s.p.a.ce there immediately began to violently shake. An extremely powerful energy flashed past that region of s.p.a.ce. The next moment, the vengeful spirits actually began to collapse, turning into dense black mist.

A sliver of shock flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes when he witnessed this. Although he knew that Tie Ta had become extremely powerful, he had never thought that he had actually become so strong. The vengeful spirits were all around the Fourth and Fifth Heavenly Layers. Although they were not as powerful as when they were still alive, they were still not easy to be dealt with, yet a single swing from Tie Ta’s ax had collapsed all six of them, greatly exceeding his expectations.

The six vengeful spirits condensed again and continued to charge at Tie Ta without fear.

“Mysteries of War, Destruction!” Tie Ta wielded the ax with two hands and used the same attack. The vengeful spirits had seemed to become extremely fragile, collapsing once again. 

With every death, a portion of the vengeful spirits’ strength would disperse. After collapsing around a dozen times from Tie Ta’s attacks, the six vengeful spirits finally ran out of energy to reform and turned into dense black mist that wrapped around Tie Ta. They attempted to use their iciness and devastating grudges to invade Tie Ta’s body and soul, but they were all obstructed by the faint golden light.

At this moment, extremely powerful Yin Qi and grudges suddenly appeared. They easily broke through the defenses of the three of them. The Yin Qi and grudges were several times stronger than the ones from Saint Kings, possibly even a dozen times stronger. The three of them immediately felt a wave of coldness. The iciness that had invaded their bodies seemed to freeze their vitality while the grudges that invaded their heads made their souls ache with a stabbing pain.

All three of their expressions changed. They began to circulate the energy within them as hard as they could before finally purging the invading iciness and grudges. They immediately turned around.

A huge demonic figure had silently appeared behind them. He was over ten meters tall, and although he was condensed from the grudges of the dead, he seemed extremely realistic, as if he was tangible. His facial features were well-defined. He was actually a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties. His face was steadfast and his facial features were sharp, but his eyes were pitch-black.

He wore robes completely condensed from the pervading grudges and wore a cape. He seemed rather extraordinary. Although he stood there silently, an invisible pressure radiated from him, pressuring Jian Chen and Tie Ta inside.

“Saint Emperor!” Jian Chen involuntarily exclaimed. His heart violently trembled. He felt like the existence before him was undefeatable.

Tie Ta arrived in front of Jian Chen and sternly stared at the figure. However, his eyes lit up very soon, and he cried out, “It’s Gustys! He’s Gustys!”

“What Gustys?” Jian Chen gruffly asked. He was filled with doubt.

Tie Ta immediately became rather emotional. He said, “I’ve obtained a portion of senior Aergyns’ memories. Gustys was the ruler of the Berserkers among the Hundred Races. He was extremely powerful and had reached the peak of Saint Emperor. He was known as the most powerful Saint Emperor in his age, and only those beyond Saint Emperor could keep him at bay. During those years, he followed senior Aergyns to war everywhere, but he died to the hands of multiple Cla.s.s 9 Magical Beasts in the end.”

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