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Chapter 1137: The Death Nest

Kai Ya’s sudden decision to go into seclusion interested her father very much. He had no idea what had happened to Kai Ya after she had been taken by that person who called himself the ruler of the Turtle clan. He was actually able to make Kai Ya go into a long period of seclusion despite the fact that she rarely went into seclusion at all.

Afterward, the patriarch of the Kalor clan immediately sent a few elders to visit the Turtle clan several hundred thousand kilometers away to verify whether Jian Chen was the ruler of the Turtle clan or not.

Around a dozen days later, the elders all returned from the Turtle clan. They had verified that Jian Chen was the ruler of the Turtle clan, allowing the patriarch of the Kalor clan to relax. At the same time, he was filled with even more doubt. He constantly wondered why the great ruler of the Turtle clan would suddenly seek his own daughter, and he wondered what exactly happened after his daughter was taken away. Why had she gone into a long period of seclusion?

The news that the ruler of the Turtle clan had personally visited the Kalor clan spread like wildfire. Several surrounding large clans and organizations learned about it, which immediately lead to quite a large disturbance among them. The status of the Turtle clan had already skyrocketed in the sea realm. They were not as glorious as before, but they had truly become one of the peak organizations in the sea realm, so they obviously received the attention of countless people.

The legendary ruler of the Turtle clan was extremely unpredictable and mysterious in the eyes of the large organizations. Some well-informed clans had learned that he had once challenged the Serpent G.o.d Hall all by himself, forcing several hall elders to their wits’ end. He then proceeded to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and made them bow down before he had even begun fighting. The piece of news that the three disciplinary elders of the hall submitted to him had caused all of them to become tongue-tied.

And now, many organizations began to suspect certain matters after hearing that the ruler had personally visited the Kalor clan. They searched about everywhere to figure out the connection the ruler had with the Kalor clan.

Nonetheless, the Kalor clan’s status in the sea realm greatly increased after what had happened this time.

Afterward, Jian Chen called for the sea G.o.ddess. With her a.s.sistance, he met Huang Luan who had been cultivating in a desolate region. Jian Chen had learned from the sea G.o.ddess that the secret technique planted in Huang Luan’s head had already been removed by the hall master of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall, which gave Jian Chen relief.

Huang Luan had stopped practicing the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower and now used a cultivation method she had learned from the sea G.o.ddess. The cultivation method was of an even higher tier than the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower, so it was even more suitable for her and her Water Spirit’s Body.

Jian Chen stood afar and observed Huang Luan as she sat on the ground. He did not disturb her and stood there silently. He stood there for a whole hour before finally disappearing quietly.

Up above the sea realm, there was the sunny sky. The scorching sun illuminated the world with light, scorching the ground like an oven. Waves of heat radiated out.

The sea surface far away from any sh.o.r.e was calm, like a blue mirror. It connected to the sky on the horizon.

At this moment, the calm sea surface was broken. It suddenly began to ripple, quickly expanding in all directions. Gradually, the rippling increased and turned into a fountain very soon, as if something was floating up to the surface. Finally, with a huge splash, a huge column of water shot into the air. A figure took to the sky from the water, moving extremely fast. He reached an alt.i.tude of several thousand meters instantly, becoming an ant-like speck in the sky.

Jian Chen hovered in the air above the sea. With a flip of his hand, a pure-white thumb-sized piece of jade appeared. Under a slight tightening of his grip, the jade turned to power.

A few second later, the s.p.a.ce in front of Jian Chen began to violently ripple. Finally, it shattered like a mirror and a small, burly giant emerged silently from the shattered s.p.a.ce, shining with a golden light. The light seemed to contain some mysterious power, preventing the shattered s.p.a.ce from closing up even after quite some time.

At the same time, chaotic spatial streams wreaked havoc in the shattered s.p.a.ce. If anyone fell into it, they would become quite injured, yet the figure stood within the storm like it was nothing. The golden light around him seemed to isolate him in a different world, where the spatial streams could not approach him.

At this moment, the golden figure took a step away from the shattered s.p.a.ce. The golden light also began to fade and without anymore obstructions, the shattered s.p.a.ce finally began to slowly close up.

“Jian Chen, you’ve finally come back from the sea realm. You’ve been gone for two months already. If you still didn’t come out, I would’ve come looking for you personally,” the burly giant flew over as he chuckled at Jian Chen.

He was Tie Ta. Although he did not comprehend the mysteries of the world, he was a war G.o.d. The mysteries techniques he knew were powerful and wondrous, incomparable to the mysteries of the world. They were not the mysteries of the world, they exceeded them.

“Tie Ta, you’ve become stronger and stronger,” Jian Chen sighed emotionally as he observed Tie Ta. Tie Ta’s natural advantage was just far too powerful. He was blessed by the world and the world pa.s.sed on abilities to him. He had no need to go through any systematic learning to grasp these many wondrous and powerful secret techniques, and he would just possess mastery over them. Everyone would be envious of him if they knew this.

Tie Ta smiled honestly and scratched his head. He seemed rather proud but amazed and helpless at the same time. He said, “Jian Chen, don’t praise me. My strength may be much greater now, but I still feel like I can’t beat you. Back in Kargath Academy, there wasn’t such a great difference between our strength, but no matter how powerful I became, I could never surpa.s.s you.”

Jian Chen smiled with that, “Tie Ta, let’s go to the Death Nest first. I’ve wasted over two months already, so we can’t delay this any further.”

Jian Chen invited Hei Yu out of the artifact s.p.a.ce and got him to construct a s.p.a.ce Gate for them. Afterward, he left through it with Tie Ta.

On the Three Saint Mountain of Three Saint Island, the Heavenly Enchantress sat with her legs crossed on a huge rock by a cliff. Her figure was beautiful and her white dress seemed even paler than snow. She seemed like an otherworldly G.o.ddess.

The simple Zither of the Demonic Cry was placed on her legs. Her thin fingers slowly danced about the strings, playing beautiful tunes. It was extremely pleasant, enough to unknowingly intoxicate people in such a way that they could not resist.

The strings of the zither slowly trembled. The beautiful music lacked happiness and joy. It was inflexible, becoming rather sorrowful and heavy.

The Heavenly Enchantress frowned slightly. She removed the veil on her face and revealed her indescribably pretty appearance. However, some worry and helplessness was present as well.

A white, chubby boy, who only seemed to be three or four, currently tried to climb up the rock arduously behind her. His eyes were filled with unyielding determination.

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