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Chapter 1135: Xie w.a.n.g’s Departure

Jian Chen left the divine realm and returned to Divine City a hundred kilometers away. Virtually the moment he stepped into the city, he heard many people discussing Lan Mo’s death in the divine realm.

Lan Mo had already been dead for over a month, but the news of his death had just reached the divine city. This was why there was such a great hubbub over it. Almost everyone in the city was talking about it.

The Lanshan clan did not make an overwhelming response to his death. The entire clan was enveloped by deep sorrow and was currently holding a grand funeral for him.

The experts of the Hundred-footed clan had only come out of the divine realm a few days ago. When they pa.s.sed through the Lanshan clan, they informed the patriarch of a few things that had happened. They told the patriarch that his son had died to an extremely powerful 16th Star expert. Thus, the patriarch could not even consider revenge.

Jian Chen’s presence was finally no longer restrained now that he had left the divine realm. He immediately expanded it to envelope the entire city. He did not find Zhou Chuyun or the others. He was not sure whether they had quietly left the city already or that they had never returned from the divine realm.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s face changed. He drew back his presence and softly mumbled, “They really are here.” With that, Jian Chen flew off before descending in front of a luxurious inn.

At the same time, four closed windows suddenly opened. Four old men drifted out of their rooms and hovered in front of Jian Chen.

“Yang Yutian, it our miscalculations were why we couldn’t pa.s.s through the second layer of formations, but the four of us still intend to try again in a hundred years. I do hope you can come with us,” A’Da calmly said. He was not shocked at all by the fact that Jian Chen had made it out of there alive.

Jian Chen shook his head and gently smiled, “I might not be going anywhere with you four in the future because there isn’t anything I need from here now. I’ve come to find you this time because I want to give some things to you.” With that, Jian Chen pulled out a big gourd from his s.p.a.ce Ring and tossed it to A’Da.

A’Da caught the gourd and suspiciously glanced at Jian Chen. He was filled with curiosity and doubt, having no clue as to what was inside the gourd.

However, he immediately jolted when he discovered what was in the gourd. He was filled with disbelief, and he involuntarily cried out, “T- this… Yang Yutian, y- y- you actually made it in there…”

The three other old men also because extremely curious when they saw their brother lose composure. They took the gourd from A’da and peeked into it, but they ended up exactly the same as A’Da. Disbelief filled all their eyes.

They originally thought that Jian Chen had fled using a secret technique just like them. Never did they think that Jian Chen had actually managed to get past so many beasts and arrive in the central region, shocking them greatly.

“This is what you need, right?” Jian Chen stood with his arms crossed as he looked at them with a vague smile.

The four of them all sucked in a deep breath and calmed down very quickly. One of them said, “Correct, these two items are extremely useful to us. It was also the reason why we wanted to enter there. Yang Yutian, the four of us owe you a favor.”

Jian Chen conversed a little more with four brothers before leaving Divine City. He returned to the Turtle clan soon after that and asked about the current situation of the clan.

“Ruler, with senior Qing Yixuan present in our clan, we have strengthened by quite a lot. We have also attempted to take back a few crystal mines that are still in the possession of others, but we did not succeed at all. All the remaining large organizations have joined together, and they have connections with the Tao family. As soon as the experts of our clan are mobilized, they will gather the experts from several clans to defend. There was nothing we could do,” a Saint Ruler elder said on his knees. His voice was filled with helplessness and a sense of being wronged.

Jian Chen frowned slightly, “This Tao family really is obstinate. Looks like they’ve already made up their minds to oppose us.”

“Please take charge of the overall situation, ruler, and lead us gloriously,” the elder courteously requested.

After a momentary pause, Jian Chen said, “We’ll let them enjoy themselves for now. I have even more important matters to attend to. They cannot be delayed. However, the end of the Tao family will come the next time I return.” 

Jian Chen really did feel rather hurried inside. He had no idea exactly when the Saints’ Fruit would ripen, so he needed to head over as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would lose a good opportunity to obtain it.

This was because he had learned from the sea G.o.ddess that a vicious battle would erupt every single time the fruit appeared. When the time arrived, probably all ten protector clans would take part in the fight for it.

This was because no one would ever give up so easily on the only way to reach Saint Emperor. It possessed a fatal enticement to all people.

“Jian Chen, if we don’t move against the Tao family now, they’ll become even more difficult to deal with in the future. We’ve received information recently that the Tao family is going to be united with another peak-level clan through marriage. Dealing with the two of them will be extremely difficult,” Qing Yixuan walked in from outside and stared at Jian Chen.

“That’s not a problem. Let them marry each other. Even if the marriage is a success, it won’t be able to change anything,” Jian Chen said at ease. He seemed to be very confident.

Qing Yixuan frowned slightly, as if she disliked Jian Chen’s arrogance. She said, “The Tao family belongs to the territory of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall. I know your status in the Sea G.o.ddess Hall is rather special, but the hall will not provide you with any support if you want to deal with the Tao family. I know you’re very strong, but the Tao family is even stronger. They are no weaker than you. I really do wonder where your confidence comes from.”

Jian Chen began to laugh. He looked down at Qing Yixuan from the throne high up and said, “Qing Yixuan, you don’t need to worry about this. I have my plans.”

Qing Yixuan could not stand Jian Chen’s condescending att.i.tude. She coldly snorted before leaving. At the same time, she said, “There’s something you should know. You’re not the only one with a divine hall. The Tao family has one too.”

“A divine hall,” Jian Chen murmured as the light in his eyes flickered. He gently sighed inside before dismissing the elder that knelt below. He pulled out the saint artifact and let out Xie w.a.n.g, who had always been cultivating in it. After letting him out, he pa.s.sed on a portion of divine water of the world and said, “Xie w.a.n.g, this was for the deal we made before. Take the divine water of the world, and from now on, you have recovered your freedom. You are no longer bound to me.”

Xie w.a.n.g behaved in a straightforward manner, taking the divine water without holding back. He said, “Although I can break through to the 15th Star using the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor, it’ll take quite a long time. It’ll be different with the water. It can shorten the amount of time I need to break through.”

“Jian Chen, I’ll give you back the cultivation method. I owe you a huge favor, and I’ll return it to you after I strengthen up.”

Xie w.a.n.g left, disappearing in the vast sea realm with the divine water he had obtained from Jian Chen. The environment there was more suitable for his cultivation.

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